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Player Slave Encounters (Updated Oct 18)

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All the meshes, textures and sounds required for Player Slave Encounters plus the ESP


External links:

ESP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/077kv07x79lngp7/PlayerSlaveEncounters_V0.69.esp

Meshes http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361789151

Sounds http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361790336

Textures http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361793003

Patch http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3bk1t7xv3oxnzhh

DMRA Boobie Stocks is optional for those who use it


ESP updated 23 Aug 14 (place this in your Data\ folder)

Meshes uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Meshes\ folder)

Textures uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Textures\ folder)

Sounds uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Sound\ folder)

Patch uploaded 27 Apr 13

Your textures, sounds and meshes should be in the base folder not sub-folders. (e.g. Data\Meshes\ not Data\Meshes\Meshes\)



Gaebrial's ESPs:

- Merge the dialogue options from LoversPayBandit and PSE. It expects PSE to be before LoversPayBandit in the load order, and should go just after the latter.

- Merge the appearance changes to the Hackdirt residents and brethren from HackdirtAlive with the responsibility changes from PSE. Doesn't actually have PSE as a master, because they are all vanilla NPCs. In fact, it may not even be required.

- Fix a landscape tear near to Lord Pelham's estate in Pell's Gate caused by having LostSpires loaded as well as PSE. (Lost Spires is not needed for PSE)



Oldwolf58's Fix ESPs (6-8-14):

With Ichabod's permission I'm posting my fix to the V0.691 esp. This fix is for the Dog Days quest " I have no dialogue" bug with Gendrahel. Included is a patch esp for those of you who have LoversBitch installed and prevents all the dogs in Player Slave Encounters from becoming companions, which in most cases will cause a serious problem with the PSE quests.


V0.691 is the last version I created.

V0.694 and the LB patch is now here courtesy of Siskin

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This is a player and companion slavery system with a selection of localised encounters where the player can end up enslaved or otherwise in deep trouble. Some of these encounters have a potential bad end, so watch your saves.

This addon features dark themes. If that is not your thing, please pass on by and thanks for calling.
I have designed this with a female character in mind, although there is nothing to stop males being enslaved with the generic slave mode (and some encounters will be for both).

Constructive feedback/ideas always welcome.*

Requires Lovers with PK ESM, OBSE, Pluggy and Shivering Isles. Having some form of LoversRaperS would be an advantage from a gameplay perspective (WappyOne has built his version taking PSE into account: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/15117-lovers-rapers-wappyones-edition/). Silent Voice mod needed if you want to read all the conversations.

(If you are getting missing position calls then make sure you have that position from The Daedra Sutra http://www.loverslab.com/topic/8232-the-daedra-sutra-lovers-with-pk-animation-collection/)


Make sure to cast the Player Slave Settings spell when you update your ESP

Thanks to ChaosLord and LostRider for the Bondage poses
Credit to tsanm011 (larrytmc) for the pregnant body models
Credit to Uriel for the sexy maid outfit (DMRA version at http://www.loverslab...ad.php?tid=3778)
Kudos to Walther for his sound resource
Thanks to Mastercchris for his splendid animations
Credit to Brideyna for the mask

Many thanks to Mem for his support

Cheers to WappyOne for fitting to Rapers and his coding
Thank you to Uriel, Bisquits, V, GaggedGirl and everyone else who helped me with this. :classic_biggrin:


Adds in a couple of spells that replicate that nice bound walk for you and NPCs as well as a spell to allow voluntary enslavement (need to have Slave Mode enabled for the latter).

Slave Mode
This can be activated (and deactivated) by casting the Player Slave Settings spell.

It comes in five flavours: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard and Almost Impossible. Please note that Almost Impossible does exactly what it says on the tin. There is a minigame now available to replace the chance version. Without it there is a random chance, based on your Security skill and how many times you have tried with that master, that you will be able to wriggle free during your enslavement. With the minigame there is a random chance you will be able to scavenge something every so often (Lockpick). There are also Lockpicks available in the encounters if you can find/be given them. Press L to activate the minigame. Sometimes you cannot attempt to escape such as when an experienced slaver is watching you closely or someone is having their wicked way with you. There is an automatic get out clause in the form of the civic minded citizens of Tamriel (High responsibility). They will not free you unless they get control of you. If you are unsure if random escape code is working while enslaved, the debug console will pop up every couple of minutes with your escape chances.

