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Naked Dungeons SE

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Naked Dungeons SE


I did NOT create this mod, I merely converted Galahad_69's mod for Skyrim Special Edition, and shared it according to the open permissions they gave on the original download page. I CANNOT give any perms not specified on the original upload page for this mod. If you wish to alter, edit, or otherwise make changes and upload them anywhere, please refer to the permissions (if given on upload page) by the Original Author or contact them directly. This mod should be considered a placeholder for when/if the original author decides to take control of it.

If you enjoy this mod, go to the Author’s page and give Galahad_69 some love!


The following is copied and edited for SE links from the Original Download Page:


And an EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to Komotor for allowing me to include his RoseButt V2.1 Anims that I converted to the downloads for your convenience!






Tired of being capable of rushing through every single dungeon of Skyrim with no difficulties whatsoever, killing any enemies in your way single-handedly thanks to your kick-ass weapons and fancy armor? Here is the solution:


Rumours has it that some (or all) dungeon entrances are cursed with an inescapable magical trap, which forces you to leave almost all your equipment outside. To make things worse, the curse is permanent, resulting in a self-recharging trap, therefore it works on every single living being trying to enter the dungeon, so you cannot have very high expectations about easy looting from slain enemies and other dead bodies. This means that you must fight yourself through with whatever weapons and armor you can find inside, or rely on your magical abilities.

There is no need to worry about your precious gear being lost for good, however, for it is kept safely in a package outside (in front of the dungeon entrance), so you can recover it any time from there, the only thing is that you have no way to get them though he entrance.




Copy the contents of the archive into your Skyrim folder.




(Note: all script files have an "ndun_" prefix in their file name.)

TIP: You may clean your Data folder from the unnecessary files by running the included "Naked_Dungeons_clean.bat" file from the Skyrim folder.




The mod is NOT enabled by default, you need to enable it manually after the istallation via the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Debug -> Enable mod).

If you install this version over a previous one, then a clean save is STRONGLY recommended beforehand:

  1. Run Skyrim Launcher.
  2. Uncheck Naked Dungeons in the "Data Files" menu.
  3. Run the game.
  4. Load your save file.
  5. Wait until the Naked Dungeons menu item disappears from the MCM.
  6. Make a NEW save game.
  7. Close the game.
  8. Clean your last save file with "Save game script cleaner" tool (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/52363/?), remove all the orphaned scripts and everything else the tool can remove.
  9. Save the changes made to your save file with the appropriate button (backup is not necessary, simply let it overwrite the file).
  10. Run Skyrim Launcher again.
  11. Re-enable Naked Dungeons in the "Data Files" menu.
  12. Run the game again.
  13. Load your cleaned save file.
  14. Wait until the MCM displays the mod.
  15. Configure Naked Dungeons.
  16. Don't forget to enable the mod in the MCM.




Soft dependencies:







Dungeon traps:


When the mod is enabled, a spell is placed silently upon the player. The spell has magic effects, which activate whenever the player leaves an external location and enters an internal one. The hidden magic effects activate the trap when all of the following conditions are fulfilled:


1. The player's arousal level reaches a certain value (configurable via the MCM, the default value is 0).
2. The player's current location is one of some certain types of dungeon interiors (configurable via the MCM).
3. The player is unlucky enough to trigger the trap (the probability of this event is configurable via the MCM, the default value is 100%).


As soon as the trap is triggered (right after the player gets through the load door of the entrance), an explosion renders the player character unconscious, and the player is dispossessed of all of his/her equipment, with the exception of keys, lockpicks, dragon claws, soul gems, devious devices and quest items (the exception list is configurable in he MCM). Then the script begins to strip every single NPCs inside the dungeon with a certain probability (which is again adjustable in the MCM, the default value is 100%). The NPCs (with the exception of creatures) are stripped from all their worn clothes, light and heavy armor pieces, but their minor inventory items, amulets, shields and weapons are left alone by the script. (There would be no point in stripping their weapons, because we want them to remain able to put up a decent fight, don't we?)


