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  1. Yes you can, but without protect can happen "bad" things)
  2. With the same client press second time solicitation and now dialogue changes to "how you like my services" or something similar. And after that is chance that clients pays for your service.
  3. Ok. Then if i understand correct you like walk by feet instead of travel with carriage?
  4. clients love latex) just do solicitation in inn. if arousal too low do dance and try again. while hulda protect you there no guard penalty.
  5. There is two types of gag: gag and "hard talk gag". I don't know difference in original DD gag talking, but hard gag talk have DD keyword hard gag talk. Also Couriers in chains gag have this keyword too. But anyway it's allow talk. But gag talk successful result is hard maybe need 20 attempts to got success. But it's not impossible. Maybe you have mod what don't like this keyword. I just do guess... Or maybe you don't have patience click dialog 20 times to break trough hard talking ability? UPD: even in quest dialogue dollmaker recommends for you use carriages if i remember correctly.
  6. Mostly i not touch this too. I change misc. to inflate a body, make some traps quest be more often to make game a more hard and something like that. I only take off robbery, weapons drop to ground, add combat surrender and and minimize hp thread to hit it. So gag i don't touch and complete couriers in chains only by carriages. Maybe you have some mod what blocks DCL gag talk ability.
  7. Stimpack remove a rad? First time a hear about it. Check wikipedia what does stimpack. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Stimpak_(Fallout_4) Or you probably have a mod what add this to stimpack and then probably there is mod conflict.
  8. Yes it gives a reward) But not that reward about you think)
  9. I guess. You use 3BBB body. Open 3BBB MCM and change physics settings to compatible to Devious devices. 3BBB body uses biped slot by default, what is used in DD for clitoral piercings. When you change it in 3BBB, you can use piercings too.
  10. You can use carriage with gag because of DCL gag speech option. You have by default 75% chance that you trigger DCL dialogue and 50% chance if your are success. only some gag is big and somehow chance is lower - because of stupid Skyrim randomizer. After 10 -20 attempts it will trigger normal talk with carriage. If you don't want that, then change DCL MCM settings to 100% anywhere. I have 4ours from beginning of game, i'm 37 (???) level or 27 ) Use about 3 - 4 of it but in mostly is useless thing) UpD: It's drops from Boss chests or as reward in Whip and Chain inn
  11. As sexlab not updated to new version then no, not fixed. To increase a speed need open console and when you see on left upper corner sex animation name, exit from console and sex starts
  12. In new version in scripts are bug: in place where need start rubber doll quest, starts slave gag quest. That means in DCL 9.0 never will start rubber doll quest. I don't know @Kimy, this is bug or rubber doll quest is disabled specially. Script dcur_library Procedure dcur_selectevents() if chance < dcumenu.rubberdollweight if etl.dcur_startslavegagquest() processfollowers(destroykeys = false) return true elseif dcumenu.standardweight > 0.0 dostandardevent() ret
  13. Build in bodyslide EboniteCatSuitStraitjacket It's from DD 5.1
  14. Wrong build in bodyslide If you equip menu and after equip catsuit shows as equipped and for unequipp opens menu then 200% bodyslide. If not shows menu: broken dd scripts, broken rendered device into inventory.
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