When this mode is active almost ANYTHING can enslave you. Bandits, Necromancers, Ogres, Goblins, etc. I have covered all basic factions I think (Needs work) so their mates should not murder you but no promises. If you find something keeps hitting you after enslaving (especially unusual creatures) report what and where and I will see if I can find the faction to add. NOTE: Factions unique to mods will NOT work here. Your new master will nick all your stuff and either keep it or stick it in a sack.
While enslaved you will be a toy to be used and abused. Your captor will use you, pimp you to his mates, give you to his dog for a laugh and even sell you on to someone else. Technically you could get enslaved outside Anvil and get free in Bravil. Not likely as a guard is likely to brutalise your owner on the way (unless it is a proper slaver).
Note that with Animal Owner off dogs, wolves, etc should not enslave you but their master might decide his puppy needs a new girlfriend.
If you get too injured and your master is not occupied he/she/it should feed you a foul smelling liquid (healing potion).

You can change the conditions for enslavement (Unconscious, Paralysis, etc) using the Settings spell.

Up to four companions can now share your predicament. They are immune to enslavement while you are fighting but once you are enslaved they can be enslaved as well. To release them just talk to them and select Let Me Free You. While enslaved your companions will be used by those around them and may be included in the specific encounters. Works on companions being in the Player Faction (0001DBCD). I use MCS Companions for this. Do not access their inventory while they are still enslaved.

Mobile Slavers
Slavers are now in business in Tamriel. Some time after you are captured, one of these chaps will come along and buy you. You will be dragged across the land and potentially sold to anyone passing. If you are unlucky, you will end up in the main slaver camp for full processing. (Future plan is to have this lead to an auction however we only have one follow on encounter at present). Escaping the slavers on the road or in the camp is very difficult (or impossible at times). These are professionals at keeping slaves in line. They have no interest in vampire players and do not buy from creatures.


Randy Hunter

If you are enslaved by a creature, then they may be being stalked by a hunter. If the hunter wins, then he gets an extra bonus for today's hunt. This could lead to being sold to a standard slaver (or just about anywhere really).

Slave Club
This is a custom club designed to help your enemies knock you out. It will appear randomly throughout Tamriel.

Some will run even if Slave Mode is inactive. Others require Slave Mode On. These are more staged encounters than the generic slave scripting. Some will be bad ends for your character. You may wish to forbid spectators as this can cause these to fall over in places (as everyone is too busy watching to follow the script). Also enable creatures in your standard lovers settings or this may stop scripts from running (Set xLoversPkrQuest.CreatureEnableFlag to 1 is the console command I think should you already be enslaved).

Encounter One: Goblin Bitch. Requires slave mode on. Cracked Wood Cave is now a little different for female characters.
Encounter Two: A Reluctant Housemaid. Requires slave mode on. After being 'processed' at the slaver camp, you will find new employment at the home of Lord Pellham.
Encounter Two Continued: Lord Pellham's Tea Party. On returning to the home of Lord Pellham after Encounter Two (Requires completion), your services are required at a little party. Bring a lady friend if you like. Small chance of repeat event each visit.
Encounter Three: Rough Justice. Requires slave mode on. There is now an option to plead not to go to jail. You will get away with treating the guard to some fun with a low fine. After that it is use by the law abiding citizens, whipping, indentured servitude and if you are a real menace to society then it is a dance on the gibbet. I hope to expand this as time goes on. Fines updated to a more serious level.
Encounter Three Extras: Rough Streets. Requires slave mode on. A catch all for random encounters you may run into on your daily adventuring. E.g. Sleeping rough outside a city is not the safest thing to do.