When the player character comes round, a miscellaneous quest launches to show the whereabouts of the lost gear (usually outside the dungeon). Note that if you forget to pick up your equipment before you enter another dungeon, you will have to go back to the first dungeon entrance for your gear (only one quest will be running at a time for this purpose).


Follower support:


Follower support has been improved since the last version. The probability of followers being stripped on ND's trap events is configurable in the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Options -> Strip options -> Follower strip chance). The mod can remember the ownership of the stripped items (with a maximal limit of three simultaneous followers), so the player won't have to give back their original items manually after completing an equipment retrieval quest. The followers' default gear will (hopefully) no longer auto-reappear after every single cell change (fast travel, load door, etc.). Caution is advised though when using ND with special follower overhaul mods, beacuse the possibility of some unwanted interference cannot be ruled out.


Stripped equipment retrieval scenarios:


There are six possible ways of recovering your stripped gear, their relative probability is configurable via the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Options -> Entrance/Guard/Citizen/Bandit/Dungeon/Captive event). The seventh one ("Spider event") is not a stand-alone scenario, just a short scene that can occur in any of the first five scenarios (if there are living spiders inside, they can cocoon the unconsious PC at the entrance).


1. Your equipment is outside, in front of the dungeon entrance


This is the easiest way of recovering your stripped gear, when no one happens to find your package while you are inside the dungeon.


2. Your equipment has been taken away by a local guard


When you exit the dungeon, you won't find your equipment anywhere, so you have to report a crime (the theft of your stripped belongings) to a local guard (i.e. a guard in the current hold). The guard you talk to demands you to pay some tax first (you may choose to offer gold - or sex, if the PC is female), then gives you a certificate (receipt) of the tax payment. You are then told to find another guard (the "lieutenant in charge of the Department of Petty Theft Cases"), whom you must convince to give back your equipment (the story line is bit longer if the player chooses to pay for the receipt to the first guard).


3. Your equipment has been taken away by a local citizen


n this scenario, you will find a letter from that person (a non-hostile NPC) outside the dungeon instead of your equipment, telling you their whereabouts (in or around a nearby city, town or settlement). You need to convince this person to give back your package. The available dialog tree differs depending on a number of factors, most important being the gender of the PC and the NPC, the amount of gold you have, and some devious items you are wearing. The dialogs are built around three general ways of retrieving your lost gear:




This option is mainly given for female player characters only (for a male PC, there is only one sex-oriented scenario available in the mod, when the NPC is a female). For a female PC, there are a number of different options involving sex, regardless of the gender of the NPC, and male NPCs can even rape the female PC in some situations. The NPCs sometimes can lock devious devices on the PC with a given chance (configurable in the MCM: Naked Dungeons -> Options -> Bondage chance) before sex scenes. Furthermore, if the (female) PC is raped by the (male) NPC, AND the player's lost gear is not given back, then an armbinder or yoke is always equipped on the PC after the sex scene (provided the bondage chance value is nonzero, of course). The MCM now shows a separate page (MCM -> Naked Dungeons -> Devious Devices), so that the user can customise all the DD-related settings (preferred color, etc.).



If you're wealthy enough (which means that the total amount of gold in your inventory AND your lost equipment, combined, is at least 1000 gold pieces), then you can try to pay the NPC for your equipment (the dialog option will not be available otherwise). If the NPC accepts your offer, then they will always take ALL of your gold form both your inventory AND the package, so this may not be the cheapest way to go. If your PC is female and the NPC is male, then the dialog will be available at a lower wealth limit (500 gold pieces total), but the NPC may rape you before the transaction.



