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    37 years, autodidact and on PC since 1988, I graduated in networks.
    I love to learn and understand all the technical things of this world.
    I gained experience and worked in many areas, computers & networks, precision mechanics and automotive, painting (complete restoration of several old Triumph), electrical, electronic, hydraulic system but also carpentry, masonry, plumbing.
    I made the rounds of lots of things.
    I think all this can be perceptible in what I'm doing here. lol

    Time goes by quickly, taking the age I'm now in the business and in charge of a small company, I have really a lot of work..

    So the mods/animations I produce are my hobbies that I do when I'm done at home, which is why it may take time.

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  1. Thanks It's appreciated. I already talk recently on my server about make other projects too for my patrons and continue to make original contents, also maybe "hire" some other talented people around here. Contrary to the person mentioned above when people are working for me or with me, they are honoredly rewarded. And I always do my best to be fair by putting myself in their shoes, having a pretty good overall vision of how all these things work. But as also stated Skyrim is rather limited for me, If I work on a game I would like use UE4 engine who is much more powerfull and who can allow to make a much better quality. I have a channel on my server where I explain a bit what I can do and the possibilities. As also stated I do not drop my paid releases, I have also say on my server that I evaluate all this to take a new direction after february for the 2 years that I opened and work on this patreon. I'll have to also continue some skyrim animations to fund my new project at the begining, so in term of work there will be a transition and as long as I have demand and support for my animations for skyrim, I will continue to please the respectable fans who allowed me to get there. I'll do this because I also hope see most of them adopt my new project.. But here between those trying to steal the mod and those who steal all the talent of the others without even put any fucking credit...... Nope I'm really not happy, and I guess well that my next project will be only a paid product. Maybe just a limited demo for free but nope, I do not want to see again another piece of shit like jonvovi use my stuf. It's why I'm more than upset with this community where I know that many endorse shit like what this person does than original creators, for my pov it's a shame. When I see this crap let wait his patrons for even more than two months let belive working on stuff since he's just waiting that animators here make their release... And it's why I let all this here like it's for now, and there will be a announce in february for the following of my work, if I remove my links etc..
  2. So my animations work is stollen by Lauren Jonvovi.... I have said to this shitty person, who steal all the hard work of animators here to do not use my stuff!! Of course it's used and without any CREDIT!! Jonvovi, shitbag! I know you read this your are the most shitty crap that I have seen..!!! I intend action toward you because my animations are under licence! Because I paid expensives licences to have rights on my animations assets.. Not like you. It's the same for any animators here, this CRAP steal all of our work and take all credits for him out of it.. To let know to the good people how you are... Jonvovi 'Gived 3$' to anubs, without really pledge, steal of his work like any other creators here. and also banned on many creators patreon. there is really no shame.... Trying to do the same with me, I do not given my stuff, and : SO if I know that I had not to even refund you.. Give the minimal to the creators and even cheat or ask refund while you asked and get more than 1000$ per video really proove that you are really not a honest person.. Now This update is the LAST that I post publicly, the 2.5b Version is the last version that I release for free Like Funny before who stopped release animations because of YOU, it's the same for me now.. Enjoy this last 2.5b version it's definitly the last free work that you get from me. I highly recommend to ALL animators to take action against that person. My action is I block my access to him and I do not release other free stuff to prevent anything like that anymore. And as I said, I engage some pursuit toward Jonvovi even if that need to cost me thousands of $$.. There is Jonvovi I tell you there will be consequence. Enjoy what you have of anim because soon when the releases are going to be more rare and that you are going to have nothing new, you are simply going to disapear because you have not other talent than steal the true work of the other...
  3. no it's not a bug, the agressor is automaticaly re-scalled to 1.25 in most of the animations updated. These animations are desingned for this.
  4. And no upvote or no thanks for the mod?? This fucking community and after some are asking why I'm harsh.. Maybe the last time that I update my mod here.
  5. It's like that since months, and it's always with question like that that the shitstorm start.. So avoid this kind of question is the best, there is permissions when you click on the link, you have to see that before downoad my mod. Point.
  6. Do not start to piss me off.. ok? Wait a bit so...
  7. install my mod at last in your list. 99.9% sure that hdt sextoys erase my json
  8. Public Release of KomAnim Pack 2.5b (Permissions on my patreon page) Animations are creative intellectual property of KomAnim3D Public Versions distributed Under License CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 - Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nzlnA3GlzWHUEfpo3xsipcgfaAmBcXiI/view?usp=sharing - Skyrim SE version 2.5b - Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h7m6jMIxfNZDoUeVK5JetYRK3WGFkD7z/view?usp=sharing Support, Upvotes and Thanks are Always appreciated.
  9. komotor

    Voice actress for hire

    You're the best Always happy to hire you for many of my projects.
  10. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

  11. komotor

    Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

  12. I have make posts before to say where is the hound..... They are deleted now... But Even on my tumbIr I have say where it is, even on my server the people know where I take my models or more or less the work that I do to convert them. I even tell to my people if they find interesting models they can tell me, and also I say where to search... Now that I have a better internet I also make stream, and people can see when they want what I do and the time that I pass to adapt and fix all the things as that can work into my stuff. And I export, convert, adapt models every month... The person also asked for creatureS and not only the hound... I respond to you by PM to avoid to say that I'm again rude..
  13. It's available since a while, there is a lot of people asking but nobody do it. So, do it if it's easy, do something for the community..
  14. It's not going to help, it's only a model from Tera not usable in this state...