You may wake up tied to the bed as a perverted burglar comes calling. Any items he steals will end up in a random bandit zone around Cyrodiil: Dzonot Cave, Sercen, Sinkhole Cave, Undertow Cavern, Capstone Cave, Fort Nikel, Felgageldt Cave, Black Rock Caverns, Rickety Mine or Fort Strand.

Encounter Four: Dog Days. Slave mode not needed. Ganredhel has some advanced training for the ladies. Once you ask her for training follow her to the basement and let her zone in first. (Turn off Lovers Bitch wild companions for this)
Encounter Five: Hello Sailor. Requires slave mode on. Sleeping outside in a city could lead to a new career in a whorehouse.
Encounter Six: Sibling Rivalry. Requires slave mode on. A noble lady of Bruma requires a treasure hunter.

Encounter Seven: Horror of the Ayleids. Requires slave mode on. The strange people of Hackdirt have a dark secret. A secret that leads you to a dark and forgotten past.

(Hackdirt Alive is an excellent makeover of Hackdirt: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/42948/)


Possible Future Encounters


1. A Slave's Love. Imprisoned on a noblewoman's farming estate. Going for more romantic restraint than brutal mastery. Plenty of the latter for smartass/troublemaking slaves though. 2. Home Sweet Home. A simple player home... with added deviancy naturally.


Bedrolls added to cities: Anvil (behind Prophet), Bruma (Near north gate), Bravil (By graveyard), Cheydinhal (Behind Ganredhel's house), Chorrol (By Grey Mare), IC (Temple district), Leyawiin (Behind cathedral), Skingrad (By well)






- Amended companion slave for smoother sex calls on companions

- Initial episodes for A Forgotten Shadow (1 & 2)

- Annoying goblin spawn should no longer occur

- Mem's game in Pellham Manor

- Spriggan spell updated


- Food and Encounter length toggles added to Settings spell

- Amended Slaver Camp script to stop it breaking for some people

- Amended Shadow quest 1 so console commands not needed


- Part three of A Forgotten Shadow

- Amended AI packages and scripts for Ganredhel and Alessia Caro

- Changed the Food script to fire every six hours with 1 food/drink each time

- Owner follow AI package prod added

- Disabled check in owner scans

- Amended slavery script so zero chance will stop enslavement


- Hello Sailor fix added

- Dog Days fixes added


- Companions enslaved with player option in spell

- Changed Pellham's maid dress


- Shifty Bert appearance not so predictable

- Goblins hopping around on the road

- Three possibilities at the slaver camp

- Anvil WH conversation check

- Some general cleaning up




Known Issues
1. Mounted guards can have conversation wobbles due to their tendency to teleport back onto their horses.
2. Oblivion pathing is as dumb as a bag of hammers. In case of emergency with the Slave Traders you can press and hold K to get the option to teleport to the camp (and lose any further chance to escape on route)
3. Chain Beasts do not mix well here. Both run against fatigue and clash horribly.
4. Glenvar Castle addon causes terrain glitch. Better Cities and the like may have minor glitches somewhere.
5. Realistic Hatred causes Justicar to go mad.
6. Accessing enslaved companions inventory can cause game lock.

7. Deadly Reflexes will cause you to be enslaved as it sets you unconscious while the animation plays.

8. Reloading from slavery can mean still not having control. Tip from Mem:

"Reloading a non-enslaved save after being enslaved and not having control? Try this and see if it clears it up-Enter a menu (tab, f1, f2, f3, or f4) and hold right control key for a moment. Exit menu and see if that does the trick". Holding right control in game should reset you now.

You should never lose a quest item with this mod. Tamago items will also stay in place. The bag still has a bug that will occasionally lose all items. I am still trying to resolve this.

This is my first attempt at proper scripting (its a mess I know) so apologies if this messes up any saves, causes bugs, starts WW3, etc...

* The management reserves the right to take it on board, ignore, implement or get really jealous they did not think of it first


Old Thread: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/9680-player-slave-encounters-version-063-updated-10-mar-13/

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Lozeak mentions upgrading OBSE to 21 has sorted the issue for him:

"After playing with mods and such I installed OBSEV21 and it fixed the sleep encounter ^^


can get obsev21 from here


which is from here http://www.saebel.ne.../sdrInstall.php"


Riggswolfe amended his Pluggy to fix it

Pointer from NightWynd

"try deleting the .pluggy file associated to your last save, in your Oblivion saves folder."


