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Using UniqueNPCs with BodyTalk, FusionGirl, AAF and OCBPC [updated 28.5.2021]

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Using UniqueNPCs with BodyTalk, FusionGirl and AAF


I have been using UniqueNPCs with BodyTalk, FusionGirl, AAF and OCBP physics for many installations and playthroughs over the last 3 years. The installation procedure involves a bit of file-wrangling, but gives a very satisfactory result.


UniqueNPCs works with ZEX bodies if you make it use the Bodytalk and FusionGIrl body meshes. Somehow this nicely wraps UniqueNPCs' CBBE textures and overlays onto the ZEX bodies.


Nexus user Utopolyst has created a set of male body textures that when added to the "UniqueNPCs - Textures01.ba2" file allows UniqueNPCs to generate proper male nude bodies with AAF-friendly genitals.


EDIT: Please see Post 49 for the latest installation guide WIP ...


DETAILS:     MAJOR UPDATE 24 MAY 2021 | update 26.5.21: BT/FG setup screenshots | update 28.5.21: Archive2 screenshots |

  • This procedure must be done on a new game, immediately before leaving the vault. (Try Vault111 Quickstart to get there quickly!)

    You need a tool like ARCHIVE2 to unpack and repack .BA2 files. Archive2 can be found via the CK download from Beth's site.


    1. INSTALL a NEW game of FO4 v.1.10.163.


    2. INSTALL your favorite mod manager.


    3. INSTALL UnofficialFO4Patch (recommended)


    5. INSTALL Armorsmith Extended







    In the following steps always overwrite CBBE files when asked.





















    Use a realistic preset. Morphs must be enabled.








    • Militarized Minutemen is optional but recommended.
    • I have not tested the other optional requirements for UNPCs, but have had bad experiences with Eli's Armor Compendium. Keep it simple.














    In NexusModManager install the HotFix as a new mod, not as an update. This may also apply to other mod managers. Use exactly the same settings as you selected with the UniqueNPCs v.2.0. FOMOD above.


    You will need to create the folders \BaseHumanMale\UniqueNPCs\ in ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\ so you have the structure: ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\BaseHumanMale\UniqueNPCs\




    Locate the game's BodyTalk mesh files MaleBody.nif, MaleBody.tri, and MaleHands.nif located in ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\ and copy them to ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\BaseHumanMale\UniqueNPCs\..




    In this folder rename:
    MaleBody.nif  >  MaleBody_Core.nif
    MaleBody.tri  >  MaleBody_Core.tri

    Don't rename MaleHands.nif




    The new FusionGirl body mesh files must be copied to  ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\BaseHumanFemale\UniqueNPCs\.


    Locate FusionGirl mesh files FemaleBody.nif and FemaleBody.tri in ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\ and copy them to ...\Fallout 4\data\Meshes\Actors\Character\CharacterAssets\BaseHumanFemale\UniqueNPCs\. No need to rename these files.





    Backup (copy) the original "Unique NPCs - Textures01.ba2" file to a separate location.

    Download Unique NPC - Naked Raider Males 2-4k (near the bottom of the page). Don't be misled by the name, these textures will apply to all male NPCs. Please send kudos to Utopolyst while you're there,  a lot of work went into this.


    * Create a temp folder on your desktop.

    * Open "...\Fallout 4\data\Unique NPCs - Textures01.ba2"  with Archive2.




    * Extract all files to your temp folder.




    * Open Utopolyst's file "Unique NPC - Naked Raider Males 4k-30685-0-1.7z" with explorer




     * Copy the "Textures" folder from Utopolyst's file to your Temp folder




     * Make a new archive with Archive2 and add the contents of the temp folder.





    * Save the new archive as ...Fallout 4\data\Unique NPCs - Textures01.ba2 and replace the original.




    done ...


    * Test the install by spawning some NPCs while you are still in the vault (see video). Type in the console spawn 20593 10  to generate 10 NPCs.

       Use the console command recycleactor on ghouls, NPCs with underwear, or NPCs you just don't like.


    * Exit the vault and install the rest of your mods.


This method has evolved by trial-and-error over the last 3 years, and as ZeX/BodyTalk/FusionGirl/Looksmenu have updated, results have varied.
Presently all BodyTalk and FusionGirl bodies are unique in appearance, height and morphology, and they work perfectly with AAF and OCBPC.



Edited by dosfox
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Ha ha ha. ? The very day i finally got around to posting this recipe for UniqueNPCs/BT/FG/AAF, i also installed the very first mod that's "broken" it! And partially answered my question above.


