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i posted a day ago asking why wicked whines wasn’t working. well today i got it to install fully but the animations still won’t work, they continue to stay in my “scripts mods”. is this a problem with sims 4 and ww’s new update? i’ve been trying to fix it ever since the update and i’m getting frustrated? please help me guys! 

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Every time you update your game it will break all your mods.  You will need to wait for each of the mods to be updated and then install those updates.

The alternative is put your game in offline mod so the updates won't occur.


Moved topic to sims tech support section.

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34 minutes ago, beautifulmusiclover said:

I just update wicked whims and assume it updates all the sex animations from various authors you have. WW is good about updating the first day a patch comes out now.

If animations don't work it's usually because of an improper WickedWhims install, or another mod conflicting. 


Animations don't need updating for game patches, they get updated when new animations are added or reworked.


You also don't have to update WickedWhims for every game patch either, (only if it's needed for a major game patch)


Always best to keep Origin automatic game updates disabled and play offline if/when it wants to update.

Updating Origin itself is OK.


It gives the modders some time to check and verify their mods and update if needed.


Be vary wary of jumping on game patches and mod updates and keep one previous version of all those mods somewhere in case you have to roll back later.

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