WappyOne's Rapers ties into this so you could play with the two in your load order as a thought.


I am unable to determine anything wrong with the script code but still looking



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"I'm having an issue with the sleep encounters, basically everything works fine with other encounters, but the game freezes on a second loading screen following the sleep."


"At what location did you sleep? In an Inn, bedroll in a town, in the wilds, playerhouse, etc.

This can help folks narrow down what is trying to load that causes your freeze.



In Anvil and Bruma on the added bedrolls.
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Ichabod, your mod is awesome and it is fantastic that it has come this far! Like many other players, my character in Oblivion has completed pretty much everything there is to do - but this mod allows for some unlimited fun and i'm sure we're all truly grateful for that, so Thankyou!

If you are still thinking about development, I leave here a humble idea for some other encounter you could consider:


- The player being renowned warrior and having amassed such fame from the Oblivion crysis around Cyrodiil (quest revolving around this theme) etc., once captured, could be led to a slave auction (maybe some remote outlaw town?) She would be sought out by some royalty desperate to own such a person for himself and to feed his personal fame and financial interests among aristocracy.

The player could continue to develop into some sort of personal bodyguard with other "tasks" of course.



I realise this does resemble Tea Party, but I think it could have however a more in-depth story driven quest leading to a progressive release of the slave as the master would trust the player more and more as deeds are accomplished for him until maybe a multi possibility ending :)?

Anyway... just an idea

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 Ok, that sounds like perhaps a missing or miss placed mesh from the whorehouse.

I would suggest taking the meshes and textures from the addons/download and re-dropping them into the proper data/ folders.

Hopefully that will get you past that second screen crash.



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Load Order

Active Mod Files:


00 Oblivion.esm

01 DibellasWatch.esm

02 Windfall.esm

03 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed.esm

04 Francesco's Leveled Creatures-Items Mod.esm [Version 5.0]

05 Francesco's Optional New Items Add-On.esm [Version 5.0]

06 Cobl Main.esm [Version 1.72]

07 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esm [Version 1.35Beta]

08 Mart's Monster Mod.esm [Version 3.8b1]

09 FCOM_Convergence.esm [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]

0A Kvatch Rebuilt.esm

0B x117race.esm

0C Chanpon.esm

0D HorseCombatMaster.esm

0E Lovers with PK.esm

0F LoversCreature.esm

10 Younger Hotter NPC's v1.0.esp [Version 1.0]

11 Unofficial Oblivion Patch.esp [Version 3.4.2]

12 UOPS Additional Changes.esp

13 DLCShiveringIsles.esp

14 Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch.esp [Version 1.5.1]

++ USIPS Additional Changes.esp

15 Francesco's Creatures and Items Resources.esp [Version 5.0]

16 Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Bosses.esp [Version 5.0]

17 Francesco's Optional Chance of Stronger Enemies.esp [Version 5.0]

18 Francesco's Optional Chance of More Enemies.esp [Version 5.0]

19 Francesco's Optional Leveled Guards.esp [Version 5.0]

++ FCOM_Francescos.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]

++ FCOM_FrancescosItemsAddOn.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]

1A FCOM_FrancescosNamedBosses.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]

1B Natural_Weather_HDR_with_darker_Nights_by_Max_Tael_RD.esp

1C Natural_Water_by_Max_Tael.esp

1D 1em_GiveAGift.esp [Version 1.2]

1E Lyn-StoriesFromTheSeaMod.esp [Version 1.0.]