The package of the player's stipped equipment is present in the NPC's inventory, but pickpocketing won't work. You can always simply kill the NPC (they are not made essential, at least not by this mod), but as they are non-hostile NPCs, that means crime, with all the generic consequences in-game. If you select a violent option, the NPC may be intimidated enough to give back your equipment, but there is a chance they choose a different action. Female NPCs may simply report you to the guards (which means a handsome bounty on your head). The main violent pathway against male NPCs is brawling, but if the PC is a female, they they may simply choose to rape her instead. The violent pathway is not available if the PC is wearing a devious armbinder, yoke or blindfold.


4. Your equipment has been looted by a bandit.


This scenario starts the same way as the "Guard" scenario. The difference is that the second guard (the lieutenant) cannot give back your equipment, but instead he points you to the thief (a random bandit lurking out somewhere in the wilderness in a different hold), whom you must kill.


5. Your equipment is somewhere inside the dungeon


This scenario also starts the same way as the "Guard" scenario. The difference is that the second guard (the lieutenant) cannot give back your equipment, but suggests that you go back to the dungeon and find your equipment somewhere inside (it will be in a container). Note that if you don't go back to a talk to the guards, you can still find your equipment in a container, but with no quest marker showing the target, it will be more difficult.


6. The player character is captured by the inhabitants of the dungeon while lying unconsciously at the entrance


This is a sub-type of the "Dungeon" event, which can happen only in a few dungeons (mostly in bandit camps which usually have a CaptiveMarker object). When the player character comes round after the dungeon entrance trap, they found themselves being held captive. After the scene finishes, the PC wakes up at the dungeon entrance again. From this point the quest advances the ususal way, but you will have a quest marker pointing to your stripped gear inside the dungeon (so you won't have to go back to the guards to get one).


Nudity features:


1. Nudity rules


These MCM options tell the mod how to detect whether the player character is naked or not. As a general rule the PC is deemed naked if there is no armor equipped in the main armor/clothing body slot (#32). If the "Use SLA naked armor check" option is checked, then the PC will be treated as naked if the body slot is occupied by an armor that is marked as "naked" (revealing) armor in the SexLab Aroused mod's MCM. Since there are a lot of mods containing panty and bra items, which leave the main body slot empty, but a character wearing both a panty and a bra is hardly naked, there is a "Panty AND bra slot items" option to tell ND to take into account these kind of items as well. The default underwear slots are set to #49 and #56, which are the same slots the Devious Devices' chastity bra and belt items use. However, chastity belts (unlike chastity bras) do not count as decent items.

2. Public indecency


This new feature has been introduced in version 1.6. It is somewhat similar, but not identical to the "Public indecency" feature of the Deviously Cursed Loot mod, so both can be used at the same time. When it is enabled, guards will punish (whip) the PC upon sight, for not wearing body clothes or armor. Civilians can also react to the player character's nudity and/or helplessness (bound hands) upon sight, by force-greeting the PC and demanding sex. The following MCM options are available:


  • Public indecency -> Civilian rape chance: allows civilians (non-hostile human NPCs) force-greet the naked PC upon sight.
  • Public indecency -> Attacked gender: it can be specified whether only males, females or NPCs of both sexes are allowed to force-greet the naked PC upon sight.
  • Public indecency -> Chance of post-rape robbery: If a civilian force-greets the PC, and the dialog leads to a rape scene, then this is the probability of the rapist stealing player items after the sex scene.
  • Public indecency -> Guard punishment enabled: Allows the guards to punish the player for public nudity.
  • Public indecency -> Shave hair before punishment: When enabled, the PC's hair will always be shaved before the whipping scene (the hair will regrow over time).
  • Rape/punishment exceptions -> Bound hands: helplessness (tied hands) can be set to prevent Guard Punishment, Civilian Rape, neither or both (e.g. guards can take into account that you cannot put on armor/clothing when your hands are tied).
  • Rape/punishment exceptions -> Collars: worn collars can be set to prevent Guard Punishment, Civilian Rape, neither or both (e.g. slaves marked by worn collars can be made to be excluded from the scope of the Public Indecency law - it's useful when a special collar like the Slave/Slut Collar from Deviously Cursed Loot which force the PC to remain naked is worn, and you don't want them to be punished by every single guard).


