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    Computers & technology, internet, modding, modeling, animation, games, good porn...
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    38 years, autodidact and on PC since 1988, I graduated in networks.
    I love to learn and understand all the technical things of this world.
    I gained experience and worked in many areas, computers & networks, precision mechanics and automotive, painting (complete restoration of several old Triumph), electrical, electronic, hydraulic system but also carpentry, masonry, plumbing.
    I made the rounds of lots of things.
    I think all this can be perceptible in what I'm doing here. lol

    Time goes by quickly, taking the age I'm now in the business and in charge of a small company, I have really a lot of work..

    So the mods/animations I produce are my hobbies that I do when I'm done at home, which is why it may take time.

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  1. passion... A mech, he like cars, he like work on cars, he's passionate by his work... That mean that he have to work for nothing? A tech, he like computers, he like work on computers, he's passionate by his work, That mean that he have to work for nothing? etc etc... You need to hate your work as to call a work a work? dumb dumb dumb here... I make things that I hate since more than two years, I loosed passion for skyrim since the version 0.8 where I was already thinking having offer enough of my time for this.. I make this as work and people believe that I still have passion and that I have to do this for nothing or peannuts.. It's like when I repaired computers as "extra", I repair or fix about anything, some people called me only when they needed to fix all their shits, I passed often a day to make all and they get serious work, end of the day they just offered to me 5$... I'm looking them and say.. "do you know how much you are going to paid in any shop for a lower service for about the same work... at least 100$" Their answer.. 'yea but you are passionate so it's cool for you...' Lmao now I pushed all these guys in my big shitbags bag.. If people think that because we are "passionate" they expect that we work for free or peannuts.. lol they make huge mistake. Any work that you are passionate or not need more or less time, and working time is not free. Working time is not installing mods make screenshots and call this a work... that is playing games, it's the fun part and it's not developing content..
  2. tbd like atomic has many distorsions... You can add weight on belly even if there is weights around, take into consideration the 4 bones limit, and there is no more bones either for the tbd.. You can let the belly bone affect gently the belly part with "light weight" Convert the mesh into editable poly and do the work with quad, and not make a skinning work on tri.. otherwise you're are going to have harder time to solve the distorsions and "spikes".. Also setup well the 4 bones limit when you work on the skin before export and not fix this with nifskope or it fuck the skinning accuracy.
  3. komotor

    Deadly Pleasures

    "Customers" do not always have reasons, so customers have professionals who can provide advices and services. There is enough informations, "customers" can read or search a bit before paid for some work. The customer service is usually for customers.. Personnally I can make a 7/7 customer service because it's my work, delzaron do this in his free time.. If he make a paywall maybe he could get more than now and provide a better customer service.. Rule of sale... must know losing bad customers to win some good others..
  4. komotor

    Deadly Pleasures

    DP do not necessary need my private packs to work. If the animations are missing it skip the animations, but you can still play the mod.
  5. komotor

    Deadly Pleasures

    What did I tell you earlier?...
  6. komotor

    Deadly Pleasures

    It's what I have said to delzaron, remove this mod from LL and keep it only for his patrons...
  7. komotor

    Animobjects causing CTD

  8. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    I'm personally attacked every week by people like that, my account and my server where I had a public side for help support etc, is corrupted. So that the people say what they want I do not care, but once my fair services and I are personnaly attacked since long months, I'm tired about that, I'm tired about the MASS shitbag around here. It's morally not possible for me to continue to work for people like that. My sanity is really not good because of large bad community. I'm not the only one thinking like that and have the same pov, many other talented people have and are going to still leave loverslab because a large part of this communuity is toxic for creators.
  9. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    It's why I leave loverslab and this community.. Do not be worried, now that I do not plan to make any new releases here I'm not going to post anything here either... It's sad that we are not able to show some fun stuff and people could enjoy the videos or screenshots whitout see them come beg to get our stuff... And again it's why I move in other communities where people can enjoy these videos and my stuff without be harassed because I make private work..
  10. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Sorry, I'm not your brother. I only show the result of my work like any users here.. Do not expect to get all what the people does.
  11. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    No sorry, I do not share my work. I work only privately.
  12. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    private work
  13. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

  14. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

  15. komotor

    Deadly Pleasures

    Any animators here have all paid content, and I'm still one who offer lot of things for free. You can still download my free version on my server who work fine with this mod. However on my server I quickly ban people who prefer complain than open their eyes...