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  1. Unfortunately RSEII: Random Shenanigans seems to be BROKEN, ABANDONED and UNSUPPORTED. Please try this instead ... RSE Elements Vol.5 - Random Shenanigans (v4.0).zip (an earlier version by the same author) ... it works.
  2. Hey zroni, thanks for your interest. Firstly, this is not a procedure recommended for those new to modding. You need to be familiar with FO4's file structure, how to modify it without using a mod manager, and how to use Archive2 to create, pack, and unpack BA2 archives. Secondly, UniqueNPCs itself is a VERY difficult mod to install, and has many requirements that all have their own installation difficulties. You definitely need to know how to install a working version of UniqueNPCs on your system before attempting this procedure. The ZEX skeleton, BodyTalk
  3. I discovered many hard-to-see captives with VATS ... but SirKorax's Highlighting Enemy and Corpses doesn't highlight Captives as Friendlies either.
  4. Are you using the HD-DLC? That wouldn't cause the bug, but it might indicate a problem with CommonwealthCaptives and HD face textures. Maybe it would be better to raise this on the Commonwealth Captives thread, there are some very knowledgeable and helpful modders over there. The way i've chosen to address this problem in my game is to disable CC, delete all the CC captive-settlers, and see what future CC updates bring.
  5. Ha ha ha. 🙄 The very day i finally got around to posting this recipe for UniqueNPCs/BT/FG/AAF, i also installed the very first mod that's "broken" it! And partially answered my question above. Commonwealth Captives introduces a new NPC faction that is not recognised by UniqueNPCs. This caused cases of "black-face" to appear around spawned CC Captives in the wasteland. When these Captives were later Moved to a settlement, black-face became endemic for other NPCs in that settlement. Classic face-texture resolution mismatch bug, something which has rarely been a problem with my usual
  6. Thank you very much @lapolla for this, it looks like great fun. Installed v1.2, first impressions: Wow, 5+ simultaneous multi-character scenes within a minute or two! How do i exclude the Player Character from the action? Until the male re-equip issue is fixed the mod isn't really usable for me. The mod will not work while RSEE Random Shenanigans v.4 is active. Not a big problem. I don't want a mod to overwrite my AAF_settings.ini or AAF_equipmentSetData.xml files, i have personal preferences and non-standard gui key settings there. (sorry, just noticed FOMOD co
  7. Help please, i've run into a bit of trouble. I am using a combination of UniqueNPCs/BetterSettlers/FG/BT which effectively wraps CBBE textures onto ZEX meshes. For many installs this has worked really well for all NPCs in the game - settlers, raiders, factions, Ivy, the Thuggyverse, anything remotely human. But shortly after installing CC a few instances of black-face started occurring around CC captives. Not really a big deal, but previously not present in the playthrough. Then over the last day or two i started assigning captives to settlements, and found that returning to those
  8. Just like to report running across a captive of the Trappers during a settlement attack on Echo Lake Lumber Mill in Far Harbor. That's the first Captive i've seen in a DLC so far, so i travelled to all the main Trapper camps and found no more captives at all. There are captives in all the main Far Harbor supermutant camps. More Attackers - Get Off My Build Zone is my settlement attack manager, maybe that is tagging Trappers as common raiders somehow? So still having fun with CC - haven't explored Far Harbor in ages! Is there a possibility of MCM-optional distance-limite
  9. How To Use UniqueNPCs with BodyTalk, FusionGirl and AAF I have been using UniqueNPCs with BodyTalk, FusionGirl, AAF and OCBP physics for many installations and playthroughs over the last coupla years. The installation procedure involves a bit of file-wrangling, but gives a very satisfactory result. UniqueNPCs works with Fusion Girl and BodyTalk if you replace the male and female body reference meshes in the "Unique NPCs - Main.ba2" file with BodyTalk/FusionGirl .nif & .tri files. Somehow this nicely wraps UniqueNPCs' CBBE textures and overlays onto FusionGirl and Bo
  10. That's exactly what looks like happening. It's interesting that the captive and the raider both get released when the command is given to the captive. Good luck with fixing that - AAF hasn't solved it yet either! Still having great fun playing with the mod. I take it back about suggesting BOS as a captor faction - it's good to have at least one hostile faction to "safely" use artillery and HE weapons on!
  11. Pretty sure it was the same cross, because when i released the female settler by dialogue, the raider was released at the same time. Also why would a raider be on one of their own crosses? (LOL how did he get the fourth nail in?)
  12. @EgoBallistic A couple of small bugs: 1. Sometimes captives are spawned very close together. These two are superimposed. Sometimes the crosses are clipping through each other. Can there be a minimum distance between spawns? 2. I've seen this twice now, and it may be the problem @Farsh-nuke mentioned above. A raider is bound on the same cross as a captive. Releasing the captive immediately releases the raider. Ivy shot him straight away so i couldn't ask why he was there, but the settler was OK.
  13. @EgoBallistic A few more suggestions for MCM-selectable captor factions: The Forged (factionID=0013101d) Children of Atom (but they would probably nail themselves up just for fun!) (00134270) The Covenant Compound (00048641) Triggermen @ Easy City Downs & Vault 114 (00083ad0) From the DLCs: Church of the Children of Atom (xx02fb84) Trappers (?) Rust Devils @ Fort Hagen Satellite Array (xx004385) Disciples (xx00f438) Operators (xx00f439) The Pack (xx00f43a)
  14. Yes, i agree, maybe even restricting it further to spawning around coursers in the commonwealth only. There would be problems with BOS, especially as having no cell edits is one of the great features of this mod. I did wonder what might happen if a BOS captive spawned inside a vertibird!
  15. Hey EgoBallistic, after more playtime with Commonwealth Captives i am realising how big an impact it has on gameplay. As mentioned, i installed this mod very late-game where all the major quests are completed, so playtime is divided between building/defending settlements and doing radiant quests for Minutemen, Railroad, BOG and ClubSnuggle. So now if "there are some raiders that need killing", we can't just nuke their camp with artillery and come in spraying .50cal HE and grenades everywhere. We need to scout the camp for captives and plan our attack accordingly. Commonwealth Capti
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