WARNING: if the Guard punishment or the Civilian rape function is enabled then fast travel is disabled when the player character is naked or helpless.


  • Harmlessness: if the PC is naked and helpless (=their hands are tied) or unarmed (=has no wepons/shields/torches equipped and no hostile spells out), then humanoid enemies won't attack them, but can forcegreet the PC via the Civialian Rape mechanism, similarly to non-hostile NPCs.
  • Prostitution: The PC can offer their body to non-hostile NPCs, in exchange for money or devious keys. It is also possible to have sex with followers, but they won't reward you with gold or DD keys. Note that the Greybeards have a unique way to offer in terms of devious device removal through the Prostitution ("Excuse me...") dialog, but this content becomes unavailable as soon as the player decides to kill Paarthunax. Court wizards privide yet another way to get rid of DD items.


Body visuals:


1. Obesity


A new feature, having basic Realistic Needs-like functionality in terms of consuming food and drink, which can alter the weight (along with the visual appearance) of your character depending on how much you eat. The player character has an energy reservoir (a "stomach"). As long as you keep it at a normal fill level (0-100%), nothing will change. The stomach gradually empties over time (it is checked once in every game hour by a script). Once it completely empties (0%), you will start to lose weight. If your weight reaches the minimum (0%), the stomach fill level will drop below 0%, the mod notifies the user that "You are starving", and the PC will slow down (the lower the stomach fill level is between 0% and -100%, the slower your character can move). It is also possible to overfill your stomach by eating too much (to a maximum of 200%). As long as the stomach fill level is above 100%, the PC will gradually gain weight and appear fatter. If the weight reaches the maximum (100%), the PC will slow down due to morbid obesity (the higher the stomach fill level is at 100% weight, the more severe the slowdown effect will be). With the default MCM settings, it takes 2 mass units of food to fill the stomach to 100% from 0%, a 100% filled stomach takes 24 game hours to empty, and the full weight gain/lose cycle (from 0% to 100% weight or the other way round) takes 10 game days. There are also a few special potions (Potion/Draught/Solution/Philter/Elixir of the Waning Moon) available at merchants, which accelerate your metabolism (the effect lasts for a game day), so you can gain/lose weight faster if you can afford them.


2. Cum inflation


The basic idea of this feature came from the Deviously Cursed Loot mod. After the female PC had oral, vaginal or anal sex with a male character, her belly inflates because of the accumulated cum. While the DCL version of cum inflation works fine with human sex partners, there are two aspects I did not like in the way it was implemented. For one, it does not work with creatures, second, the latest version of DCL allows much slower inflation than before. This is why I implemented another approach of cum inflation in ND, from scratch. Note that it is NOT recommended to use both DCL's and ND's cum inflation feature at the same time. The ND version has the following characteristics:


  • It works with creature sex partners as well.
  • The amount of cum and thus the belly size change is proportional to the body size of the male sex partner (while, using the default settings, as much as 5 sex acts are needed with an average human partner to fill the belly to the maximum capacity, larger creatures like sabrecats can fill the belly to 100% with a single load).
  • Cum inflation is not without consequences. The more inflated her belly, the slower the PC can move.
  • The belly will not leak cum over time automatically (like in DCL). The player needs to initiate the deflation animation manually using the keyboard (the default hotkey is "O"). Emptying the belly increases arousal. During the deflation process the PC is in a vulnerable position, so it is not recommended to initiate the animation when the PC is surrounded by hostile NPCs. You can stop the deflation animation any time by pressing the same hotkey again (the amount of belly deflation is a random number, so it's independent from the duration of the animation).


Every important variables concerning cum inflation can be configured via the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Consequences -> Cum inflation).


