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  1. As some of you know, a few days ago I attempted an AAF update, that went so poorly I nuked everything from orbit and swore off Fallout 4 for a long while. WELL... apparently a 'long while' is no even a few hundred hours And I took an other 10 hour stab at it today... this is from a post in an other thread, and it details everything I had to do, as i did it.. and what errors I encountered along the way... But the end result is that I got AAF 1.33 running... Now, there is nothing else currently installed in the game other then what you see, so I have no idea if there was/is a conflict with other mods (which is ALWAYS a possibility). but if you are starting off with a clean build of Fallout 4, this may prove helpful... Note that I kept the rant and rave in place as well so we can all track my whiney nature.... Good thing I have lots of cheese nearby.. Hopefully that helps some of you out. Over the course of installing the next 150 or so mods, IF anything breaks AAF I will let you know.
  2. I never had Ulfberths patch as it is only for gay support, and I play a female character, But thanks. Still keeping the log going I can see (and anyone else) exactly where my issues start up.
  3. RIGHT...... follow every step laid out on the first page 3 times in a row... stuck at 30%.... Have DELETED, RE-downloaded, RE-installed to the EXACT steps listed... stuck at 30% THIS is from a CLEAN install of fallout 4 ... And no i can't follow the last 10 pages of contradictory steps on "install this, but not this, then delete this, then more this, then jump on a crowbar, then do this, but not that...." Basically ALL I am getting out of this gawd damn headache is FUCK FALLOUT! and just stay with Skyrim..... \ \ And now on to my 4th fucking re-install of everything... AGAIN... running commentary as I install and test EACH AND EVERY FFRAKKEN MOD AT EVERY FRAKKEN STEP. 11:24 bodyslide appears to work `11:27 game loads, new character can be created. 11:29 looskmenu installed. 11:32 looksmenu tested in game and working. 11:43 bodytalk installed and body built in bodyslide 11:48 bodytalk tested in game working. 11:59 fusion Girl installed, body built in bodyslide. 12:01 fusion body tested in game working. 12:07 Zaz-extended skeleton downloaded and installed. 12:09 zaz tested in game working. 12:13 AAF 1.33 installed -unequip everything-auto renamer enabled 12:15 VKCA_themes 0605.0 installed -kinky support - SM and ghoules enabled - deathclaws robots enabled 12:24 AAF tested in game. AFF loads to 100%. Mode scene : 061 error no available actors found (nate and nora there) Admin 078 unlimited companion framwork not found (expected as not installed). No Position data found. Plugins AAf Themes is listed. NOTE: wasn't expecting anything more the AAF to load at this point, which it does. UCF is not installed - As this is a brand new (As in, every piece and folder on the computer related to both fallout 4 and Vortex was uninstalled. Computer rebooted. SCanDisk, Defrag run. Computer rebooted. Fallout 4 redownloaded. F4SE installed. Compyter rebooted. Fallout 4 tested running. Then my bitch fest and this post... what you see is ALL that is installed.) 12:34 Torture devices installed. 12:35 RElease_BadEnd_v105 installed. 12:49 (after a coffee and a smoke) AAF tested again. loads to 100% Mode scene: actors listed Nate, Nora (correct) Position: No position for a F/M animation found (expected) Admin: 078 error (expected) dozens of 086 morphset ID "unready" not found Plugins: Badend is listed. NOTE: again the errors are expect in the case of the bad end animation pack, as from my understanding, it requires input from other mods exclusive to AAF to actually trigger. This are going well so far with nothing unexpected. 12:54 RElease_50_shades_v105 installed 12:58 AFF tested in game. everythign seems to work as 50 shades animations play. there are issues (expected) such as alignment, and penis. Same errors are present in Admin. 1:01 Farelle)anim)dev)0.1.2 installed 1:01 Fo4_animationsByLeito_v2.0a installed 1:07 Farelle and Leito animations tested and appear to work. There are errors but to be expected at this point. 1:10 Vandermania[aaf] installed 1:10 Four-play animations by Crazy installed along with the AAF fourplay tmeporary patch. 1:15 AAF tested in game. Seems to be working. No Crazy animations available to test, Vad animations work. under Plugins in AAF Crazy is listed. Note: The Crazy animations not showing could just be that there is no F/M animations to pick from, so I consider this a non issue. AFF loads and works fine.. 1:23 On patch to bang them all 1.1.1 installed. For the first time, there is a file conflict. Sorted order is: One Patch AFTER: Farelle, 50shades, BadEnd, Vader, Leito NOTE: Crazy animations was not listed in conflict. Mod was installed with Bodytalk, Female character, Straight and Lesbian options selected 1:32 AFF tested in game. AAF loads to 100% and animations play. However, there is massive penis distortion in almost all animations tested (not there before), and Crazy animations that were missing before have now appeared! New errors have appeared in Admin mode: 085 Errors in a huge list of animations, seems to have to do with how long each animation is triggered for... NOTE: This is usually the last thing that works and from here, things turn into a cluster... a dirty, dirty cluster... 