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  1. I had the same problem a while back, with a large load order after an hour or so of play, infinite load screen while entering a cell. I'd alt tab out and check used memory and it would always be around 11GB used for skyrim out of 16GB. So i figured the game was just running out of free memory.
  2. Was converting them to 3bbb for my own play through and couldn't find them in game with a similar name. Go figure it's latex... Thanks for the info.
  3. Fyi, I couldn't find any DD5.1 esp armor or armor addon entries for DDX - CBBE SE - EboniteHobbleStraitjacket DDX - CBBE SE - EboniteHobbleStraitjacketTopless only see entries for the other 2 DDX - CBBE SE - EboniteHobbleStraitjacketCleavage DDX - CBBE SE - EboniteHobbleStraitjacketOpen
  4. move FNIS down with the other mods, never have any mod above the DLC's. Tpos is usually a FNIS problem. I don't see the built FNIS mod that you have to add after running FNIS. FNIS only generates the files and puts them in the overwrite dir, you have to create a mod(via right click the overwrite folder) down at the bottom of the list and create mod, name it, then add it to the list. Also make sure your running FNIS within MO2 which means adding it in the upper right in MO2 so you can Run it from there. As for the body, most use Bodyslide to build the armors to a body shape
  5. I don't see any body ie cbbe etc.. in that list. XPMSE needs to be low in your mod order(left side in MO2) so that no other mods with a human skeleton overwrites it. Here is a previous post I made showing a mod order(left side MO2) that I use to test clothing with. I just use the sort button(LOOT) to sort the plugins(right side MO2). With FNIS i click the first 3 boxes before building to let those errors get reported. FNIS should be putting the animations you build into the overwrite folder so don't forget to right click and create mod, then add that mod to you mod list, other
  6. In bodyslide I counted 82 outfits in DD5.0 that aren't in here though some don't need changing or are only HDT version but that's still a lot of work.
  7. Likely mod order. XMP needs to be at the bottom just above 3bbb so its skeleton doesn't get overwritten by another mod. I posted a working order on another thread here
  8. I believe it is a letter your looking for in that chest. I'd check your inventory in case you looted it without knowing. I've done that quest several times and it's always in there.
  9. My heavily mod game gets a infinite loading screen after about an hour of playing but it's caused by only having 16GB ram and running out. It's remarkably consistent to where I can fell it's due and check to see over 10MB used.
  10. The ref body says CBBE but the name of the outfit has 3B in it. So to know for sure, hilight CBBE like in your screen shot, then click bones tab and look if it has L Breast, R Breast(CBBE) or 3 Breasts bones per side(3BBB). The Christmas Gift outfit i found on nexus is for CBBE. Bottom line is the breasts aren't morphing in game because your 3BBB morphs you built in bodyslide with morphs clicked on, don't recognize the breast bones in the ref body of the outfit so it can't morph them.
  11. got to be the armor. Open it in outfit studio and see if it has a CBBE reference body(you need the armor to have a 3BBB reference body). The game is showing the armors reference body instead of the 3BBB body you built in bodyslide.
  12. Lose CBP physics, you don't need it, you have CBPC I put SexLab Framework much higher up. In this order down near where you have CBBE 3BBB Bodyslide CBPC - CBP Physics with Collision HDT-SMP XP32 CBBE 3BBB Here is a mod list I use to test outfits with that contains the basics. Not that you'll need everything here or that some could be in a better spot but the main ones above should be in that order.
  13. RaceMenu has BodyGen that can do this. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/148921-all-shapes-bodygen-randomizer-plus-enhanced-physics/ is likely what your after.
  14. Great tip. I just really need one color so I should be able to make it work. Update: Ended up doing 11 nails and looks good. I slightly modified your instructions. It seemed easier for me this way. 1. In Outfit Studio start a new project -> from file -> FusionGirl 1.80/Meshes/Actors/Character/Characterassets/FemalHands.nif 2. Import the nail nif and delete its cbbe hand. 3. after copy bone weights, got to check/fix any splash over weighting on the thumb for the longer nails by turning off textures and looking at each fingers weighting. 4. the minor
  15. You have colored finger nails on a FG 1.75 body? I couldn't find any that had been converted. What mod is that from?
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