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  1. Two points i notice: endif - "EndIf ;Making stuff end" and the one above it looks to be duplicates. If statements- (ref.- https://cs.elderscrolls.com/index.php?title=If) example: If (Player.GetItemCount Apple >= 2, Player.GetItemCount FireSalts >=1) If Player.GetItemCount Apple >= 2 && Player.GetItemCount FireSalts >= 1 ElseIf (Player.GetItemCount Apple < 2 Player.GetItemCount FireSalts<1) ElseIf Player.GetItemCount Apple < 2 || Player.GetItemCount FireSalts < 1 Mem
  2. Review the install instruction in OBSE Elys Pluggy README. "If you have a Pluggy mod that uses HUD functionality, see the warning below. If you decide to enable the HUD functionality, change the Pluggy dll file name from "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll" to "OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll". (Only change the .dll file name, leave the .dlx name the way it is!)" May I suggest- Delete OBSE_Elys_Pluggy.dll and OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dlx Mem
  3. Harvest [Flora] - Shivering Isles looks like the seventh one, but I do not see DLCShiveringIsles.esp. Also, you may wish to update Harvest [Flora] version. After any changes you make to your load order, it is best to start a new game to test and make sure it is working correctly. Mem
  4. Providing your current full load order (as described HERE ) will help us to help you. The script is from the seventh esm or esp in your load order. Mem
  5. I can not think of one. LoversSSPPlus being for more of a committed relationship, I don't know any for a casual partner (fuckbuddy). Would have to figure out what the important categories are: position preferences, Dom/equal/sub, carefree/prudish, etc. Mem
  6. Insure you have MenuQue.dll and OBSE_Elys_Pluggy_HUD.dll in Data/OBSE/Plugins. If it is not using the ini, you need to check your admin rights. What version of OBSE and Pluggy are you using? When trying version 2, did you note any errors or messages in the console ( tilda key ~ )? Did you try it while standing naked in the waterfront district with max responsibility at 100? Did you ever receive a warning message that you were being stalked? (with warnings toggled on) And double check your load order just in case. Mem
  7. Thanks Dukky, With my older version of 7zip, I had to strip the leading numbers from the split files. 741554800_Childrens of Cyrodiil BSAs.zip.001 Mem
  8. Sorry, but no. Our community will not allow that without Authors permission. Recent Statement Mem
  9. for Personality, it uses xLoversPkrCharacter tokens to count. Count Affect 41 [ I am very kind and graceful. ] 42 [ I am full of vim and vigor. ] 43 [ I tend to hide my real emotions. ] 44 [ I am the instrument of others. ] 45 [ I am young and enjoy a good time. ] 61 [ I know how to act a proper lady. ] 62 [ I live only to serve my masters. ] 63 [ I am a man, cursed to be a women. ] 64 [ I am wise and mature. ] 65 [ I am a servant of The Nine Divines. ] 71 [ I treat people like family. ] 51 [ I am a kind man. ] 52 [ I can be rough and rowdy. ] 53 [ I take things seriously. ] 54 [ I always in control of myself. ] 55 [ I am a cruel man. ] Have the NPC in view and open the console. With mouse, click on the npc. type- removeitemNS xLoversPkrCharacter 100 This should clear any that are already there. Type- additemNS xLoverPkrCharacter 41 Close the console and carry on. Remember that you usually need a very high disposition. I have not tested this myself. Mem
  10. Are there any changes affecting: Function: xLoversRapersInitRape FormID: xx080000 Mem
  11. Here are all three versions without CharGen quest check. Mem LSMnoCheck.7z
  12. I HAVE NO GREETING because i am not a playable race and/or i do not meet the requirements of any valid response to your topic/conversation.
  13. In Blender. Edge subdivide or knife cut, then convert quads to triangles.
  14. If you have not already, you might check this entry discussion in the construction set wiki- DiscussionOfSetFactionRank I have not seen OBSE able to get around this issue. Mem
  15. you should be able to enchant clothes/armor at an Altar of Enchanting with something like Minor Enervation. Join the mage guild to get access to an altar, get hold of some soul stones and know the destruction magics. Mem
  16. two possible options- 1. If rings being invisible is not an issue: Mod: unlimited rings 2.0 auto by Qazaaq Then have your horns be a piece of armor with the body slot set to left or right ring. If you want special powers while wearing the horns (stat bonus, enchantments, etc.), that can be done. 2. Use a setbody mod that you add your unique race shapes to. There is one here on LL in the adult section because it uses nude models instead of default underwear. You can change bodies by casting a spell or set up a quest script that changes it under certain conditions. Mem
  17. Really great playground to explore Rolf. Thanks for sharing. Mem
  18. It's old, like me, and the computer system I made this mod on. For me it was more an issue of how often and how many scripts I could have running. Set it as low as you wish (if I didn't put a hard check in the startup) and if you start having glitches or issues just bump it back up. Mem
  19. In what way would you like to assign each NPC? By a spell or dialog or random choice? With a spell you might be presented with a message box that allows you to pick from the first few available npcs. By dialog could become difficult if npcs are moving in and out of the area. Not impossible but a lot to work with. By random choice you actually would not get to chose but you would be able to observe. This would be like Lovers Orgie. None of the above methods, if scripted correctly, should stop any npc from having sex with PC at a later moment. If there is a mod that has been mentioned that you like but the sex it rape, it could be edited to switch it to consentual. Mem
  20. If something in your questscript -breaks- it will not run again. This can happen without any error messages etc. Double check all your condition to make sure you are not calling a null object that is not loaded into game yet etc. Mem
  21. In the construction set. You use these resources to create and place the items where you wish.
  22. Are you talking about a callback for the sex act? You just need to set up in your questscript to register the function you want to use. In the callback function you are working with references to the male and female. You can check filepath etc. on them. The script shows just some of the things that can be determined in the call back. checks like- if rMale.ModelPathIncludes "\dog\" ; if rMale.IsCreature; if rFemale.GetIsReference Player; GetinFaction etc. can all be done.
  23. It is called a- choke collar Pull the leash and it forces the spikes to press into the neck.
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