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  1. Have to agree, its good to have you back! Your mods are staples to my play throughs and I have missed your quality efforts, updates, and talent! Welcome back!
  2. Quick question for those in the know (and, because I couldn't find the answer in the 20+ pages I looked at) Is there any issue using Full Dialogue Interface with Ivy? I know there is an issue with XDI. Just wondering because I feel like I am missing dialogue interactions with Ivy... (or, maybe not...)
  3. yea, Sadly. with SS2 and the addons (I have the same ones) running, ALL raiders are always hostile no matter what I am carrying.... I can get around that by using the "Begger" mode in the Hardship mod, but then its a 50/50 chance if Hardship fires or Raider Pet fires... (mostly seems to be Hardship when SS2 is active). However, disabling SS2 and the addons returns raiders to the expected behavior... (they enslave you if you don't have a weapon). As it stands, they just go hostile and attack, and trigger Violate.... which may or may not also tri
  4. What is your load order, and what expansion packs for SS2 do you have? I can't seem to get Raider Pet and SS2 to play nice together. As long as SS2 is active, Raider Pet won't trigger as all the Hostiles, well, stay hostile
  5. Yea... This may have something to do with SS2... I just came here to solve the same issue.. Raiderpet worked fine 2 weeks ago. But since then I have been messing around with SS2, and I am having the exact same issues you are.. (but you are far more competent with your Fallout-Fu then I am ) not sure about the 10mm pistol thing, as I have yet to test THAT... will give it a go and let you know here. EDIT: OK, made a new toon, used Start Me Up to bypass the vault and spawn just outside the vault. Ran to Red Rocket, ignored the Doggo (so mole rats do
  6. I have: Atomic Lust -Rufgt's old Animations 1.0 SavageCabbages Animation Pack 1.2.5 AAF_VanillaKinkyCreaturesAnimations Theme v200623 AAF_creature Pack 1.0.1 BP70fo4Sexanimations_2.4 Mutated Lust 1.3 Atomic Lust 2.6.1 Four-play animations by crazy 1.3 Fo4_animationsbyleito v2.0a Vadermania{AAF] Farelle_anim_mod_dev 0.1.2 Release_50shades_v1_05 Release_Badend v1_05 As well as a couple of patches... but I have had most of these files for 4 months or more. (a couple have been updated since ,obviously) And I
  7. I have all the packs you listed, and it was working great yesterday, but then I updated a couple of mods and took one out of my list... Normally, this shouldn't be an issue, as this was a new game that the issues showed up on, and not a old save... However, I DID use the pagedown key to change an animation.... so that may have borked things if I am understanding you correctly... (and if I am, good to know!)... Will try a few things and resort my load order and see if any this fixes the issues.. Thanks!
  8. So, I think IO might have broken something For some reason, Hardship raider rape scenes aren't firing. (the actors just stand there) but the hardship mod is running in the background. (meaning, at the 30 sec mark, I get a pop screen that advances the "plot" along, etc, before ending as normal. now when I check in the AAF admin panel, It mentions "AAF ERROR: [034] Failed to stat 'FM' scene because there are no ' FEMALE HUMAN + MALE HUMAN' animations. Filters: includeTags (CUFFED). I have the hardship 1.5.9_fixed installed with the AAF 1.54b and the current
  9. FWIW, I just installed and ran a couple of encounters (one customer, one raider forced assault), and both worked just fine for me. The animation/stages advanced at the proper time (30sec), every expected pop-up fired. and the animation ended correctly. Whatever you did, and whatever headaches you incurred seems to have solved the issues. Good work!
  10. I was just coming to report an issue with infinite animations with AAF 1.54 and Hardship... Should have known that the community would already be aware I have played with AAF 1.47b and hardship extensively, with almost 0 errors. (I did notice that AAF had an issue fully closing off animations, so after a time it would tell me that I had 30 or so animations running... but they were just stuck on "exiting" even though the characters had actually stopped and were back to normal AI behavior..) Since I upgraded to AAF 1.54, Hardship final animations do not end on their own.
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