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Player Slave Encounters (Updated Oct 18) V0.72

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About This File

All the meshes, textures and sounds required for Player Slave Encounters plus the ESP


External links:

ESP: http://www.mediafire.com/download/077kv07x79lngp7/PlayerSlaveEncounters_V0.69.esp

Meshes http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361789151

Sounds http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361790336

Textures http://www.uploadmb....p?id=1361793003

Patch http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3bk1t7xv3oxnzhh

DMRA Boobie Stocks is optional for those who use it


ESP updated 23 Aug 14 (place this in your Data\ folder)

Meshes uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Meshes\ folder)

Textures uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Textures\ folder)

Sounds uploaded 11 Mar 13 (place these in your Data\Sound\ folder)

Patch uploaded 27 Apr 13

Your textures, sounds and meshes should be in the base folder not sub-folders. (e.g. Data\Meshes\ not Data\Meshes\Meshes\)



Gaebrial's ESPs:

- Merge the dialogue options from LoversPayBandit and PSE. It expects PSE to be before LoversPayBandit in the load order, and should go just after the latter.

- Merge the appearance changes to the Hackdirt residents and brethren from HackdirtAlive with the responsibility changes from PSE. Doesn't actually have PSE as a master, because they are all vanilla NPCs. In fact, it may not even be required.

- Fix a landscape tear near to Lord Pelham's estate in Pell's Gate caused by having LostSpires loaded as well as PSE. (Lost Spires is not needed for PSE)



Oldwolf58's Fix ESPs (6-8-14):

With Ichabod's permission I'm posting my fix to the V0.691 esp. This fix is for the Dog Days quest " I have no dialogue" bug with Gendrahel. Included is a patch esp for those of you who have LoversBitch installed and prevents all the dogs in Player Slave Encounters from becoming companions, which in most cases will cause a serious problem with the PSE quests.


V0.691 is the last version I created.

V0.694 and the LB patch is now here courtesy of Siskin

What's New in Version V0.72


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