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  1. Quick question on uninstalling scripted mods. Many of the mods that were coming up, I had removed MONTHS ago... but were in a log generated by a character I just started a few days ago. Do scripted mods removed that far back really affect games months later?? If so, that is a frightening thought, considering I use a mod manager to supposedly cleanly install and remove mods... For me, my game was running fairly well up to the AAF upgrade from 1.1 to 1.13/1.14... since then everything has been, well... not acceptable. Admittedly, i did a lot of messing around then trying to find out what was going wrong... just been a "Head to Desk. Repeat indefinitely" type of week Doing a Full rebuild, including redownloading all of Fallout 4... so it will be a couple days
  2. Yea, That's what I figured. I knew there was a timer (was one of the first things I checked)... It was set to 30 seconds.... but after 5 minutes and no healing ability? Very odd. Especially when everythig else was working. (I could draw my weapon, change outfits, etc...).. Then after resting.. well... And now FO4 won't even load today... so time to start over.... Such is the life of a modded gamer. I think part of my issue is I do run a fairly script heavy load out with Sim Settlements Conquerer installed. (that mod has stuff always running int he background for plot improvements, attacks on settlements, etc...) So throwing in CSA, which is also script heavy was bound to overload the engine eventually...
  3. Sadly no. I can no longer get Fallout 4 to load without a CTD. (tried 15 times in the last hour).... I am assuming the game has been destablized by too many mods being enabled and disabled over a long period of time... Going to start over with a refresh install of everything. AS the the LOG.... I just looked.... I have FOUR (4) LOGs... all dated the the same time stamps... and are filled with error reports for mods that I don't have nor have had for a very long time... so yea... Borked game...
  4. nope. And, no point. I can no longer get fallout 4 to even load... time to nuke it all and start over. Again.
  5. sadly, not for me... the save with the CSA event still won't heal after a reboot, nor after the mod as been disabled..... So.... Dead playthrough. Thank god only 40 minutes in.
  6. Through 24 hours in game, resting each time for 8 hours? I tired using stim packs and health during this 24 hour in game time too... nadda. This wasn't a case of panic spamming the "heal" button because I was in combat. This was a measured and careful test. Which as now progressed PAST rebooting! (Meaning the save with the CSA event STILL won't heal. After I have cloased down the game and restarted. It has also stayed past the CSA being disabled.... So I am counting that playthrough as "dead"
  7. So, trying out this mod, and I am running into an issue. After an assault and I have had 30 seconds to run away, I can not heal. No water, No food, No stim paks, No resting... None of them will restore health. They will consume the item, play the animation, advance the time... just not restore health.... any idea where to look for issue?
  8. Is there a way to disable the interface hiding that Violate does? I have encountered an issue with AAF and Violate, but I can't tell what is happening because the interface is hidden and the bug ALWAYS results in death and reload, thus deleting any info in AAF from the encounter.... What is happening is thus: I surrender to an enemy due to low health (30%), the raiders approach, their "threat" dialogue triggers.. screen fades to black... several seconds pasts, then sound effects of the animation starts... then the screen fades back in to the actor standing there for about 1 second before entering the actual animation (usually about 5 to 7 seconds total from F.T.B and sound to animation actually playing).. then about 10 to 30 seconds into the animation some message displays too quick for me to read in the top corner. The actors stand up, while the sex animation sounds are still playing... Raiders ALL turn hostile while my controls are still frozen and my Companions are in surrender mode and usually either riddle me with bullets till i die and can't move, or throw approximately 30 Molotovs on me... and watch as I burn to death as I can't move. The only error I have in AAF is the unlimited companion framework error (because I don't use that mod, I use a different one) I am expecting this to be a conflict somewhere, just can't really see what errors AAF says is going on, and every time I try to read the log (assuming I am even looking at the right log!) just fills me with an almost irrepressible urge to smash myself in the face with a shovel until I pass out EDIT: It should be noted that I did try the "end scene" feature, by holding the surrender key for 5+ seconds... and that semi-worked While burning to death in a molotov fire, I was able to see the AAF screen before I died and reloaded, and it said under status "Gathering".... so the actors weren't yet grabbed by AAF for positioning" but the sound effects are playing?? was very odd..
  9. Wassn't the issue (I did check that first ) I actually installed AAF in debug mode for testing... and forgot I did that... a simple reinstall to normal mode was all that was needed
  10. On a separate note: How do I disable Debugging mode now? I thought it was just a simple ESP file to enable and disable (which I have done) to turn Debug mode on and off... but I am still in debug mode after disabling the AAF_Debug_On.ESP Please remind me to not roll my face over my keyboard when I am tired and try the obvious first
  11. I too can confirm that I do not have any * ProtectedEquipmentData.xml"s in my AAF folder... (Not sure why, As I have realhandcuffs and Rog's DD manager installed, and never disabled Rog's DD manager... but I do not have any ProtectedEquipmentXMLs)
  12. Technically.. It was a "new" (made for this batch of testing) save that I was using. Mainly because my "game" save was corrupted from the mod disables (wouldn't load) However, after I re-enabled the XMLs and the Mods, my "Game" save is again working, and AAF 113beta loads in.. (However, we will see how long that lasts... Bethseda games.. mods... stability!??! HAHAHAHAH!!! )
  13. you sure? I have that mod, I never changed it (meaning its been active this whole time) and my AAF install wouldn't load until mucked around with the XML files in uninstalling them... In any case, if that's all it going to take... cudos!
  14. I am no modding expert , I just grab various animation packs that catch my interest, and since i have been modding FO$ since, well, the day I got it... stuff gets left behind... (ESP if its not causing an issue) AS for The OPTRTM VS OPTBTM, from my understanding (and I am probably wrong) the difference between the two are basically gay animations. Not something that I am after, so I grabbed the other one to help free up tags for animations somewhat.
  15. So.. yea, All mods reinstalled... and AAF is loading on a new game... and my old save is (seemingly) running again and AAF loaded there too... the ONLY mod I did not re-enable was a couple of face presets I don't use.. and Animated Fannies (didn't even realize I still had that after a body upgrade!) So maybe that was it?? The only thing I noticed after I took a quick second to go through the animations was that many of the leito pack would not function for me. and I am pretty sure they worked before. So maybe I deleted instead of disabled a mod patch or something? long story short, disabling all the animation packs and then re-enabling them after AAF loads seems to do the trick if it doesn't work right off the bat..
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