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Proud New Father!


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been too busy for the past week to do anything but change diapers and smile at my first born. a beautiful baby boy, 8lbs and 14 ounces and 21 inches long. doing pushups on my chest before he was 24 hours old. changed my view on the world and my life. i love you allen!

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Congrats I have 2, keep an eye on your wife and makes sure she gets enough sleep and good sleep, you need to separate her and the baby so she can shut down and have a real sleep. glad to see your getting involved early on. I actually sort of miss diaper changing. I modified the sink with a tall tap and area to put the change pad on, that way I could use the tap to wash the bum clean. The wife rolled her eyes but figured, clean and happy baby and happy father!


At some point you are going to lose it, when it feels like it's getting to much, clean the bum, offer food and if that does not stop the crying put them in the crib and close the door and give yourself a breather, the baby will be fine and you get a chance to calm down. You be surprised how soon they will start to figure out how to make you do what they want and we are biological wired to respond to that cry. My kids quickly realized they could not break me, but they could break the wife and she would break me....

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Guest mercury11

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy!  My husband was ecstatic when he found out I was pregnant.  I've never seen a man so happy to see his son for the first time.  He meant the world to him.  Having a child is probably the best gift anyone can have.

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