1F Enhanced Economy.esp [Version 5.4.3]

20 DarNifiedUI Config Addon.esp

21 Spell Delete And Item Remove.esp

22 Streamline 3.1.esp

23 Map Marker Overhaul.esp [Version 3.9.3]

24 Map Marker Overhaul - SI additions.esp [Version 3.9.3]

25 DLCHorseArmor.esp

26 DLCHorseArmor - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.7]

27 DLCOrrery.esp

28 DLCOrrery - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.5]

29 DLCMehrunesRazor.esp

2A DLCMehrunesRazor - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.0.6]

++ MaleBodyReplacerV5.esp

2B VipCxj_HighHeels.esp

++ BladeofWoeReplacer9Tongues.esp

2C Drake Knight Armor and Weapons v1.0.esp

2D Dread Knight Armor.esp

2E homura outfit HGEC.esp

2F Lady Apella.esp

++ DMRA BBB Complete Clothing and Armor Replacer.esp

30 Cobl Glue.esp [Version 1.72]

31 Cobl Si.esp [Version 1.63]

32 Bob's Armory Oblivion.esp

33 FCOM_BobsArmory.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]

34 Loth's Blunt Weapons for Npcs.esp

++ FCOM_LothsBluntWeapons.esp [Version 0.9.9]

35 Oblivion WarCry EV.esp [Version 1.09]

36 FCOM_WarCry.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8b1]

37 Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul.esp [Version 1.35Beta]

38 FCOM_Convergence.esp [Version 0.9.9Mb8b1]

39 FCOM_RealSwords.esp [Version 0.9.9MB8]

++ Mart's Monster Mod - Less Bone Loot.esp [Version 3.8b1]

3A Mart's Monster Mod - Dungeons of MMM.esp [Version 3.8b1]

3B Mart's Monster Mod - Hunting & Crafting.esp [Version 3.7b7]

3C Assassin Tripwires.esp

3D BrotherhoodRenewed.esp [Version 1.1.2]

3E DibellasWatchAdditions.esp

3F EM_RedRoseManor.esp [Version 2.0]

40 Abriael_Human.esp

41 Fighters Guild Quests.esp

42 GoldenCrest.esp

43 House Valranis.esp

44 HTBMondsteinShop.esp

45 Kvatch Rebuilt.esp

46 Kvatch Rebuilt - Oblivion XP Patch.esp

++ Kvatch Rebuilt - OOO Compatibility.esp

47 Kvatch Rebuilt - Leveled Guards - FCOM.esp

48 Mages Guild Quests.esp

49 Tavern-Goers 2.esp

4A TinyHouse.esp

4B COBLaddonTinyHouse.esp

4C Tona's_ModsStore.esp

4D Trashdog's SPB Heavy AB Shop.esp

4E Vampire Hunting - Order of the Virtuous Blood.esp

4F VHBloodlines 1.2.esp [Version 1.5.6]

50 Windfall.esp

51 BrumaGuildReconstructed.esp [Version 1.0.1]

52 Knights.esp

53 Knights - Unofficial Patch.esp [Version 1.1.2]

++ DMRA BBB Knights of the Nine Replacer.esp

54 MannimarcoRevisited.esp

55 Colourwheels Sexy Tavern HGEC.esp

56 Colourwheels Sexy Skyrim Outpost HGEC.esp

57 Colourwheels Sexy Ayelid Shrine.esp

58 bartholm.esp

59 bartholm - EE patch.esp [Version 4.2]

5A HUD Status Bars.esp [Version 5.3.2]

5B GuildAdvancement.esp

5C Alternative Beginnings.esp [Version 1.4]

5D RealisticHealth.esp

5E GalerionUnarmoredAcrobatics.esp

5F BudongsNarcolepsySpell.esp

60 MadCompanionshipSpells.esp [Version 2.5]

61 MCS extension.esp

62 SetBody.esp

63 SupremeMagicka.esp [Version 0.90b]

64 SM_ShiveringIsles.esp [Version 0.90]

++ SM_COBL.esp [Version 0.90]

65 SM_EnchantStaff.esp [Version 0.90]

++ SM_Scrolls.esp [Version 0.90]

++ SM_SigilStone.esp [Version 0.90]