3. Bathing


A nem menu item ("Wash yourself") is added to the Deflation menu, which appears only if the PC is standing (not swimming) in water. This provides a very basic bathing functionality: all it does is stripping the PC and removing the SexLab cumshot visual effect from the body. Currently there is no bathing animation used (for the sake of immersion, it is recommended to use a poser mod like Poser Hotkeys along with it). It uses the same water detection system as the Bathing in Skyrim mod, so there is a new soft dependency called mzinWaterUtil (without that little SKSE extension water detection will not work). Apart from the vanilla Skyrim water types, ND can detect the water types added by the following DLCs and mods: Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Falskaar and Realistic Water Two. Note that if the Bathing in Skyrim mod is installed, then it is NOT necessary to enable the built-in water detection method of ND (water detection will work without it). Bathing in Skyrim is NOT a dependency by the way.


4. Anal gaping


If this option is enabled, every single SexLab scene tagged as "Anal" results in a gaping/prolapsing anus rendered on the PC, which will gradually contract over time. This is only a visual effect, without any in-game consequences (apart from a few ND dialogs depending on it). The basic resolution version of the visual effect is included in the Naked Dungeons.bsa archive, for higher resolution versions check out komotor's RoseButt mod.


5. Haircut


If bondage haircut (Naked Dungeons -> Devious Devices -> Bondage haircut chance) and/or punishment shave (Naked Dungeons -> Consequences -> Public Indecency -> Shave hair before punishment) is enabled, then the PC's head can happen to be shaved bald on certain circumstances. The hair will gradually regrow over time (a longer hairstyle needs at most 3 levels to regrow). Each level lasts 24 hours game time by default. This variable is configurable in the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Consequences -> Haircut -> Hair regrowth time).


6. Whip marks


When enabled, whip marks will be shown on the skin of the PC after ND's whipping scenes (only after ND's own whipping scenes, not other mods' ones). This new feature requires the SlaveTats mod and its CaneMarks textures to be installed (but it is only a soft dependency, so ND can work without it, if the user leaves this MCM option unchecked). The whip marks can be healed using any vanilla shrines.




When this function is enabled, the PC is made essential, which means they cannot die EVER (not even from fallig damage), but will be raped instead by the closest hostile living being(s). If the rapist is a human or humanoid character, then some devious devices may be equipped onto the PC after the sex scene.

WARNING! It is NOT recommended to use this function together with other no-death mods like Defeat or Death Alternative, because of the inevitable conflicts.


1. Gangbang and chain rape


The chance of a gangbang (more than one assaulter in the same scene) and chain rape (at most 3 rounds) can be specified in the MCM (if there are enough hostile NPCs nearby).


2. Robbery


There is a chance that the rapist will steal everything from the player character's inventory (with the exception of quest items and equipped DD items). After the robbery event a quest marker will point at the robber. Only humanoid assaulters trigger this event.


3. Captivity


At the end of a Robbery event, the assaulters can decide to tie the PC to a Zaz furniture (like crosses, poles, and suchlike). Sometimes they can even throw the PC out of the dungeon before doing so. You can escape from your desperate situation through a struggle mechanism similar to that of devious armbinders. The higher your Pickpocketing skill the less stamina you will use when struggling, and the higher your Lockpicking skill the easier it will be to free your hands. Escape difficulty is also determined by the escape difficulty variable you can find in the Devious Devices MCM. You assaulters (if they are still around) will not attack you until you managed to free your hands. If some other hostile NPC shows up and attacks you, your hands will be instantly released.



4. Slavery


At the end of the Robbery event human assaulters can decide to enslave the PC via the mechanism provided by the Simple Slavery mod (which is a soft dependency only).

WARNING: Naked Dungeons adds the PC to the zbf_SlaveFaction faction on Slavery events, and uses this faction membership as a flag to prevent Guard Punishment and Civilian Rape to mess up with scenes triggered by slavery mods. However, some slavery mods fail to remove the PC from this faction when the player manages to free themselves, which could result in ND's Guard Punishment and Civilian Rape stop working. In order to circumvent this problem I added a checkbox to the Debug page of the ND MCM, using which the user can manually add/remove the PC from the above faction.


