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  1. Minecraft adjacent porn makes me sad. I've seen some animations on rule34.xxx, rather seen that they exist, and I've no interest in clicking them from the thumbnails alone.
  2. Playing through the game again fresh on v.96 after having maintained a save from the time when labs were the only other place you could go. I must concur with Xenoramos. I can't seem to get spellcheck mode working for me, but I'm still definitely interested in contributing to that if you don't already have the help lined up.
  3. Attraction has nothing to do with armor realism. It could serve as an enticing pre-stripped state "Gee look at all that armor, what's she wearing under it?", but that's beside the point, I'll assume it's not the case as we're not in the 18+ forum, it's just practical immersive realism. I've got my own take on it, but I read someone saying it helps you control the narrative better, if you're the one playing your character, you can sort of RP their decisions and try to construct believable scenarios to play out. When I play a one of these games, and lately, I
  4. Just checking in, glad to see this still alive.
  5. And my understanding is that the jury is still out as to whether we're destined for a big crunch or total heat death. Well, I say "we" but the odds of a human living to see it are... well, depressing to say the least.
  6. Interaction isn't necessarily observed evidence that can lead to a positive extrapolation. Don't get me wrong, my position is that I should neither assume infinite alternate realities exist or not. But there's the other caveat. "Infinite" means there are an infinite number of universes that never make contact with another if there are an infinite number of universes that do. It is not an eventuality in that case, it's a boolean value across all of time and all of space in any one given universe. Probability doesn't apply to infinite because you can't subdivi
  7. Well, one's just naked, the other actually has sexual content. nudity =! sexuality Nude mods have been around forever, and they don't do anything but make the character appear as nudists without really acknowledging any actual change. For instance, and here's an obscure reference, the game C&C Renegade had nude skins crop up for all the playable female characters in multiplayer. What did this change? Nothing. The game wasn't more sexy for having half the cast run around in their birthday suits, it just made less sense. Now compare this Shant
  8. I dunno, just having 'living' armor isn't quite doing it for me unless there's tangible trade-offs. Think of it like PA. You need to keep PA fueled and maintained. In the past, like with NV, a parasitism mod basically made your character moan or grunt every once in a while and dial up arousal. I don't think that's enough to sell it for me. I liked estrus chaurus because, well aside from the egg laying fetish, you got perks for accepting it, but you also got a dependency, that dependency was poorly executed in that it would essentially result in you just occasionally lie on
  9. Stahp. I'm what you'd probably call an SJW and I prefer potential stalkers get their yayas out in videogames. The biggest threat this market has is fundies, as has been demonstrated with the recent targeting of dating sims.
  10. Nude mod wouldn't cut it for me, anyways. I just want a lewd version of the game.
  11. Wow, this one's had a rocky start, but I'm glad to see you're still kicking!
  12. So given that you've opened the door for other users to help, I presume this is basically gonna be pretty open-ended in terms of what one can expect to see?
  13. Late reply, I know, but info? From what I read it's made in Unity, similar in theory to a, let's say simulator where a popsicle is fed to a customizable opened mouth lass and it's no longer available for download.
  14. By Line could be like: "Why don't you wack out through the fap out with meeeeeeee"
  15. Looks like a kid, too. Not into it thus far, dawg.
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