66 MidasSpells.esp

67 DRSplatter.esp

68 HumantouchNPC.esp

69 SpecialAbilityAndBadStatus.esp

6A Oblivion XP.esp

6B Oblivion XP - OOO.esp

++ Specialanims.esp

6C DiabloEF 6 in 1.esp

6D CuteElf11.esp [Version 1.2]

6E CuteElf11 Blue Portal Bug-Fix Patch.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Disable BandBlindMask.esp

6F Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Sheogorath Eye.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Vanilla Race.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Hair Modules.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged Eye Modules.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Merged RoseSims Hair Modules.esp

++ x117 Merged SKSRENs Hair Modules.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed CustomRace.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Chocolate Elves.esp

70 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Ashara's Sirens and Tritons.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed Nec Mystic High Elf Remake.esp

71 Beautiful People 2ch-Ed MS Elves - NoSc.esp

++ Beautiful People 2ch-Ed ENG Race.esp

72 x117race.esp

++ x117Race ENG Race.esp

73 Lop-ears Elf.esp

74 StrangersRefine.esp

75 1em_Vilja.esp [Version 4.04]

76 ViljainRedRoseManor.esp [Version 1.2]

77 Dairanath Avari - male Companion.esp

78 Universitum Arcanorum.esp

79 DeadlyReflex 6 - Combat Moves.esp

++ Deadly Reflex 6 - HeX NifSE Patch.esp

++ SM_DeadlyReflex.esp [Version 0.90]

7A Cobl Silent Equip Misc.esp [Version 01]

7B Birthsigns Reimagined.esp

7C SPB Heavy Tweaked Amazon Armors 2.0.esp

7D Merged Clothing and Equipment Plugin.esp

7E Magic Spell Perks.esp

7F Clean Spellbook.esp [Version 2.0.3]

80 Forbidden.esp

81 Throne Armor.esp

82 Bashed Patch, 0.esp

83 LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP.esp

84 LoversVoiceSSPplus.esp

85 PlayerSlaveEncounters_v0.63.esp

86 LoversRaperS.esp

87 LoversBed.esp

88 Lovers with PK.esp [Version 96]

89 LoversBitch.esp

8A LoversCreature.esp

8B LoversAdultYield.esp

8C LoversMagic.esp

8D LoversClubCats.esp

8E LoversClubCatsSx.esp

8F LoversSlaveTrader.esp

90 LSTBravilUnderground.esp

91 LoversImmoralSisters.esp

92 LoversImmoralGuards.esp

93 LoversHooker.esp [Version 2.2]

94 LoversAdultPlayPlusforSSP_HookerPatch.esp

95 LoversPayBandit.esp

96 LoversTrueCrimeEx.esp

97 RMDailyIncomeV2.esp

98 LoversSituations.esp

99 LoversMB2.esp

9A Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp

9B LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp

9C Lovers3dorgasm.esp

9D LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp


I can't seem to get the sleep encounter to work properly. I'm currently trying at the Bruma added sleep roll, I sleep for one hour the normal loading screen fills, then I get a dark screen for a second and then another load screen pops up nearly filled and frozen in place. Nothing else occurs after that. I'm assuming that is Hello Sailor attempting to load yet nothing happens. The game doesn't CTD, it just hangs there. I've moved it above and below RapersS, which is the latest Shadowrunner's. I'm using Rev96 of LPK, tried updating to OBSE 21, and am using Pluggy Dev 132. The files are in their correct folders and I'm at a loss.


One thing though, when I was using the _HUD addition to my Pluggy dll nothing happened at all, since I reverted it to the default name, I've been getting the second loading screen which in my mind is progress! :D Pretty long-winded as I am not good at explaining myself so I apologize.

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I've encountered the same problem as Contessa, however for me it's been with any time I go from enslavement back to a prior save. So it works once, but then it fails, stuck with the almost full load bar.


The real reason I wanted to post, however, is to ask for an alternative to the mini game at the start of the brothel line, even just the option to use different keys (why not WASD?). I've got a strange problem with Oblivion (it appears to only be Oblivion) where about half my keyboard doesn't seem to be 'right'. i'm not expecting anyone here to fix this, as it's not something that specific to this mod, so don't worry about that. I've looked into it, using a key viewer and comparing to various charts, and it should all be working correctly, but in Olivion it just doesn't line up right. As a result, my 'O' and 'P' keys ('I' works fine), even though all the diagnostics come out clean, give me a fail on the quest. It'd be nice to have some alternative way to do it.

