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  1. Keyholder quest must be displayed in quest section what stage is now? Also you can check some variables in console: @zarantha as i know Sasha can't hold your keys. She can only put on you chastity belt and this is her keyholder quest.
  2. You need copy as new record 3 records: 1) inventory device - make new name, also you need change some script variables to make it work and also you can modify or add new variables to make your device custom use: use different keys, lock shield, timed shield and much more. Variables what need to change ASAP or device will not work: deviceInventory - there you must put object of your now copied inventory device deviceRendered - there you must put object of your now copied rendered device (see down in this post) deviceName - string value what uses to name your device in different menus. Full - name : here you must change a name what you see in inventory your device. if not change your device in inventory will have copied name from DD item what you use for that. Optional variables: Scriptname - here you can put your own write script for this device - if you know DD scripts structure you can write your own design and then send to original DD script zadequipscript - it will use all scripts from here but change only a part from your script. deviceKey - here you can change a key what need for unlock. If left none - item not need a key to unlock BaseEscapeChance - % of chance to struggle out - if remove this variable - DD use default variable value CutDeviceEscapeChance - % of chance to success of cut device out - - if remove this variable - DD use default variable value LockPickEscapeChance - % of chance to success lockpick this device CatastrophicFailureChance - % chance of set BaseEscapeChance, CutDeviceEscapeChance, LockPickEscapeChance to zero, if you fail escape from device. deviceQuest - not sure for what it is used but better left as it in. EquipConflictingDevices - array of object of other DD items keywords what conflict with that device. Example: If this device is straitjacket you can put here keyword zad_DeviousSuit and any DD suit can't be put on and remove a straitjacket. EscapeCooldown - time in hours (float variable) what need wait after failed attempt of any type of escape. KeyBreakChance - chance in % of break a key. LockAccessDifficulty - chance in % to fail access keyhole and unlock. Example is there 95 then there is 5% chance that you succesfully unlock a device. Works even if key variable is none. That means if you successfully reach a key hole it's unlocks without any key. LockJamChance - chance in % if you break a lock if fail to unlock with key. Lockpick - lockpick item object what used for lockpick. You can customize to your own item NumberOfKeysNeeded - count of keys how many need to unlock item. If ther is more than one, you need that amount of keys in inventory struggleIdles - object array of struggle animation idles. If you have own animations you can add here. Idle is select by random if there is more than one. struggleIdlesHob - object of array of hobbles - not sure for what is used but definitely for hobble animations. UnlockCooldown - time in hours what need cooldown after failed unlock with key. zad_DD_EscapeCutFailureMSG and others variables with MSG - object of DD messages. You can write own match message and put here. zad_DeviousDevice - here store keyword for that device what is used as main type - it's used in automatically search for rendered device to unlock because be carefully with this keyword. Also it's determine a type of item. zad_DeviousHeavyBondage means that this is yoke or any other heavy bondage device like straitjackets. There is more variables like set shield time or made this device with timed lock or destroy device when it's removed. If i write all here that will be so long post. Also not write about necessary keywords - there is most of necessary keyword if you copy match device. Note - all variables have default value and are used if variable not present into inventory device. 2) rendered device - this is device what looks like a standard armor but this device doesn't have name and don't seen in inventory. Also there you change armor addon for your device. This device form id must be copied into inventory devices match variables - see inventory device description. Also there you need set all biped slots and world models. Note -this biped slot and variable zad_DeviousDevice is used to detec match inventory and rendered device in automatically remove and if you change it then DD scripts can't remove a item automatically. Example - straitjackets have biped slot 32 and keyword zad_DeviousDevice because automatic script can't detect a rendered device because this keyword for remove use different biped slot. At this moment in DD 5.1 this is bug. There is line of DD keywords what is use for determine item type and magical effects. Also here is enchantment if device is need like zadx_EnchHobbleSkirt "Hobble Skirt" [ENCH:0C020736] - for hobble animation. Note keyword zad_lockable is need for script to determine your item for automatically remove like Free me in DCL mod. If this copied item doesn't have this keyword and you want to remove by this option you need add it. This is how it works in DD 5.1 and DCL 9.0 3) Armor addon - the simple armor addon what contains all info about meshes and biped slots. Nothing special in DD aspect. You can even left original collar addon if don't want to change but need add it to copied rendered device. UPD: I more specialized on Fallout 4 DD, but if you want know more about variables or keywords you can write me PM - i will answer if know right answer. Latest UPD: i use terminology from xedit.
  3. I think it's about Fallrim tools https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/5031 Be careful because if you clean too much, save can be broken and not work, do the backup of saves before use it and restore if after clean game CTD.
  4. Skyrim SE have maximum version - you play Skyrim LE version. This thread are Skyrim SE version because there gives to you SE version solutions what not work on LE version.
  5. I'm curious why mod author use this expression bool silent=!Util.isInMenuMode() if in next line it's convert it back: If !Silent ...... In other places i not put other check because there is check only for player (that means it works only if in pipboy for equip unequip.) But thanks for fixing scripts.
