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    Computers & technology, internet, modding, modeling, animation, games, good porn...
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    37 years, autodidact and on PC since 1988, I graduated in networks.
    I love to learn and understand all the technical things of this world.
    I gained experience and worked in many areas, computers & networks, precision mechanics and automotive, painting (complete restoration of several old Triumph), electrical, electronic, hydraulic system but also carpentry, masonry, plumbing.
    I made the rounds of lots of things.
    I think all this can be perceptible in what I'm doing here. lol

    Time goes by quickly, taking the age I'm now in the business and in charge of a small company, I have really a lot of work..

    So the mods/animations I produce are my hobbies that I do when I'm done at home, which is why it may take time.

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    komotor#5564 on LL Discord: https://discord.gg/eGSxawa
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  1. Animations made this month and come in the packs the 26/02. ( 14 stages Naughty Girls series 1 move in Public Pack) - 6 to 7 stages for Naughty Girls Trio - 3 new stages for the Centurion - 3 new stages for the Giant - 3 stages and new build for Komachine Futa - 2 new stages for DildoSpring & HighHeel Version with rework of 8 stages Overall about 16 to 17 various animations stages. Open the valve for some previews: Naughty Girls Trio. Futas on Girl. Girl & futa on futa. Centurion:
  2. Deadly Pleasures

    Yep If you have some issue with some textures, meshes, animations,.. you can poke me.. add @komotor before your answer as I can see that you need help on one of these things. So these texures and meshes are from the mod Luxury Collection. CBBE: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/51192-luxury-collection-for-cbbe-hdt-bodyslide/ UUNP: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/54989-luxury-collection-for-uunp-hdt-bodyslide-2016119last-update/
  3. Agree. I supported him over few months when he made his last "come back". But difficult to continue support without any news over long months... If he show that he work on anything for OSA or any other project I support him again, but we need to have some news time to time.
  4. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    The giant is back! https://gfycat.com/SandyColorfulGiantschnauzer
  5. I'm so kind... https://gfycat.com/SandyColorfulGiantschnauzer
  6. Hola! It's a preview showed about 12hours ago on Patreon. So it's also made for the Purpose of Deadly Pleasures. But what does this kinky demoness tell the giant? So maybe now some understand better my way of doing with my "preview pack" and the "demo model". I create and build some concept or ideas, and when there is needed for mods or requests, that evolve in the desired direction. No worries for the patrons you are going to have ingame previews tonight and maybe already another early update pack tonight or tomorrow Just let me finish my daywork and in about 5 hours I resume my animator nightwork.
  7. Deadly Pleasures

    It's a bug, you can use setstage aDP1_begin 110, to skip that.
  8. Deadly Pleasures

    If that happen, just switch, from first <-> third person view.
  9. Deadly Pleasures

    So for animation with animated cam: The animation as the best camera looking if you set your FOV at 60. You can disable or enable anim/free cam with the key "3" on your numpad. If the anim switch stage too quickly it's your timers who are too short in sexlab, personally I put 300seconds for all.. If there is desync. Switch previous<->next stage manually Shift + Space for previous stage.
  10. TentaKom Animation Project: 1st Ingame Test Tentacles

    Nope, even If I have already made a bit more and that you can see in the public pack, I have a next stage made at about 80% in my harddrive... But almost a year not touched this animation, the fact is like I have already said before, the build is really complex, and it's a pain to animate, long time to made few seconds. The best way is redo and simplify the build, but that also mean lot of work again, and it's something that I'm not sure that please the people, Not much feedback, and people are looking disgusted because the tampon, so finaly I have dropped this animation.. lol I still have some tentacles in mind, but maybe build a whole simpler to use. Not planned for soon, I have already a bunch of things to do, but I have that in mind... like lot of another things.. I have push the limits one year ago on this one.. ^^ It's in my public pack since a little while but not complete.
  11. That link to the post where the animation pack is hosted, it's open to public. Check the end of the post the links are always in orange on patreon.
  12. It could probably fun in some animations.. Machines are always inspirating..
  13. Patreon and Skyrim copyrights

    Again the nazi speak for nothing, I maintain what I have said about you. You are doing nothing! Do not come speak to me before having doing something.. The prove, you do not even know the process, work and time necessary to do that... little man.. you you deserve to go to the hell.. So we can just work almost full time for you but ask for nothing.. Are you working in life? Are you working for free? Dumbass... Nothing in your brain, also probably no talent, just the able to come say shits... You have no consideration for creators.. So the cancer of this world is people like you..