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  1. Are leito's animations supposed to have multiple stages when used with AAF? Because I only get one random stage per sex act and it goes on until the act ends.
  2. People who publicly flirt when they know somebody is taken. Now my fiancee is mad at me because this dumb bitch from my airsoft group is running her dumbass mouth how i groped her in the bushes. What an annoying situation. It also doesn't help she is known for being the "ask and you shall receive" type of woman.
  3. Honestly, I'd be happy just to hook pregnancy mods into this. They're really the best animations around.
  4. Is the only way to use these animations by using items to start scenes? For example, I use sex em up, but the multiple-stage animations never seem to be used.
  5. No matter how much I fuck up my life, I will always have fitness. It is a most comforting thought.
  6. Hairy pussy. I can't get this garbage out of my head, it's literally haunting me.
  7. It's just people over-analyzing because they got nothing better to do. Kinda like all those discussions on half empty and half full glasses. Just drink the thing and move the fuck along with your day.
  8. I don't see much controversy here, to be honest. It's a sex mod site where rape is an often used concept, most certainly not without popular demand. And remembering some of the past articles on Loverslab, this is by far one of the least condemning and generally level-headed ones I've ever read. Hell, considering the Nexus used to ban people for even mentioning the name of this site, this article is peanuts. And for me, a true testament of how far Loverslab has come since the beginning. It's been one hell of a trip, and it keeps on getting better.
  9. This one girl involved in a five year long relationship I'd like to wrestle away and take for myself. She's not particularly pretty or even my type, I'd just...like to have her cause she's awesome. Man, I'm really not capable of friendship with women.
  10. I think the first things we need is arousal and sex effects. I reckon the rest of the stuff like pregnancy and STDs will take a long while. Just look at Sexlab, it's got pretty much everything covered in the ideas department...
  11. There's this one thing that mostly only the hardcore fans(or former fans) of the series, no, actually of Bioware in general, will notice. It's those little seemingly insignificant animations people do when speaking. You all know that little head nod animation our huge krogan friend used to do when telling us stories in ME1. And ME2. And ME3. And most recently, it's been seen even in Inquisition and by the looks of it found it's way into Andromeda as well. Now, don't get me wrong, I love that little animation, it makes me remember my old war buddy everytime I see it get recycled, but...I mean r
  12. I actually think Bioware is intentionally burning EA's money. I think they know they're on their way out, and are trying to kick EA in the balls as hard as they possibly can before rocketing into the sun. I'm very ok with this.
  13. Mass Effect Andromeda Pre-Order Available With A 30% Off On Origin In Select Regions http://wccftech.com/mass-effect-andromeda-pre-order-available-30-off-origin-select-regions/ And here something from the past Also apart from Dragon Age and Sim City, the business is currently booming at EA. In the months October to December 2015, the company increased sales by 40 percent compared to the same period of the previous year to about 1.13 billion US dollars. The bottom line was a net gain of $ 142 million, in the prior-year quarter, EA posted a loss of $ 308 million. The
  14. Tell the truth, I don't even know when this thing comes out. I still have to finish MGSV and I haven't even started on the Witcher 3 yet, so it's safe to say this is very low on the to-play list, if at all. It honestly surprises me how I went from being a near-obsessed fanboy to not giving half a shit, without even noticing.
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