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DD Walking anim 'replacer'

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DD Walking anim 'replacer'

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Thanks to @Elsidia's explanation on changing DD cuff animations, and messing with my own, I had an idea.

That idea, is this.
Simpler than I realised, or I'd have done it a long time ago.

Y'know that fucking hop you do with leg-cuffs?
This undoes that, and you revert to walking normally.

I know I'm not the only one that annoyed, and I figured "why the fuck not?" and upload it as an easy replacement, rather than steps to do it yourself.

ESL flagged, because fuck using an entire plugin slot on this...


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23 minutes ago, xXRD88Xx said:

so by by Walking normally you mean just the simple Walking anim??

if so i will test it bc the bunny hop is annoying for me too.


Main downside being, some shit like the "restraint dresses" have the 'skirt' clip, due to being quite literally, half each of the 'skirt', stuck to a leg.
I can live with that far easier than that goddamn hop...



cadia broke before the guard did btw:)

You're goddamn right it did! :D

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6 hours ago, nitemares said:

works pretty good!


That silly bunny hop was one fo the major reasons I hated using FO4DD... 


I would disable every item that caused the bunny hop... 

@SayKoRn mentioned doing that as well. It's the main reason I'd walk around in 3rd person if I had any leg stuff/the 'restraint dresses' on.

5 hours ago, izzyknows said:

Well shite! That was simple as hell!

Always hated that hopping... Thanks to you and @Elsidia


Yeah, I didn't expect any solution to be quite that simple.

Gunna poke about and see if I could do this and also keep the standing anims [or just change the walking anim back to vanilla, so this method isn't necessary], but I'm lazy and not terribly optimistic.
Still, this works nicely enough :D

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Heh! )) I din't expect that my explanation turn in that way)

I like hopping) It's sooooooo helpless and horny.


At this moment i work on prevent bug with disable hopping when you put on other legs stuff with hopping and then when you take it off it's change back to walking) With player my tests show that my cure works excellent but with NPC... It's terrible.

At least i recognize that in original script if you are in legs cuffs and put on nipple clamps legs animations drops) The same if you take it off in correct way. At this moment i fix all those bugs and NPC equip to correct animations is more easy as hell. But my new modifications make new bug - if you take off items in wrong way there is big chance that NPC stuck in empty animations. I think that is impossible to fix but i still think about it) But don't worry i work only for private use because i fix and add many things to dd scripts)

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2 hours ago, Elsidia said:

I see in the youtube video how restrained legs animation looks in Skyrim. Oh my... that's a very very hot. In Fallout 4 it never happen... I understand why Kimy return to Skyrim)

It certainly could be done in FO4.  Unfortunately FO4 doesn't hold as much interest for a lot of modders as Skyrim does.

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21 minutes ago, Elsidia said:

Need good FO4 animator. But i just can't leave a battle pose by script - if you are in that pose restraint animations not applied. And if you have restrained arms you itself even can't exit that pose..

To exit battle pose try:



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19 hours ago, EgoBallistic said:

To exit battle pose try:

Thanks for help it's work)

I try to find in google, ck wiki, ask in some forum topics but with no results)

Of course i can't activate idle compilator says that stPSheathe isn't valid. Somehow compilator ignores first symbol '1' I create new idle property in dd library and then it's work)

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18 hours ago, EgoBallistic said:

It certainly could be done in FO4.  Unfortunately FO4 doesn't hold as much interest for a lot of modders as Skyrim does.

Half my problem is understanding how things interact, and where the thing I'm after is buried. Particularly it seems, animation-related shit.
Otherwise, I'd adjust the script/anim to keep the stationary pose, and drop it on movement, rather than removing it entirely. :P

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2 hours ago, Nebuchadnezzer2 said:

Particularly it seems, animation-related shit.

Animations, animations, animations) I stuck in dd thing. Strange but when you equip say like nipple clamps on NPC in dd scripts - it calls removespell somehow. And because of nipple clamps don't have a animations it's drops all equipped anims on NPC. I rework remove spell procedure now it's check what types of restraints NPC have on and rebuild anims. Unfortunately it's slows remove spells process and you mostly see previous animation after remove a device and then it changes to new. But now if NPC stuck in wrong animations only thing what you need is equip nipple clamps and anim removes to normal) And i spent about 3 hours try to understand why my script works wrong - i change it then back to previous but with no results. And then by accident i found where is error. Nowhere... only Fallout calls new function before last function is complete and use wrong variables. When i change utility.wait(0.2) to utility.wait(0.3) - my script works) Silly Betsheda)

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