Commonwealth Captives introduces a new NPC faction that is not recognised by UniqueNPCs. This caused cases of "black-face" to appear around spawned CC Captives in the wasteland. When these Captives were later Moved to a settlement, black-face became endemic for other NPCs in that settlement. Classic face-texture resolution mismatch bug, something which has rarely been a problem with my usual UNPC ModList.


Because their Faction is not recognised by UNPC, the bodies of the CommonwealthCaptives NPCs are the default Bodygen FG/BT body (with some random "dirt" overlays) generated outside the UniqueNPCs framework. (They are so very ... "plain" though - UniqueNPCs spoils us, doesn't it?)


UniqueNPCs has its own implementation of LMCC and the "Unique NPCs - HD-DLC Replacer BA2s" includes a black-face fix that is not compatible with other black-face fixes. Therefore FG/BT NPCs generated outside the UniqueNPCs framework can have no black-face fix and will cause the face-texture resolution mismatch bug.


This problem may not occur with the SD-version of UniqueNPCs, but i probably won't be installing that version any time soon to find out.  Playing with Commonwealth Captives is too much fun, so i 'm still looking for a fix. Any ideas?

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4 hours ago, hkheungL said:

I also have the brown face issue with commonwealth captives but I don't have the unique npc mod and the female npc in game have normal faces


Are you using the HD-DLC? That wouldn't cause the bug, but it might indicate a problem with CommonwealthCaptives and HD face textures. Maybe it would be better to raise this on the Commonwealth Captives thread, there are some very knowledgeable and helpful modders over there.


The way i've chosen to address this problem in my game is to disable CC, delete all the CC captive-settlers, and see what future CC updates bring.

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hi! i am fairly new at moding. would you plz summarize in comparison what are the differences one would see if they follow your procedure? TIA

Reposted from Nexus                


Hey zroni, thanks for your interest.


Firstly, this is not a procedure recommended for those new to modding. You need to be familiar with FO4's file structure, how to modify it without using a mod manager, and how to use Archive2 to create, pack, and unpack BA2 archives.  


Secondly, UniqueNPCs itself is a VERY difficult mod to install, and has many requirements that all have their own installation difficulties. You definitely need to know how to install a working version of UniqueNPCs on your system before attempting this procedure.


The ZEX skeleton, BodyTalk and FusionGirl are easy to install but "theoretically" not compatible with CBBE, so help or documentation about combining them is hard to find. Assuming you can install a working version of UniqueNPCs and then modify it as i have described, these are the results you can expect:



  • Every NPC in the game will have a unique BodyTalk/FusionGirl body based on the ZEX skeleton.
  • Every NPC will have a unique skin texture and face generated by UniqueNPCs/BetterSettlers as well as random bodyart/scars/makeup.
  • BodyTalk bodies vary in appearance, height and body shape, have a default nude body, and have working genitals .
  • FusionGirl bodies vary in appearance and height but conform in body shape to the FusionGirl BodySlide build.
  • NPCs can equip CBBE clothing, but revert to the ZEX body when nude. With identical bodyslide presets you can mix and match CBBE/FG clothing/armor.
  • Every NPC will be available for AAF animations and OCBP physics.


  • About 10% of male body textures still have vanilla nevernude underwear, a smaller percentage of FG bodies are also nevernude (fix by console "disable;markfordelete" or "recycleactor"). Most male ghouls are nevernude.
  • Very occasional texture mismatches around the female neck nape area (usually hidden by hair).
  • NPCs have no OCBP physics if CBBE clothing is equipped.
  • Mods which introduce new NPCs into the game that bypass UniqueNPCs' character generation system risk causing the brown-face bug.
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Hello, I performed the tutorial procedures and my result was this as shown in the image. Would you help me? - alexjunior2015


I have not seen this problem before. We need more information about your install:

  • Did you perform the procedure at the beginning of a new game, with no other mods installed?
  • Did you check that UniqueNPCs was working properly before you performed the procedure?
  • Do female bodies have the same problem?
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46 minutes ago, alexjunior2015 said:

Only male bodies have this problem. When I place the original files from uniquenpcs, the male bodies are normal but have a nevernude.


It sounds like there was a problem editing the "Unique NPCs - Textures01.ba2" file.

- Did you use Archive2 to unpack and repack the archive, with default settings?

- Did you copy the  Unique NPC - Naked Raider Males 2-4k files into the correct position in the archive?