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Hi Contessa,

It is a puzzle why so much problem with this sleep thing.

If you are sure you have meshes and such in the right place, you might go through Ichabods post number 3 above.

Then if you want to try with load order: Maybe put it between LoversBitch and LoversCreatures. It seems that gregathits' recomended load order has the bashed patch pretty low, but I really do not know.



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I've been doing the Reluctant maid part 1, and I've been trying to find a way to get set free for close too 3 hours now. And so far, nothing.

I've tried waiting it out (I got the counter to 59 without using the command to increase the count), I also tried using the counter. (pushing the counter to upwards of 90, to 2000 :()

Nothing seems to be working, it just goes in an endless cycle - make food, go to bed, rest the night. Rinse, repeat.

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I had some trouble with the sleep encounters too. I added some "printc" lines to the code so I could see how far it was getting, and it started working. That wasn't enough of a change to fix any script-related problems. Maybe saving, quitting the game, and reloading solved it, or maybe it didn't compile right before. :unsure:  


This is a bit off-topic, but what body mod are you using in the pic in the first post?





I'm not sure this will help, but try waiting by your master while he's eating for about 2 minutes (don't press "T" to wait.) He might come and talk to you when he's done.

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WindShadow: At least you are working now. It just needed a kick in the pants to get it moving. :)

Not sure what body type that is. It is Jay's first screenshot from the previous PSE thread. I could do with a couple more if anyone has any good ones about. My screenshots always corrupt for some reason I cannot be bothered to look at. ;)


Eternally_Dark: Waiting will not advance the quest (You can wait for a couple of hours when he is just ambling around). Just stand around until Pellham is up and moving around the house (or he will just keep doing his previous activity until his timer runs out). Once you have served food, he should eat for a minute or two and then stand up to wander around the house. That is a good time to approach him. If he is being a couch potato and not getting up after two minutes eating try EVP on him.


LTD: Make sure you hold the key when the message appears and release when it vanishes. That could help. You could pop open the ESP in CS and exchange the keys needed in your version. You need to replace IsKeyPressed X with the relevant value (lines 286 to 310 in the Hello Sailor script). Change 23, 24 & 25 to 30, 31 & 32 for ASD (http://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php/IsKeyPressed3). You need to amend the script IchHangingGame if you want to change the message as well.


Shinobi: Thank you. :)

Your idea sounds similar to the ideas I am having for one of the future encounters. I had not thought of using the player's hero/villain status (or lack of) in there though. I want to do an encounter with several possibilities on the player's fate depending on the choices made. Ending up as a low stable/farm slave for being troublesome, a pampered (mostly) bedroom slave, a champion/lover, a housemaid or perhaps the mistress' favourite ponygirl (if I can get it to work with a rider). Potential for more romantic restraint and less brutality. Need to find a good spot for it as I need a sizeable estate to work with (similar to Lord Drad's at least).


Good to hear it is working now SoulDead. Grab the new, better organised files Contessa and let me know if you are still having issues. :)

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I've encountered the same problem as Contessa, however for me it's been with any time I go from enslavement back to a prior save. So it works once, but then it fails, stuck with the almost full load bar.


Using the console to initiate it works for me. I think that the issue that triggers the glitch is teleporting the player right after the sleep screen ends. Adding an encounter before the PC teleports to the WH might fix the glitch.

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I got it working by moving my bashed patch to the bottom and the PlayerSlave esp right above it, my problem seems to stem from this cluster of mods:


99 LoversMB2.esp

9A Lovers3dorgasmMB2.esp

9B LoversIdleAnimsPriority.esp

9C Lovers3dorgasm.esp

9D LoversAnimObjectsPriority.esp


Putting it above any of these causes it to stop working and repeating the problem I outlined above. Not sure what, but I may have narrowed it down? :)



I'd like to add that my "fix" caused the 3dorgasm animation during my hanging to be a shower of purple boxes whereas it is normal everywhere else. Not gamebreaking, but kinda funny. Was that spoon used to eat some fruity pebbles beforehand? :)


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Just tried the new version, think I understand the sleep encounter failure now. You have to save your game (or just make an autosave, works too) close the game & load up that save.


