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  1. First option does only that device hidder use armor hider without reequip slot. Second option is device hidder slot - if you disabled it - then no DD items will be hide. This armor uses 56 slot - this is chastity belt slot - return Item hider slot to default value and try to disable in body 32 section chastity belt (56) - none - then probably your armor not be hide. But also if you wear a body armor and DD chastity belt - it not hide too.
  2. It's DD 5.0 - 7 is sevenzip file extension. Like myarchive.7z Also Slavers outfits is take from DD 5.0 Extension. There is link to tutorial how to install and batch build outfits into MO 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99DCEHpuZa0 If you do all right with bodyslide installation and build those into mo then you need open bodyslide using mo and select DD Framework CBBE SE group, check checkbox - build morphs, select your body preset - check any of dd bodyslide item if there is show up your preset - and then click batch build button. There select noHDT if you don't h
  3. Sounds like you run Bodyslide wrong (not build all DD items, not build DCL items, run bodyslide from wrong location, bodyslide is outdated, DCL bodyslide presets is outdated etc.) Can you name a invisible armor perfect fit name or even better this item console id? Or at least Skyrim screenshot where i can see name of equipped armor? Also need version of DD, DCL and bodyslide. Then i check this armor and say what bodyslide file needs build.
  4. Ok later when i have mood, i will check a chain what makes appear this message: Captured princess quest, check burned corpse, go to Helgen keep and rescue Chloe, go to spider cave and then read a note and speak with Chloe. Will see if message of cheating appears when try to left spider cave and enter into LAL quest cave cell. UPD: also i not go to Riverwood before this. Probably if you do this it's close LAL cheating problem. I don't have many additional mods: Simple slavery, Devious followers, Laura Bondage shop, Zaz 8. I think no one of those mods not change a Helgen. Later (when w
  5. And how you exit a cave? Exit path is blocked but if you go deeper you got cheating message.
  6. Can share only info what can happen. Mods what use old functions of item equip and remove stop item equipping and removing by scripts. I heard some of Laura bondage shops quests are affected of it. My personal experience: Devious devices equip mod stops working. Technically it's work but full set equipping and unequiping time takes about a 5 - 10 minutes or even more RL time.
  7. Those files are integrated into DD 5.0 SE - it's all in one installation and are available download from this thread first page. You build all items into bodyslide? You don't have any mods what breaks a DDI like no enchantment restriction? (Check troubleshoot page) How you mean this happen? Not works? Technical details? (Item's id, screenshots, how look inventory, interaction menus etc.) I can say i can't start a car. But problem maybe only you forgot check fuel level.
  8. Don't understand you: 1) Pile of ash work only in one direction - you can get into spider cave but can't exit from it. 2) I don't found second pile of ash what can teleport back to Helgen keep. Instead of that there is passage what leads into cave of hadvar quest cave and go into this cave. And when you do - you are teleported back as cheater. 3) I don't say that you can't complete both quests. Only you need do it in right order. 4) I not test it but even i think after that cheater message both quest snot broken. I think, but not test it. To be 100% clear i spea
  9. Version of DLC? In DLC 8.5 and lower this quest works but i see many bug reports in DCL 9.0 beta 1 and upper that this part not work because in Leon's quest script are bug. Can't confirm if it's true. Dawnstar inn
  10. This happen in 100% cases if you after complete DCL "Captured princess" quest go straight to Chloe quest. To avoid it you must first complete quest "Live another life" to save Ralof or Hadvar. And for that you need after complete "Captured princess" enter in Helgen, search a burned corpse, then exit from Helgen and enter in this cave with Chloe quest from another side. Then save Hadvar or Ralof - cave collapses and you escape from cave from the same entry where you get in. Then you can go into Helgen prison or dungeon (never mind how it names) and continue Chloe quest. Then this message
  11. Если просто добавить броню, то FO4Edit выбираем подходящий armor addon, и armor. Копируем эти в свой мод - меняем ниф на новый armor addon, соединяем armor с новым armor addon и в игре можно этот армор отспавнить. Можно еще поменять ground model на свои если их нарисовать в 3dmax. Дальше уже этот армор можно использовать в своем моде или добавить запись конструктора - тогда его можно крафтить в игре на станке, которую мы выбрали. Если хотим DD armor, то надо выбирать дополнительно вместо одного соответствующий ДД тип: (если кляп, то будем копировать кляпы и.т.д.) Здесь особенност
  12. Я не проверял, но знаю, что в моде есть противогаз, который я добавил к своей игре, и звуки вибраторов, которые я тоже использовал) Есть еще вагинальные, анальные затычки с Скайрима, которые не используется и костюм щупальцев.
  13. Больше вроди ничего не надо, еще можно посоветовать Outfit studio, nifscope, blender, online free photo editors (i use photopea) для создавания предметов. На професиальном уровне уже 3DMax with nif plugins( for animations and items with physics), photoshop with dds plugin для текстур (вполне годится и photopea без всяких плигнов)
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