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12 minutos atrás, dosfox disse:


Parece que houve um problema ao editar o arquivo "Unique NPCs - Textures01.ba2".

- Você arquivou o arquivo2 para descompactar e recompactar o arquivo, com as configurações padrão?

- Você copiou os arquivos  do NPC Único - Naked Raider Males 2-4k para a posição correta no arquivo?

Sim, eu executei esses procedimentos, mas não sei o que poderia ter dado errado




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Yes, I performed these procedures, but I don't know what could have gone wrong - @alexjunior2015


This is why i recommend doing the procedure on a new game with no other mods installed. It took several tries before i originally got this working, there are many steps where it is easy to make errors.


Just out of interest, what mod organiser are you using? I use NexusModManager v.0.8.11, and all the file locations i am giving are relative to that file structure.

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22 minutos atrás, dosfox disse:


É por isso que recomendo fazer o procedimento em um novo jogo sem outros mods instalados. Foram necessárias várias etapas antes de eu começar a fazer isso funcionar, muitas etapas em que é fácil cometer erros.


Só por curiosidade, qual organizador de mod você está usando? Eu uso NexusModManager v.0.8.11 , e todos os locais de arquivo que estão relacionados a essa estrutura de arquivo.


Acho que consegui resolver o problema com a textura, acho que o problema está nos NPCs Únicos - Principal, coloquei o arquivo original com as texturas modificadas e tive este resultado:






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21 minutes ago, alexjunior2015 said:

I think I managed to solve the problem with the texture, I think the problem is in Unique NPCs - Main, Poise I put the original file with the modified textures and had this result:


The body has no genitals, so BodyTalk is not installed properly or the edits in Step 6 are not done.

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1 hour ago, alexjunior2015 said:

In my installation, only MaleBody_Core[.nif] exists in the original uniquenpcs folder, can you tell me if this is normal?


Yes, the MaleBody_Core.tri and MaleHands.nif files are not originally there. But putting a MaleBody_Core.tri in there somehow makes the whole BodyTalk thing work with UniqueNPCs. If you don't copy the MaleHands.nif, there will be visible wrist seams.

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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

In the meantime, I decided to do a fresh start, butchered my mod load order, ditched most of the mods I didn't use anyway and for some reason, I can't even get the basic setup for Fusion Girl right this time. Every time the game starts in the bathroom, Nora's boobs are stretched, giving a hint that something is very broken...

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22 hours ago, MrFuturehope said:

In the meantime, I decided to do a fresh start, butchered my mod load order, ditched most of the mods I didn't use anyway and for some reason, I can't even get the basic setup for Fusion Girl right this time. Every time the game starts in the bathroom, Nora's boobs are stretched, giving a hint that something is very broken...

Dont use mods until leaving vault

Use google sometimes

Edited by Indarello
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8 minutes ago, Indarello said:

Dont use mods until leaving vault

Use google sometimes

I was using google and what I found did sound like there is actually a problem with FG in pre-war part of the game, but honestly it was kinda hard to believe, because CBBE doesn't have that problem. I still prefer FG over CBBE overall, I just wish this wasn't an issue. As for the mods, well, some mod added some items to your pre-war house in Sanctuary Hills, I found them when I was testing the game with all the mods loaded. If I had mods disabled, I would probably never know there were some items there, because I guess they wouldn't be there after leaving vault, so turning mods on only after leaving the vault would probably mean that I would miss those items. There were some notes and magazines.

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8 hours ago, MrFuturehope said:

... like there is actually a problem with FG in pre-war part of the game, but honestly it was kinda hard to believe, because CBBE doesn't have that problem ...


The instructions were reasonably clear:

"This procedure must be done on a new (unmodded) game, IMMEDIATELY  before leaving the vault." i.e. Just at the point before you get in the elevator and set your name and SPECIALs. Loading the Vault111 Quickstart savefile will take you there directly without having to fuss with all that pre-war stuff.


