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  1. GoldenRain

    Day 1

    I spent yesterday and the day before contemplating the steps required. Prelude (Optional) Skip to day two if you already have a clean install of Fallout 4 Step 1: Copy & Paste your previous build somewhere else, include your saves and .ini files from Documents/My Games/Fallout4 Step 2: Uninstall Fallout 4 Step 3: Delete Fallout 4 from (steam or other) and the Fallout4 folder located in your My Games folder on your C : drive Step 4: Download a fresh Fallout 4 (Optional copy and paste so you wont have to download a clean version for future builds.. I see you "I followed all the steps and nothing works" 'points at own eyes then at yous' !! Step 5: Proceed to day 2 or take a breather.. I know I did.
  2. Just wanna add that I am not Disney and that I tried to offer a playable version of SCORNED
  3. I mean I run three aaf's to make aaf work (long story) plus the unoffical Fo4 patch is in there, but not enabled for reasons that would take a page and a half or about an hour long video
  4. Right I forgot about the fact that no one can ever play the game that I am playing unless they have patience and all Fo4 mods that ever existed (what some mods include files that don't take up a slot) Edit: some mods contain files that I want, but not the mod itself
  5. I went a step further and put my entire modded fallout 4 on a disconnected hard drive just so that it's always there (note to self make notes on the mods that I need to remove)
  6. Since I can't offer all of Fo4 plus DLC's I need to slim down offering up a massive mod pack down to what is essential to convert an ordinary Fo4 plus all DLC's to a massively modded Fo4. It's a big task so I am looking for advice as too what I should remove so that it's not pirating since I cannot give out Fo4 and the DLC's?!?!?
  7. Yes... I didn't keep a copy so that I can uninstall it (long story) and now I see that.. Um did Flashy leave? Don't tell me he died. If he did we need a memorial
  8. Ty that solved the CTD.  I had the client scan timer on, even though nothing was active so I had about a half dozen clients waiting for no reason

  9. I'll grab some paper and make notes of the situations (Location, guests, dialog choices) and make a few attempts to write better dialog
  10. I've had that problem long before this mod came about. You can use the other pipboy hotkeys to access the pipboy menu. I for inventory, M for map and the are a few others like radio (?) I can't remember what it is, but I've had to deal with that bug for years @Jahem_kinkaid Is the distance tied to the AAF wizard actors scan located in the AAF settings.ini file? I might have to revert mine to the original 500(?) instead of 2500 to truly test this mod
  11. Also there are spoilers when enemies are allowed Too many spoilers for anyone who hasn't explored every where as you'll see enemies that I/you/they didn't know even existed. On the plus side I know that OaR (Outcasts and Remnants) is installed correctly as a Pimp showed up when friendlies were allowed lol Edit: did you want the Jurassic sized debug log?
  12. I really like the mod, I also like how they run away if I give them enough end time. Can I/we help you write the english dialog? If no one already is helping. Maybe "Who's there?" instead of "No good" when waking up? Also even when set to 100 there are times when no one is there and I stand around wondering where they are. It's rare as it mostly fires everytime. Could be because I have it set to 'enemies only', while sleeping inside of home plate, with it set to 'no for global'
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