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  1. First make sure you have enough free space on your harddrive where the mod is being installed, because the installation process will automatically unpack the files there. Not sure about the Redux version, but Extreme version requires about 10 GB of free space, so keep that in mind and make sure you have that much space available before you start installing. As for the installation process itself, these mods contain fomod installers, that means if you're using Vortex, just drag and drop the mod file into your Vortex window and it should start installing automatically. You will know the installation started successfully when installation window appears, so wait for it.
  2. Hello everyone, after 660 downloads in 2 weeks, I would like to ask you all, please check out this thread made recently and share your opinion on the subject by replying to that thread. It's important to me and it may affect the future availability of this thread as well as the mod included in it and potentially also availability of any mod backups in the future. Thank you!
  3. Sorry, I can't help you there. I never tried AAF Hardship, but AAF guide mentions quite a few things you should check when using MCG with other mods: Also, check out the mod compatibility recommendations here for a list of possible mod conflicts, but I skimmed through the list real quick and haven't noticed that mod in the list of incompatible mods, but still the above general rule applies - if a mod does the same function, you have to decide which mod will handle that function and disable that feature in the other. That way you should be able to combine the two, although naturally if the sole purpose of such mod is just one feature that is already provided by another mod which however provides much more than that, I would personally pick the one with more features and simply uninstall the other, but that's just me and in your own mod list you will have to make that decision for yourself. Good luck.
  4. That never happened to me, but I guess it works as intended. Ivy needs proper attention from you. 😉
  5. Great upload, but I think it deserves its own thread. It's a whole different mod, unrelated to FSM Body Textures.
  6. Sadly, I'm not Russian speaker, but I'm happy to know that more people show interest in this mod every day and create various addons for it, even though the mod author himself does no longer work on the mod. I think it's a really good, stable and well balanced mod that deserves more attention. Good luck with the translation! 😃
  7. I have the same problem, just with different mods, so I guess it's a general issue mod authors often forget to address. In my case the issue is with Infiltrator mod which allows you to use disguises, to walk around the enemies freely without them being hostile. This is a perfect mod that allows you to start sex with raiders, gunners, etc. but the trouble is that once you finish, your cover is blown because you're naked - no longer wearing the disguise and the person you just had sex with turns hostile and tries to kill you... I wish there was a universal mod to solve this problem for ALL of the mods. Right now, I'm using a very crude workaround for this, so immersion goes out the window, but at least you don't end up dead after having refreshing sex with raider or gunner chicks... My workaround is using tdetect console command which I tied to a hotkey using fo4 hotkeys mod or whatever its name is. It's basically a detection switch console script, so whenever I start sex with NPCs that could turn hostile after sex, I press the hotkey to turn the detection off and after sex and changing my clothes back to the disguise I was wearing before the sex started, I press the hotkey again to turn detection on again and everything is fine, no one turns hostile to me then. If THIS was made into a real mod / papyrus script that would just sit there in the background and trigger every time during sex, I believe there would be no harm to anything, but it would fix SO MANY cool mods out there, all of them at once...
  8. That's what the guide is for. Sometimes you actually need less than what you read in the requirements of a mod, sometimes you actually need something different than what it says you need and sometimes you need more that what it says, so in order to make sense of it all, your best bet is to check out that guide to see what do you really need in order to use individual mods properly, because some informations that you can read on individual mod pages are no longer correct, simply outdated, but that guide is updated frequently, so stick to it whenever you want to install some of the mods mentioned there, read everything in that guide related to that particular mod, and you should be fine.
  9. Make sure you have at least one sex animation pack installed and that you are actually requesting MCG to play an animation that is included in the pack of animations that you have installed. Follow the guide here.
  10. I guess for mod packs to make sense, there would have to be categories such as overhauls, worlds, items, npcs, textures and such, so that you could use those partial mod packs as building blocks to customize your mod list and that would even require a bit of modding experience, since you would have to be careful of what mods or even whole mod packs are you trying to combine together, because some of the mods and mod packs might not work together. On the bright side, you would end up with a more customized mod pack, so that it would be closer to your personal taste. Then again, in theory if there were many mod packs, there's a fair chance everyone would find some they may like and stick with it.
  11. Thanks for the tip, but I guess I would have to pass on this option, because Vortex would throw a fit about the files being edited outside of Vortex, although maybe in this case I could do an exception, but I'm not sure if it would work like this: Dirty Redux + Clean Extreme, since Extreme didn't include Dirty version. I'm absolutely not sure what would happen if I wanted to mix it that way, because I believe Extreme provides textures that are larger in resolution, so mixing two kinds of textures using two different resolutions could create some graphical artifacts on the body in case that the textures from both mods would be used at once on one body.
  12. Link for convenience. Can't help it, but I think it kinda looks funny.
  13. Do you need CWSS? I can upload it as well. Although, I don't feel good about uploading someone else's work, but at the same time I feel bad for those who perhaps need that mod for whatever reason and could no longer find it in any reliable source. 😐
  14. Oh, yeah I remember it was a standalone mod, separate from the smaller original 5.0.1., so I made sure to let people know in op to not combine them. I kinda wish we had the original description, do you have it by any chance?
  15. You're welcome, but V6.0, you say? I never heard of that one, these are Redux and the Extreme. Last version of Redux was 5.0.1, but I can't remember the version number of Extreme. Is the Extreme version what you mean by V6.0?
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