I always successfully install about 130 of  my mods at this point:


_________★ 01 FRAMEWORKS ★

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch-4598-2-1-2b-1608151168
HUDFramework 1.0f-20309-1-0f
Mod Configuration Menu 1.39-21497-1-39-1575706632
Settlement Keywords Expanded v1.60
Settlement Menu Manager - 0.1.4-24204-0-1-4
Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR)
Armorsmith Extended v4.6-2228-v4-6-1550963207
LooksMenu v1-6-20-12631-1-6-20-1604483725
Looks Menu Customization Compendium-24830-v10
Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-
BodySlide and Outfit Studio
ZaZ - Extended Skeleton-36702-4-0-1606282622
Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2_5a - BA2 version-8126-2-5a
Better Settlers
Militarized Minutemen
Unique NPCs - An Overhaul of the Commonwealth V2.0
Unique NPCs - An Overhaul of the Commonwealth v2.1 hotfix
Legendary Modification
Legendary Modification - DLC (Automatron) (Far Harbor) (Nuka World) and Additional Fixes (ENG)
Mythic Legendary Modifications 2.7-21404-2-7
Weightless Junk and Other Items
Weightless Junk and Other Items - DLC Patch V1.1-34406-1-1  

_________★ 02 ENVIRONMENT ★
A Forest 0.7
A Forest at Summers End-51673-1-4-1621226136
Puddle Remover Plus v6.02
Remove Grassphalts-36442-1-0-1544906485
RR_No Pump Version - All Red Rockets-10337-1-65
Seventy-Six 3.9-39888-3-9-1592399116
_________★ 04 BUILDING ★
Build High - Expanded Settlements
Alternate Settlements-5118-1-1
Alternate Settlements SMM-44325-1-1607659510
Homemaker - Expanded Settlements
Auto Doors

Settlement Objects Expansion Pack - All DLC-10075-v1-6-8

Ground 1.5.0
Settlement Markers-20651-1-7-3-1572201419
JaL - Just a Ladder (REDUX)-22333-2-01-redux-beta-1555493596
Workshop Workbench Marker-14046-1-1
Brahmin Trade Caravan Post-12014-1
Real Troughs - New Brahmin Feeders-12945-1-0
Healthier Brahmins by Uruchat-16802-1
Water Towers-8596-1-1
HZS _NavMeshFixer_1.2.zip-22322-1-2
HZS NavMesh Fixer SMM-44325-2-1612721066
_________★ 05 FURNITURE ★
4k (MYBed) Lovers Luxury Bed - the LADY KILLER-7400-v0-3
Buildable Burning Campfires and Fireplaces-8122-3-0
CREAtive Clutter
Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture - DLC EDITION-20703-7-7
Crimsomrider's Unique Furniture SMM-44325-2-1612030358
CWSS Redux-14326-4-01-1609893424
Friffy_Fixed Curtains_v2-22485-v2
Friffy_Fixed Rugs v4 - without TableClothes-20980-v4
Holotape Display ESP 1.3-42316-1-3-1579742742
Invisible Guard Markers
GuardsStayPut_Invisible Guard Markers 12-34223-2-0
GuardsStayPut_All DLC 12-34223-2-0
Immersive Vendors
Prisoner Shackles 4.0 with Happiness Bonus-18436-4-0
TortureDevices 1.9
VendorTrunk.esp v1.20-20547-1-20-1569269025
V's Stylish Decor-26983-1-7-1541522507
Alex Stripper Pole 3.0 B
_________★ 06 ELECTRICAL, LIGHTING ★
Arch - Bottom-23390-1-11
Brighter Settlement Lights
Food Generators - 1.1b-4856-1-1
Fusion Generator 1 00-9376-1-0
Longer Power Lines 3x-2241-1-1
Radiation Cleaning
Settlements - Lights Out-15810-3-3
Wireless Power C-10812-
_________★ 07 GROWING THINGS ★
Cannabis Commonwealth - SKE-AWKCR-AE-VIS v1.3 ba2 archives-11840-1-3
More Colorful Harvest Compilation 1.4-16022-1-4
NorthlandDiggers 1.3a-9710-1-4
Quick Harvest-25521-3-0-1-1562586038
_________★ 08 ARMOR ★
Ero Selene FO4 - CBBE and BodySlide Files V1.3-26192-1-3
Midnight Breed FO4 - Core Files-29507-1-0
_________★ 09 CLOTHING ★
Fallout 4 High Heels System
DickyPinup FG-50048-1-0-1613121108
Highheels Dress outfits-15907-3-2
Highheels Dress outfits AE Patch -15907-3-2
Female Outfit Replacer wiit Highheels HDT system
Nurse's Cap-20902-1-0
TERA Rogue - Core Files (Version 1.1)-31316-1-1
TERA Rogue HH FG-51426-1-0-1618421817
VIO_Strap-On V3
Strap-on,viodoe,dick for female/servitron 4.0
Vtaw Wardrobe 7 Main 2k-51798-1-0-1619897982
Vtaw Wardrobe 7 FG-51847-1-0-1620036825
_________★ 10 WEAPONS ★
Ardent Blade 4K with Blood Fix-37373-1-1-1549813265
155mm Howitzer M1  4K New-25527-2-0
Griselda Hunter updated-32297-0-1
ptrs41_v1.142_BA2 archive-11925-1-42
Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle Lvled List patch-24068-1-0
Steyr AUG-26630-1-2
Ruger Mini-14-49039-V1-1608812238
WH-MK22 Heavy Machinegun REDUX v1.1c-21516-1-1c-1554147466
Laser targeter-31911-1-1
Flamer Overhaul
No More Random Turret Mk's
Artillery Fire and Range Expansion
Angry Artillery 1.1-9513-1-1
_________★ 11 HUD, SCREEN EFFECTS ★
Highlighting Enemy and Corpses (aka HUD)
Loot Detector (ESL)-4380-3800
HoloTime 1.1b-20300-1-1b
More Map Markers-16256-1-1
OMG Do not read-51873-1-0-1620119383
_________★ 12 ARTWORK, TEXTURES ★
Sickotic LoreFriendlyOverhaul
Sickotik's Standalone Lore Friendly Paintings
NismoMan's Adult Texture Replacer Project
Gruffydd's Signs of the TImes 1.4-12086-1-4-1543082704
Vault Meat Paintings - Standalone - v1.4-1714-1-4
VaultMeat Money-45293-V1-1590477119
_________★ 22 TOOLS ★
Crazy_Multi-Tool - v1.1
Better Console-26582-v1-4-0
Rename Anything 2.6.12-22105-2-6-12-1576067670
Place (Fallout4 1.10.163 - latest release)-9424-1-18-0-1163-1575581603