Clothing options:

1. Armor amortisation:


This is a sub-function of the previous one (Immortality), therefore it won't work without that one enabled. If the "Armor amortisation" option is checked, then every successful hit by an animal and every unblocked power attack of humanoids (but NOT ranged and magic attacks) can ANNIHILATE a random piece of equipped armor.

WARNING: these items will be gone FOR GOOD, without ANY chance to get them back!


2. Improvised items:


With all of ND's features enabled (especially the previous one) the player character will quite often find themselves naked and/or unarmed. If this function is enabled, then the naked/unarmed player can make simple armors (e.g.: topless or bikini-style fur armors from animal pelts) and weapons (wooden sticks or bones) out of some ingredients and clutter on the spot (without using special furnitures, by simply picking up some items like animal pelts). For the sake of maximal immersion it is recommended that the player mark the topless-style "armors" (skirts) as naked (revealing) armor in the SexLab Aroused mod, so that ND can correctly determine whether the player is naked or not wearing these items. The items are made ONLY if the player hands are free (not bound), and some armor, weapon, or lockpick is really necessary (i.e.: the player is naked, unarmed, or out of lockpicks).


Complete list of improvised items and the required ingredients:


  • Lockpicks: by picking up embalming tools, cast iron pot, or some other metal clutter.
  • Animal pelt skirt (topless): by picking up animal pelts
  • Animal pelt vest (bra): by picking up animal pelts
  • Animal pelt shoes: by picking up animal pelts - larger (bear, sabrecat, troll) pelts will yield all three items (skirt, vest, shoes) at once
  • Animal pelt skirt (topless): by picking up pelts of smaller animals (foxes, wolfs, etc.)
  • Draugr rag skirt (topless): can be made by picking up items (mostly bone meal) from draugrs or skeletons.
  • Draugr rag vest (bra): can be made by picking up items (mostly bone meal) from draugrs or skeletons.
  • Wooden stick (two-handed sword-like weapon): can be found by picking up ingredients from various plants.
  • Bone cudgel (mace-like weapon): can be found by picking up items (mostly bone meal) from draugrs or skeletons.

WARNING: the armor meshes are based on the Cosio/CBBE body, I had no time to make any conversions yet.


3. Disguise


The PC can temporarily disguise themselves as a bandit, warlock (necromancer), Forsworn, Thalmor, Falmer, Imperial or Stormcloak soldier, if they put on an appropriate body armor piece (e.g. fur/hide armor, necromancer robe, Forsworn, Elven, Falmer, Imperial or Stormcloak armor) the appropriate way (i.e. when sneaking and undetected). While disguised, the PC won't be attacked by members of the corresponding faction. As soon as the attack button is pressed (or the armor piece is taken off) the PC becomes unveiled and the hostile status of the faction in question will be restored.


4. Sleep naked


The PC will undress when going to sleep. If the "Post-sleep masturbation" feature is also enabled, the PC will masturbate after having woke up if he/she is fully aroused.






If you happen to encounter any problems with the mod (e.g. traps not triggering when you think they should), first make sure to enable the debug mode in the MCM (Naked Dungeons -> Debug -> Show debug messages; it is no longer enabled by default) and see if any messages appear on entering or exiting dungeons. If there are no messages at all, make sure the mod is enabled (MCM: Naked Dungeons -> Debug -> Enable mod), or try to disable and re-enable it.




If your character is a "sneaky archer" type, then it may be rather difficult to fight without your usual weapons. This is why the bound weapon spells are given to the player if you enable the mod with the "Show debug messages" option also enabled.