1:41 Release creature packs v3 and v3.01 update installed. 1:45 creature packs appear to be installed and working. At least AFF didn't crash, nor are there any new errors listed in admin (all the old errors are still there) 1:50 Atomic Lust installed. Workshop only thing selected (default settings). Nothing overridden, nor are conflicts flagged. 1:50 Mutated lust installed. Nothign overridden, nor are conflicts flagged. 1:54 Atomic lust tested working in AAF. Again there is large amounts of penis distortion in all animations tested, and there are the usual list of errors in Admin mode. Mutated lust not test... but again at least AAF is working. NOTE: this is further then my first attempt, as before it would break at this point, either losing the ability to select actors, or the dreaded 30% bug... Things are looking up? 2:03 Savage Cabbage and Bp70 animation packs installed. Basic options for both. No atomic shop (none installed. ever) all voices, torture robots FEV hounds and SM options. Nothing overriden. No conflicts detected. NOTE: this is the FIRST time, I am not being directed to a load conflict in vortex that I usually have to solve... 2:19 Savage cabbage and BP70 tested in AAF. Again massive penis distortion on all animations. No new errors listed in Admin. NOTE: So far this is better then 3 attempts... 2:24 ErectionfixBySilverPerv621 installed. Conflict detected with One patch. Erectionfix will load AFTER one Patch. 2:31 AFF tested as working. Penis distortion is gone or minimal. Most animations tested (not all!) align well enough. Admin errors are all still there. NOTE: I am utterly shocked. This is the FIRST attempt to get this far! I even attempted all this last week for hours and got so frustrated I deleted everything.... Only one patch left to go... 2:36 AAF creature Patch has been installed . Conflict detected with One Patch. Creature Patch will load AFTER One Patch. 2:40 AFF tested as working. While not tested with any creatures or animals, there are no new errors reported in Admin. (just the 078 and 085 errors. 078 for unlimited companion framework which is not currently installed, and 085 appears to related to the length of time each animation is set to run...) I am shocked. This is a far as I have gotten in hours! And it further then my frustration level tolerance would allow a week ago. Thank you for letting me rant and rave while I got this working... And thanks to Oxuder1 and Delimson, who responded while I was working, I kept what you had to say close by.
  4. All I can tell you is. "it worked the night before. The next day it did not" ... I know what you are saying.. but it is what it is. And it wasn't just one save.. It was about a dozen saves test initially over 3 characters, with a game reboot between loading the saves. ALL caharacters, and saves had the exact same behavior: AFF would load, I could navigate through all of AAF's screens. However, you could not initiate an interaction OR pose.. Nor would calls from mods like Violate or Harrasssment trigger an animation (although Harassment would still trigger its narrative screens that come up between actions. From there, I tried to reinstall AAF and then animation packs... With the exact same results.... So I tried again. And again. And. Again. I surfed the forums, I surfed the wiki.. everythign says the same shit "If you AAF isn't working, you fucked up" ... But none of this really matters anymore.. As Fallout 4, the mod organizer I used, The Mods I had are now gone, and my peace of mind is in a much better place, I don't think I am going to be coming back to this headache any time soon again (this coming from someone with almost 3000 hours in modded play in Fallout 4 and 5000 hours of modded play in Skyrim)
  5. If this was directed at me, no i am not threatening you. I'll say it plainly, You have skills that I do not have. This is evident in the fact that you can even create something like this (AAF), as I wouldn't even know where to start... So this is simply a skills and knowledge issue on my behalf. HOWEVER: When I can play all day one day. Go to sleep, then load up the game, and AAF just won't work... Things get frustrating. In my case, its not stuck at 30%. It simply WILL NOT perform ANY animations..... I can cycle through all the options. (main, admin, companion, ETC).. it just won't work.... SO I spend 30 minutes re-downloading AAF and the animation packs.. spend an hour following step by step instructions the web page... spend 5 minutes waiting for Fallout 4 to load... spend 15 seconds to see if AAF works (it doesn't).,... Repeat checking AFF and anaimation packs load order, and rules... spend 5 minutes loading fallout 4.. spend 15 seconds to see if AAF works... (it doesn't) and on and on FOR 7 HOURS.... SO its a now a case of what am I giving up now? The Fallout 4 game? Or my monitor?? Because I am GOING to put my fist through one of them ... (fallout 4 is cheaper.. it lost out.) Now, could this be just an AAF issue? considering I fucked around with it for 7 hours, including 2 dozen complete installs of AAF and animations packs? probably not. But I lack the time, patience and temperament to look any further. Nuke it from orbit. Rebuild later when actually have the patience and temperament to deal with the bullshit... On a side note, there is nothing more cathartic then seeing "uninstall complete" on something that has driven you to the point of violence....
