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  1. I'm using Vadermania myself. I use every animation pack with the exception of Crazy and Farelle (Farelle because i find the animations to be too stiff). Please redirect any and all issues to AAF Discord, as troubleshooting here is a nightmare.
  2. Most people that follow the guide to the T have no issues. Leito rigs should NOT be used, they're not in the guide for a reason. Those are a modders resource and not a mod for end-users. I really don't provide support through the forums, like i've said at the very start of the guide. If you need troubleshooting drop by the AAF Discord.
  3. It doesn't work that way. One Patch to Bang needs to be installed after so it registers what animation mods you have installed. That's just how it works, even if it's outdated. I'm quite aware of the animations being updated as i keep this guide updated constantly and use them all myself I and most, if not all, people who follow this guide correctly have 0 issues whatsoever and 0 errors in AAF aside from Error Code [085] which is aimed at animators and modders. Don't take this the wrong way but you're doing something wrong. Drop by AAF and we can sort it out.
  4. Did you also Install Indarello's Patch for Animations and Silver's Erection Fix? If so, did you UNCHECK all Savage Cabbage options in both patches? Another thing. One Patch to Bang, yes? Not Rule? Deleting the Skeleton WHERE? If you're using Vortex and you delete the Skeleton from Fallout 4/Data folder, it'll just get re-deployed the next time you install or remove a mod. Should delete the skeleton file from both One Patch to Bang.7z and from the mod install path.
  5. As Ego just mentioned: One Patch is to be INSTALLED after animations but LOADED somewhere in between. Check my guide for mod order for MO2 (download links list) or Vortex Rules (a bit below the download links)
  6. Not to mention that you can have ZeX+Bodytalk+CBBE but NOT ZeX+BodyTalk+CBBE+CBBE KneeFix. Just something to keep in mind.
  7. Location mentioned and shown in one of the first posts by Trykz.
  8. Dw about it. LL stuff is mostly trial and error. I spent weeks figuring out how to load animation packs properly against One Patch to Bang for example. My guide spawned from all that fiddling in AAF Discord with help from the people troubleshooting there.
  9. VIS (Valdalcil's Item Sorting) WILL cause CTD when running along AAF. It just consumes too much resources by itself. For a better alternative you could get Bhaal's Item Sorting. "FP_Kidnapped.esp FP_Violate.esp FP_Prostitution.esp FP_VanillaFudge.esp" Also, you're using Four Play. Scrap it. It's outdated and unsupported and will conflict with AAF. Scrap everything named four play with the exception of Leito and Crazy's animation packs. And FYI, plugin order doesn't matter as long as ESMs load first, then ESLs and then ESPs. Mod Order in MO2's LEFT panel or RULES in Vortex is what matters.
  10. I've been trying it out before adding it to the modlist below AAF installation in my guide.
  11. That's plugin order and it doesn't really matter as long as ESMs load first, then ESLs and then ESPs. Mod Order in left panel of MO2 or Rules in Vortex is what matters.
  12. No. It's 08/05 because it's the 8th of May, hence 08/05. Days->Months->Years.
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