Please have patience and follow the instructions carefully. Good luck!

Edited by dosfox
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  • 2 weeks later...

Hopefully you are still monitoring this convo...
I know a fair bit about modding, and have followed your instructions to the the letter.  Started an entirely mod free new game and took that up to the point of exiting the vault using steam start.

Using MO2...

Loaded up only the specified mods following all choices except one:  I chose mortal vs standard mortality when loading up better settlers, carrying this thru the hotfix mod for same.

I didn't load up the militarized milita though, if that counts, though your instructions note it as optional.

Using explorer and MO2's data tab, verified that the body meshes are in place as specified.

Using archive2, updated the textures for unique npcs... verified that the size of the ba2 file when up from around 980MB to 2.29GB, in both the actual and virtual location (MO2 creates virtual pathways.)

Sorted the esps/esms/esls via loot.   I did reverse Loot's order in one case, where it put CBBE.esp below FusionGirl.esp,  I'm virtually 100% certain that has to be the opposite, where CBBE loads first and FG second, as we want FG to replace CBBE...

Starting the game, generated 5 npcs... bodies are there, but I have the following issues...
1.  Every NPC has the brown face bug.  I read a bit of the convo above, and it sounds like you were suggesting to someone that they needed to have HD-DLC selection made, though that's not what the pictures of your selections for Unique NPCs show (where it shows "I read this" vice "Unique NPCs-HD-DLC".  However, half that convo was in spanish and I couldn't follow it at all... Should I reinstall using that selection vice "I read this"?

2.  Many NPCs also have some sort of weird neck color discontinuity between their bodies and their faces.  Not sure if this is related to the brown face bug... but in some cases I had NPCs w/ 3 different skin tones... one for the body/hands, one for the face and a third for the back of the neck/head (example is in the latter part of the uploaded images.)

3.  Finally, and most importantly I believe, while all the bodies looked good at a mid distance, as I approached each NPC I got a weird "crystallization" effect going on as I got closer and closer.  The amount was different for each but each got worse from a mid to far distance until you got adjacent, and in most cases, the full body just looked like a fractal'd crystal... Screen shots below.

Plugin load order is as follows while still in the vault:

*Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
*zzjay_Wasteland attire.esp
*Armorsmith Extended.esp
*Unique NPCs.esp
*LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
*Unique NPCs FarHarbor.esp
The only difference from LOOT and your instructions being the console access (survival save, so I need this to strip the npcs) & my swapping CBBE and FG.  I suppose zzjaj is probably not purely in accordance w/ instructions too, but it's a patch file loaded up for AWKCR, which will be in play later.  Since no one is using zzjay clothing that shouldn't in theory be affecting any bodies ;) 

Any suggestions/help would be very much appreciated!

v/r C









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