  6. Then need to wait answer from @Person1 and EgoBallistic, if code is right and Fallsouls work with DD)
  7. Ok i upload DD_Restraintsscript.psc You need it put into D:\Games\Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\Source\User\DD or in your mods folder if you use MO2 and compile in CK or other compilator. Also compiled script file must be put in MO2 script folder. If anyone compile script for you then you need put DD_restraintscript.pex into D:\Games\Fallout 4\Data\Scripts\DD fif you don't use MO2. Wit°th it you must put this pex into MO2 script folder. What there is changed: 1) Original: Changed: 2) Original Changed: Also @EgoBallistic here is question. I'm not strong with complicate compare functions this line will work correct? Bool Silent = !UI.IsMenuOpen("ContainerMenu") || !UI.IsMenuOpen("PipboyMenu") Silent got false if player is in NPC or pipboy? If not maybe you have idea how to write it? And maybe you can compile this script and publish? I can't because i have heavy modified DD scripts (fixed bugs and add new content) If i compile myself it will end with broken DD for you. DD_RestraintScript.psc
  8. What errors you got 5 minutes ago screenshot: No there no mirror and for LL file is too big. UPD: fixed screenshot.
  9. If Fallsouls is what makes a unpaused game in then i study DD scripts and still can't find solution how to fix it. There is complicated equip system what's test if you are in pipboy (script operand: isinmenu) And seems Fallsouls completely ignore this operand and DD always think, that you arn't in menu. I think you can made a fix by using F4SE commands to check if you are in pipboy. I think it stil lcan works. But also seems it can completely destroy NPC DD equip menu because there you not in pipboy but in NPC menu, what can lead to more bugs. Anyway if you are strong in scripting you can write a patch for DD to change isinmenu checking to F4SE check if you are in pipboy and hope that will not break other part.
  10. Yes. Use latest updated google chrome browser or if still got error, download mega official download application and install. It will fix all problems.
  11. I heard you got CTD if you skip main Skyrim quests - says if you use LAL game start to enter Whiterun or coc to here. Something like that. You need go to straight - if use LAL, help NPC in cave to save it, then goes to riwerwood to complete a quest and when directly quest show for you to go to Whiterun then try enter here. I don't have all details at this CTD i just long time ago heard in one of LE thread about it.
  12. Depend on Cursed loot MCM default level is 1. There can change a minimal level in MCM. But maybe i wrong and also in script seems it's disabled level 3 requirement (by using ; symbol)
  13. @zarantha, @Azazel92, @judge007, i just was curious, download Immersive creatures, repack a bsa and CAO there found illegal facegen data. Seems before uses this mod you need repack bsa and run trough CAO. I do it before your post, because seems you really need use CAO if you want play this mod.
  14. DD - MCM - debug - terminate DD quests - it's removes devices (maybe some not removed by bug or as quest device) - and it's terminates and destroy all other mods running quests. Sometimes due to slow script work you need run this option more times to remove all devices. DCL MCM - debug - Free Me. It's not fast (about 1 minute) and not work on all devices (due to bug or item is quest item. For quest item you need stop all DCl quests) But it works.
  15. The same: [ 1] TESNPC(Name: `Isran`, FormId: 0200336A, File: `Dawnguard.esm`) [ 1] Character(FormId: 02015C15, File: `Dawnguard.esm`, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Celann`, FormId: 0201541E, File: `Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp <- Dawnguard.esm`)) [ 1] TESNPC(Name: `Celann`, FormId: 0201541E, File: `Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp <- Dawnguard.esm`) [ 1] Character(FormId: FF00279D, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Dawnguard Horse`, FormId: FF0026E9)) [ 1] TESNPC(Name: `Dawnguard Horse`, FormId: FF0026E9) [ 1] Character(FormId: 02003478, File: `Dawnguard.esm`, BaseForm: TESNPC(Name: `Isran`, FormId: 0200336A, File: `Dawnguard.esm`)) [ 73] TESWorldSpace(Name: Tamriel `Skyrim`, FormId: 0000003C, File: `Alternate Start - Live Another Life.esp <- robes of the archmagus.esp <- The Paarthurnax Dilemma.esp <- MF_RadiantProstitution.esp <- Apachii_DivineEleganceStore_Patch.esp <- enhancedskyforge.esp <- konahrik_accoutrements.esp <- UchihaClan.esp <- naruto overhaul.esp <- Immersive Patrols II.esp <- Laura's Bondage Shop.esp <- Immersive Horses.esp <- Devious Lore.esp <- SeranaDialogAddon.esp <- Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp <- goodbrother.esp <- OBIS SE.esp <- Cutting Room Floor.esp <- Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp <- SMIM-SE-Merged-All.esp <- Deviously Cursed Loot.esp <- Apachii_DivineEleganceStore.esm <- JSwordsD.esm <- Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch.esp <- Dragonborn.esm <- HearthFires.esm <- Dawnguard.esm <- Update.esm <- Skyrim.esm`) [ 128] TESQuest(Name: SIC_WERoad07 `Dawnguard Horse Patrol`, FormId: 1D5E6924, File: `Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp`) [ 134] TESPackage(FormId: 1D5E6927, File: `Skyrim Immersive Creatures Special Edition.esp`) The same: immersive creatures pack. Not disabled. Try disable it or change MMC of this mod as zarantha say and try again. If not CTD, try restore dawnguard arsenal. Maybe it's not guilty, but creature mod. UPD: If you disable this mod, you need rebuild fnis - as i suspect by name this mod contains animations.
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