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  1. Bummer, then i have to disable autonomy on this mod. Yours is not bad, can be used at places and npcs that WW doesn't use
  2. I don't think the settings from the MSM are working. I disabled player joining scenes autonomy for example, and i still get pulled, women are getting picked to male position, and also, i got pulled from a WW scene to a DD scene.
  3. Funny, i saw this game a few months ago on f95zone and loved it, and i didn't know the creator was someone from here, especially from someone that made some cool mods for Fallout 4
  4. Have a question Which settings do i have to use to have a no holds barred, free for all, anything goes sex ? Like you enter a area and 20 seconds later, people start to fuck like crazy ?
  5. Pretty cool Anarcis " She takes Seven cocks " Damn that is a lot of cocks " Man-Bang" I like the preview you use the most banged family in my game, the Caliente family
  6. Funny, banging moms and teen daughters is what i do too
  7. Her face is familiar but i don't remember her name.
  8. I never understand the posts saying the same thing 2 or 3 times, is it to stand out more?
  9. It was for me, i was tired of skyrim where i was passing more time figuring out ctds than actually playing haha True, i've been spending more time on Sims 4 because of the random CTD's on Skyrim
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