I've found 1 problem with hello sailor, it seems there's an invisible customer. At first I thought it was a graphic delay until I can see the invisible area where the customer should be displaying the "customer"


So it seems sex been clocked down to 1 hour ingame instead of 2 right?


Be back later with more info.

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I will try popping in a timer to stop Hello Sailor kicking off immediately after sleep. Give it a couple of seconds to sort itself out.


Not sure what could cause this issue in those 5 Contessa, but handy to know. :)


Yes. The room stage of Hello Sailor has been slightly cut back now (count and time interval).

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I have a new respect for mod makers after downloading the new files, and seeing that the meshes had been downloaded 408 times, the sounds 315 times, and the textures had been downloaded 338 times.  I'm not sure I'd have the patience that you do Ichabod, many thanks for taking your time to help people with their problems.  


I do have a slight suggestion, if the player home gets off the ground, maybe adding some compatibility with Lovers Slave Trader by adding a couple of cells down in the basement.  I do so love some of the ideas you've implemented. your imagination is a great and mighty thing, and I'm sure even if there aren't any cells, I'll be more than happy with the results.

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Love this mod, although I gotta say I've never been able to find lockpicks when I have the minigame set on (with one exception, being the ghost encounter that's part of the sibling rivalry questline). Still, I'm very impressed with everything you've done with this so far. (Including a new ui for the settings, yay!)

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Amazing mod Ich!! Kudos!!...


I have seen this mod since v 0.59... All encounters were fantastically done...The mod however conflicts with better cities on some situations, like for instance the trap door is exactly under ganredhel's building and hence unaccessible. I used TCL to reach the trap door.

I found a workaround for those who are not able to get ganredhel through to the trap door and start the encounter. You need MCS for this. Use MCS follow me on ganredhel, get her through the trap door and wait for like a minute or so.. She will initiate the quest.. if she does not, then punch her or use a spell on her or hit her with a sword and immediately stop attacking (holster your weapon).. She should initiate the quest. 


However I have a suggestion. Ganredhel's potion after the quest (fantastic!!) keeps coming up often and it really affects quests when you have a canine companion around (especially breaking oblivion gates!!). This is further complicated by the "In Heat" crossover in Lovers Bitch...  So could you if possible, set a customisable level for the no of times ganredhel's potion activates itself. That would be great!!..


Also whats the quest count for Hello Sailor & Rough Streets (rough streets went way too long for me). Is there like a no. of sex events that should happen before the encounter completes itself?




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Thank you all. :)


Lancelar: I am still working on the player home idea. It is likely to be a fairly standard lower class home out in the woods. I may add a cellar and some cell like area to it if it fits the scenario (which is wildly varying in my mind at the moment). :)


Schnookums: If you are not certain that your lockpick code is running, open the console every so often (particularly when something happens be it sex, sold, whored). You should see variables showing lockpick chance, escape chance and fate in there.


Ruroken: Out of curosity, how far is the trapdoor under the house? Just wondering if moving it a length or so back would bring it into the open.

LB and Ganredhel's potion effect sounds unplayable thinking about it. I will look at adding a variable to it (or something to make the game playable with both on). In the mean time the chance is located in the main IchSlaveQuest script (line 106) if you want to edit in the CS.

Hello Sailor has been reduced to 15 and the timer between customers dropped as well to speed that up while still maintaining the atmosphere of the encounter.

Which Rough Streets do you mean? There are a few mini-encounters under that one.

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 Yes, I believe in the main quest script, a new companion is added to the playerfaction at rank 1



 If you have the time and can:

 If you could let Ichabod see a couple of screenshots around the back of the house, it might help him possibly see a good spot.



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