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  1. Loverslab is simply that place where you want to go for the best mods that you couldn't find anywhere else. 😇
  2. I think I didn't even have to change too many settings. I left most of the settings in their default state and everything seems to work. Sometimes beyond expectations - don't be surprised if you arrive to some places at the wrong time and find unexpected people together doing unexpected things like Mr. Blake Abernathy with his daughter Lucy having some fun together on a chair... Or Patrick with his mother Trudy having some fun in Drumlin Diner. Stuff like that happens fairly often and there is no option that would give you control over it.
  3. Oh well, I guess I will keep playing for now, because Ivy 6 is coming soon (I guess?), so I will start a new game when the new version comes out and this time, I think I will go with just Ivy alone as companion, because at this point I think it's pretty safe to say that when you have Ivy, you don't need anyone else lol
  4. Hello, could someone help me, please? I've been using Project X unofficial DLC mod together with Ivy. I installed Ivy later, but before I did, I looted that underground place in Sanctuary, because Project X added some of its stuff there in the tool box and safe, it was even a part of the quest, so the loot containers inside that underground place were already empty when I picked up Ivy. I thought it was all fine, until I made some progress with Ivy and learned from her Diary that she was trying to open the safe with no success - is the content of that safe important for Ivy mod in
  5. @Vancitychick95 , so Drug Injector can be crafted at Chemistry Station -> MCG Craftables, just browse through the whole list down and you should eventually see it. It requires Medic perk of Rank 2.
  6. By the way, you gotta love it when you walk around your settlers and they randomly tell you something like "You should feel ashamed of yourself.. Think about things that you've been doing.." and the very next moment they go like "Hey... You seem to be that type of person who's worth spending time with...", proposing you to go on a date with them LOL. Now, I know both lines may come from two different mods, but it's still funny. 🤣
  7. Interesting. I made couple of darts already, but I never really looked up how or where to make those drug injectors that are required to make those darts. I would expect it to be in chemistry station, I will check it out, perhaps you can only get them in the world either by looting or buying them.
  8. Thanks, in the meantime I tried it and it seems to be working well so far. Unique companion Ivy is now even more unique. 🙂
  9. I was just wondering if it worked with all the mods that I have installed if I replaced standard FPE with FPE Redux, that's all.
  10. Try to reinstall CBBE and pay attention to the part which asks you to configure the physics of the boobs (I may be wrong, but I do believe this was the part of CBBE configuration). I believe that's where is the root of this issue. Also, try to make sure that CBBE is not overwritten by anything else. I have a different problem, but it may be caused by similar reason. Originally I had working everything decently, but since I installed couple of new mods, suddenly my models have their boobs flying and bouncing little bit too much during AAF animations lol I'm currently in the process
  11. I was about to write that I'm glad to hear that people don't have issues with this mod in late game parts like Far Harbor, but then I realized I'm not running Redux version of this mod lol so my experience may be different. Oh well, I wish I could simply upgrade to this Redux version, but I'm afraid it may not work with MCG and some other mods I'm using.
  12. Is this compatible with the current version 5.3 ? Thanks
  13. I am interested in this as well, although as a player more than a modder as I'm not much of a modder myself, so if the solution could be applied globally, that would be great and useful for me as well. I'm not sure if you're a modder, but perhaps this information may be useful to you at least as a theory. There is a mod which changes Codsworth into a human and as a bonus you have a holotape which allows you to change him from robot to human and vice versa as well as change his human appearance. Dialogues were also fixed with some lip sync treatment which is always very nice little touch that a
  14. Hello everyone. I'm looking for a mod that would allow the player to hire an NPC to do various jobs / missions for them? Even some basic missions like "I'll pay you 500 caps to clear Corvega assembly plant for me" would be enough. The reason why I'm interested in such thing is pretty simple. After hundreds of hours clearing the same area again and again I've had enough, but at the same time, I don't want to cheat my way through, so I'm looking for an immersive and realistic approach how to speed things up a little bit while still being able to enjoy the game without cheating. Is there any mod
  15. I think it's pretty clear what happened there. At first they were so happy about having a good time together they forgot to put their clothes back on, but then she noticed other girls around her don't have clothes on either and she realized she wasn't the only girl around he had a good time with, so she got mad and ripped his eyes out. The End.
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