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    I'm a rather large girl that likes games, wrestling and sports. Strange, eh? Not really strange, I just don't have anything to put here. I'm not very interesting I'm afraid. Sowwy... oh wow, that was so cute it made me double-take! Eeps... I can make that sound in real life. Eeps. It sounds like a mouse thing. I tend to make it when something catches my fancy. I also ramble in Bio boxes that have no place for rambling!

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  1. Gameplay released today: Looks a bit questionable to me in some areas. Weapon sheathing is not thought of often but in a roleplaying game I don't want to be wandering around with my weapon out all the time so I hope it just wasn't shown rather than not being in. Gameplay seems a bit on the slow side but that could be a good thing depending on how battle works Unreal Engine 4 I keep seeing. Is that moddable in any extensive way? I dunno.
  2. I think it's salvageable... by modders if we ever get an offline mode (somehow... ). There's a really good base to work with in the world map and interior areas. Exploration is fantastic but the rest is absolute garbage. I'd say the devs could save it but they'll have to actually work hard to add interesting content and this is Bethesda so we can be sure how that'll go. Overall I'm enjoying the game and I think a lot of the hate and complaints are getting overblown but it does have problems.
  3. Thanks. Yeah she's a bit forgettable just in terms of how little she's used but I thought she was a cool character from what we saw. Good luck on your mod though!
  4. Thank you for both the like on my tools / Recipes post and for following my profile! You have a cute Avatar ~^.^~
    I cannot express how much it truely means to me!

    Here's one especially for you, because you were my first ❤️ (follower <3)

  5. ~Old World Croissants (Cherry)~
    1/4 cup warm water (no hotter than 80º or it will kill the yeast).
    1 envelope yeast (that = 1 tablespoon).
    1/8 teaspoon salt.
    1 teaspoon sugar.


    Add the salt and sugar to the warm water in a small cup or bowl.
    Stir a little with your fingertip to ensure that the water is not too hot.
    Add yeast. Stir with fingertip to moisten all the yeast.
    Set aside.


    Slowly heat 1/2 Cup Milk to warm (no hotter than 80º).


    Dice 1/2 JAR Cherries (probably about 15 Cherries. I use the sweet 'ice cream' cherries).


    Put 2 Cups Flour (any kind) in a large bowl.
    Add milk, 4 tablespoons Olive Oil, the yeast mixture you just made (it should be foamy <3), an aditional 1/8 teaspoon Salt and 1 teaspoon Sugar AND The Diced Cherries (or Any fruit or anything really, like m&ms tehe!).


    Kneed and Kneed and Kneed until you have a nice ball.
    Massage with Olive Oil.
    Place oiled dough ball into the bowl you used to make it in.

    Cover bowl with a clean towel.
    Set aside *For 4 (Four) HOURS* to let the dough rise. (You CAN let the dough rise overnight in the refridgerator though =D ).


    PLAY VIDEO GAMES! (while dough rises hehehe).


    Lightly flour counter top.
    Roll out dough.
    Sprinkle counter top with just enough flour to keep the dough from sticking.

    Cut dough into triangles.
    Roll triangles up from wide edge to tip.

    Arrange on a cookie sheet (the pan does not need oil or spray beause of the oil in the dough).
    *you can let them rise for 20 minutes or 1/2 an hour if you want SUPER-PUFFY rolls :3


    Bake at 400º for 12 to 14 minutes until they are golden brown.


    Enjoy! <333


    *if you want to make them 'Old World', you fold An Entire stick of Softend Butter up inside your rolled out dough. Fold it, roll it, Fold it, roll it, Fold it, roll it.
    Over and over. Scraping the butter and any sticky bits of dough into the pile as you Fold it and roll it.

    Cut into croissants and bake as above.

    That's it!


    p.s. Not as an after thought, but as a bonus, my mom likes to roll up those mini hot dogs in the dough x) ❤️

  6. Very interested. Amorous Adventures is one of my favorite mods. Straight sex gets kinda boring after awhile so if you can pull this off that'd be great. One person I'd recommend even though she isn't a companion is Glory from the Railroad. She doesn't have that much content but there is one mission where you meet up with her by accident and do a job together, could be a nice starting point for more. If you ever venture into F/F territory (meaning encounters designed for it) I'd suggest her. For purely selfish reasons of course.
  7. Been playing it since launch. The saddest part to me is that there's a skeleton of a really good Fallout game in here if they had just stuck to what they know and made it single player. The world is cool, the characters and groups are interesting but you can't shake the feeling that you arrived after all the interesting stuff happened. The stuff you'd want to see in a Fallout set SO close to the war... it's already happened and you missed it.
  8. She's lovely and it's a shame how they treated you. Thanks for sharing!
  9. Thanks for these tips. I foolishly updated and updated everything I could to "catch-up" after not playing awhile and my obsession with keeping things tidy means I can't go back so I wait. I'll remember next time... of course I always say that but this time it's different!
  10. I'm not sure this is the place to post this but Boris just updated the Skyrim SE ENB Binaries again this time he's added subsurface scattering. http://enbdev.com/mod_tesskyrimse_v0343.htm "Added subsurface scattering same as in mod for old Skyrim, but because don't have albedo it look a bit different. Some minor bugfixes"
  11. Not so much pisses me off but makes me sad is that Bethesda and Valve's introduction of paid mods into the overall modding community toxified it in a way that I don't think it will ever recover. It just feels less open and less apt to share now. Even though they took it away long ago, the Creation Club "replacement" is in a similar vein. I've already felt the effects as a user with someone taking down NSFW work mods they made because of the Creation Club involvement. I don't fault people for wanting to make money on their mods but in my opinion it goes against what free and open modding was al
  12. Looks really good. I just finished setting up 1.1 so I guess it's back to Bodyslide. ;P I hope you fill out your mods used category someday as your shots are lovely and I'm curious as to what you use. Lovely preset, quickly became my favorite after I saw it in my game.
  13. I was having issues loading saves as well, it would CTD every time I tried until I removed SKEE from my SKSE plugins. I also reverted to the XP32 4.20 skeleton and the crashes went away. It seems there's an issue with one or both of the latest SKEE plugins and the newest Skeleton, I am unsure which but once I did that everything is going well. I'm not sure what the ramifications are long-term but I know I can load my saves now.
  14. How does conflict and problem installation resolution compare to Mod Organizer? The fact that I can simply uncheck a mod on a whim with zero repercussions and no having to clean out a data folder is a huge bonus to me in MO. I may wait until/if Vortex is released officially and gets a plugin to have the same VFS as MO. If it's anything like NMM I want nothing to do with it. Edit: If I come across as surly I'm not trying to. MO ticked all the boxes I could want in a mod manager but I'm concerned about the future of MO2 even though it's still being developed. Vortex has
  15. CBP Physics as well. I wonder if this is a fight "we" as a community cannot win. Maybe we should decide "That's it! We're stopping this train here. Everything will be for this version from now on."
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