  6. You wouldn't happen to have an older version do you? Its either the latest version or V1.07 by the download links. for whatever reason, be that an updated version of Violate, or an updated animation pack, AAF has crapped the bed (again) and won't do anything other then tell me 20,000,000 animations have errors... You what.... don't bother. I had 7 hours of free fucking time today... and ALL of them went to trying to fix this fucking issue. I AM DONE. No more fallout for me. Now to figure out how to get RID of everything.....
  7. Just checked my Vortex version (using the current Stable release). And I redownloaded hardship 1.5.9, Still getting the same error message. BUT: On an entirely different note, I had a question about the "bad boyfriend" option that can come up through play... Is there a way to select who will be a "bad boyfriend" that I missed? (so many posts!!!). For example could I select Preston and turn him into a "Bad Boyfriend"? Again, this may have been covered and I missed it.... Sorry if that is the case
  8. So, I just grabbed 1.5.9... while installing using Vortex I get this error: "Invalid installer script: The 'operattor attribute is invalid - the Value " is invalid according to is datatype 'String' -The Enumeration constraint failed. Please inform the mod author. So what did a Keyboard Face Roller like me do wrong? (enjoying the mod! -up to the release, and looking forward to 1.5.9!)
  9. thanks. Worked like a charm. (and the first time I have had to ever use the debug functions!)
  10. So here is a question I am sure has been answered, (but I can't find). How do you remove the shock collars, if you can not find the password note? After I was defeated, I made my way back to the same area, but the raider was gone/ didn't drop the note when I killed him. (I say this, because he could have been killed by an NPC somewhere and I didn't see, as the area in question is an intersection of random spawns, patrols, and a check point close by as well! thanks a bunch!
  11. works pretty good! That silly bunny hop was one fo the major reasons I hated using FO4DD... I would disable every item that caused the bunny hop...
  12. yea.. Found that out when I was looking up the error too... So that's gone from the load order (too bad too as it was an easy to use mod that increased... "play mates"...yea, play mates..) As the the AAF messages, good to know. Thank you. I use the MYbed version of the ladykiller bed... so that is obviously not being referenced right for my ESP file. (Should be easy to fix if I can track it down to which XML/update pack) As to Homemaker.. I had it, I tried it, was too "modern" in look for me, so I got rid of it a long time ago... Again easy to fix if I can track down which update pack it was. Thank you for your help with this! I owe you a cookie!
  13. Hey EgoBallistic. I got the base build of FO4 back up and running with mods... But I am still running into issues I hope you can help with. I have attached my papyrus log.. (2 megs for about 5 minutes of data! ) and contains a bunch of errors that I have no idea where they are coming from (hence your help ). AFF for the most part seems to be running, but I do have these errors: (See pic) I have a feeling these are caused by one or more patches. I say this because when I tried to use the "one patch to bang them all", the error report for AAF was just over 3 pages! So I disabled it. Any help you can offer would be great! Papyrus.0.log
  14. Quick question on uninstalling scripted mods. Many of the mods that were coming up, I had removed MONTHS ago... but were in a log generated by a character I just started a few days ago. Do scripted mods removed that far back really affect games months later?? If so, that is a frightening thought, considering I use a mod manager to supposedly cleanly install and remove mods... For me, my game was running fairly well up to the AAF upgrade from 1.1 to 1.13/1.14... since then everything has been, well... not acceptable. Admittedly, i did a lot of messing around then trying to find out what was going wrong... just been a "Head to Desk. Repeat indefinitely" type of week Doing a Full rebuild, including redownloading all of Fallout 4... so it will be a couple days
  15. Yea, That's what I figured. I knew there was a timer (was one of the first things I checked)... It was set to 30 seconds.... but after 5 minutes and no healing ability? Very odd. Especially when everythig else was working. (I could draw my weapon, change outfits, etc...).. Then after resting.. well... And now FO4 won't even load today... so time to start over.... Such is the life of a modded gamer. I think part of my issue is I do run a fairly script heavy load out with Sim Settlements Conquerer installed. (that mod has stuff always running int he background for plot improvements, attacks on settlements, etc...) So throwing in CSA, which is also script heavy was bound to overload the engine eventually...
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