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    37 years, autodidact and on PC since 1988, I graduated in networks.
    I love to learn and understand all the technical things of this world.
    I gained experience and worked in many areas, computers & networks, precision mechanics and automotive, painting (complete restoration of several old Triumph), electrical, electronic, hydraulic system but also carpentry, masonry, plumbing.
    I made the rounds of lots of things.
    I think all this can be perceptible in what I'm doing here. lol

    Time goes by quickly, taking the age I'm now in the business and in charge of a small company, I have really a lot of work..

    So the mods/animations I produce are my hobbies that I do when I'm done at home, which is why it may take time.

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  1. Switch between 1st <-> 3rd person view and the cam roll back to normal. Do not try to dumblly jump and run everywhere when that happen, only switch views and that rollback to normal.
  2. So I have put a textures fix. I do not see any issue in the json, it's the 2.0 + the giant. replace the file manually to be sure to have the good one. Thanks
  3. So there is updated.. However, I almost never check this thread.. If you want be aware about what or else you need to check the original thread. Sorry to say but SE is very low priority for me, only Andreis made convert for me and he do that when he want. So if you have question or anything I could miss what is happen on this thread.
  4. I never used creatures framework for my animations, all is considered as human stuff. Yea all is animobjects, yesterday when I have made my repack I have noticed that I have made more than 200 animobjects for my animations, including some very advanced like Motoko who is also a animobject...
  5. komotor

    What you think about site and staff

    These last week I was more than happy that moderation locked my thread, cleaned up some messages and let me breathe without being attacked every day. As I said many times, it is because of the site moderation that many of us are still here. And until now I always agreed to staff' decisions.
  6. Download and replace the json with the fix. The copy/paste you show me come from the bad json. For the rotate, I'm not sure about what stage is it, I have made lot of things since. But there is one stage/tweaked to avoid headtracking issue, it's well also into the json, So if the actor do not point into the right direction, reload the animation, or even better switch forward-backward the stage. And you should get the good positionning.
  7. Thank you for having let me have a little 'break'. It's appreciated, as usual. ------------------------------------------------------------- Public Release of KomAnim Pack 2.0 Plus (Permissions on my patreon page) - Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BRis_TV60rN3GKCvJZQGWf18pbqcfpPB/view?usp=sharing - Fix Anim: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mv5bwqy9pk8OOqDTn5AyP6t6dGZNWK60/view?usp=sharing - Fix Textures: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19chuXwxhx-5n0mX5d4S7RyS1bXrY7O_3/view?usp=sharing - Skyrim SE version 2.0 - Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MECG3faIuyfAer1CAwHPOW1b3uEgy2b3/view?usp=sharing Support, Upvotes and Thanks are Always appreciated.
  8. Few post before there is a answer, but again some come made "chantage" or insulting me... Funny do not release any new mods since a while here for the same reason as me, all his new content is visible nowhere.. Funny is far to get the same support as me by the way.. Animo do not release stuff before LONG months, you have to give him 6$ per month to get his preview.. It's 1$ in my side... And most of my videos are public and quiclky released on many hoster by me, mainly in lower resolution/bitrate with the title of the animation. Animo is much more locked than me, he also get muuuuuuuucchhhhhh more patrons and mucchhhhhh more money in a month than I get over more than 2 years of work.. And there is another HUGE difference with a guy like me, I provide also lot of support for my work.. Animo release only videos, there is no technical support at all nor custom work & services.. So... And as said check the post before, a last public update is planned very soon. Stop complain if you want that I still have a bit of positive mood to still upldoad my content here and not completely remove all my stuff, no more Komotor animations... If my stuff is locked for now behind 1$, it's symbolic and to protest toward those not respecting the artists and creators offering stuff for free. When people have no respect and come insulting me, do not expect that I have respect too. I do not even want to see you as supporter if it's to come with this tone, your "compare" is not valid in my eyes anyway.... And you're not the first that I refuse to get the money... I prefer do not take the money of some than be insulted.. even for 500 or 5000$, the respect has no price for me. If I need to look like a asshole because I have some value, I do not care.. I know my value and the value of those who come spit on me...
  9. You can't even imagine.. The worst, many people prefer choice to always disapoint me...
  10. After what happen the last days (my content, the result of weeks of work, was stolen.*) My work requires a lot of time, so please be patient with me. During this weekend I will do some updates for patrons and a last small public version for everybody. There will be no more free public update for the next 3 months. If my content will be stolen again during these three months, I will completely stop the free updates. I will also stop all the free contributions to the modding scene, Skyrim, SSE, or all other project I worked on. If my content is stolen, I see no reason to continue to distribute it for free every month. I am aware that the people responsible for stealing are here, and read this thread. I know it. I'm an indie, I'm against the mainstream of big companies and I'm far away from generating the money these companies produce. The contents I am offering, with a little compensation, are what allows me to do a professional job. Stealing artists' content is killing creativity and preventing the realization of original content. Contents that the industry, that is commercial, will never offer. Respect the work of those whom make you happy, and who always gives you, for FREE, some of their quality work. *However my content is not fully leaked, I still have some control, and locked some items. But I'm making harder the ability to get the actual content (in terms of how to actually download and unzip it.) Anyway you can thanks CPU, because it is because of him that I am still here.
  11. Sadly Loverslab lose again one of the best and original animator. Some have not respected my permissions, so It what is happen when some abuse of my trust and my kindness. I want to thank my loyal and honorable patrons for their serious support and messages of support that allows me to continue doing something to them. I do that for you and not for anyone else. The others who are not respectful, remember that is your fault if there is even less original content on Loverslab, you dry even more the free quality scene. You are so dumb that is also your fault that all became more expensive too. Do not come blame me, it's the choice of the dumb people turning around here, it's completely over for them, sorry for the nice people here but it's infested of people having no consideration and respect for the work that creators made for them. Anyway the good people know how to find me, all my future stuff is going to be in very close distribution with very strict rules. Now you support me for my videos, the animations that I use into my videos are bonus that only loyal patrons can expect receive. At the next update and for all the following, all New patrons only access to videos, if you like what you see, keep support the next month and then you can expect receive animations to put in your game.