The author wishes to thank

  • komotor (http://komotor.tumblr.com/mods) for the anal gaping meshes and textures
  • CGi for the mod organizer friendly version and also for the German translation
  • zeldashu for the Chinese translation
  • donttouchmethere for the extensive beta testing
  • and many other LoversLab users for all their good ideas and suggestions


If you enjoy my conversion work and would like to toss a coin to my coffee fund, you can visit my Patreon ~ Nomkaz

  • Submitter
  • Submitted
  • Category
  • Requires
    SKSE64, Skyui SE, XPMSSE, SexLab SE, ZAZ8 SE, DD-A-I-O SE
  • Regular Edition Compatible


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Two bugs found.


1 - All dialogues that trigger from this mod are nothing but dots followed by "LOOKUP FAILED". Features work, but no idea what I'm saying so it's all guesswork.


2 - First time a dungeon trap triggered, I could no longer control my camera angles. PC could still move, but only with one camera angle.


Aside from that, it has worked well. 

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2 hours ago, kdoggg1971 said:

Two bugs found.


1 - All dialogues that trigger from this mod are nothing but dots followed by "LOOKUP FAILED". Features work, but no idea what I'm saying so it's all guesswork.


2 - First time a dungeon trap triggered, I could no longer control my camera angles. PC could still move, but only with one camera angle.


Aside from that, it has worked well. 

I'm having the same problem with the lack of dialogue/text getting the ... and LOOKUP FAILED. I haven't noticed the camera angle problem, though.

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Another poorly-researched quick conversion release... It seems the OP re-saved the esp in CreationKit. It is proven on the SE conversion tracking thread that this breaks Naked Dungeons as it is one of the few esp's that breaks when converted. Next time leave the esp for Naked Dungeons untouched, unless you know how to fix the problems introduced when the esp is resaved. The mod works fine with form 43 in SSE during my testing.

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3 hours ago, XenoDrake said:

Another poorly-researched quick conversion release... It seems the OP re-saved the esp in CreationKit. It is proven on the SE conversion tracking thread that this breaks Naked Dungeons as it is one of the few esp's that breaks when converted. Next time leave the esp for Naked Dungeons untouched, unless you know how to fix the problems introduced when the esp is resaved. The mod works fine with form 43 in SSE during my testing.

So if the esp is the issue, would replacing it with the old one fix the issues or would it need to be a full uninstall of this version?

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  • 2 weeks later...
On 11/6/2019 at 12:56 AM, tznvlw said:

To all SSE users, here, another ported mod for SSE from me, maybe you can try


Naked Dungeons SSE v2.0.1.7z 8.94 MB · 21 downloads

Did you re-save the esp? If you did, I hope you did some manual labor to fix the bugs that occur from doing that... If you just saved and quit CreationKit then you obviously didn't test the mod because it breaks when the ESP is re-saved as-is.

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5 hours ago, XenoDrake said:

Did you re-save the esp? If you did, I hope you did some manual labor to fix the bugs that occur from doing that... If you just saved and quit CreationKit then you obviously didn't test the mod because it breaks when the ESP is re-saved as-is.

Recompile scripts

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5 hours ago, XenoDrake said:

Is that actually what fixes the re-saved esp from not working? I'll be damned if it was that simple.

There was a problem similar to what you said before, but after recompiling the scripts, the problem no longer appears. You can try to recompile the scripts yourself for testing. Maybe the test I did is not enough?

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Anyone get this to work?


I tried converting it myself, by only converting the meshes and kept everything else as is. It works for the most part, but after combat defeat it breaks when tied to zaz furniture.


The file posted in comments, I can't even launch the game.

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  • 4 weeks later...

mzinWaterUtil.dll is for 32bit oldrim, delete it to get ride of the mo2 error.

Interesting the purpose of the dll is for the bathing part of naked dungeons to work.  However the 2 functions this dll exposes are also used by bathing in skyrim, though bathing in skyrim doesn't use this dll but does require papyrusutil.  So I would take a long shot guess that the 2 functions this oldrim dll exposes are done by papyrusutil.


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  • 4 weeks later...

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