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  1. This is my dumping ground for all my Fallout 4 esp edits or mods I create for the game, before they may well have been all over various other posts, this is just me getting them all in one place. Vault-Tek Inventory Expansion Gas Mask Replacer Pip Boy Replacer/Hider Adult Magazine Of Fallout Femout4 Patches Misc stuff.
  2. Devious Devices

    You can but it is a pain, use the keyboard and scroll through each item, choosing inspect to see what they hell you are looking at, when you get to the dress, you can then hit enter to equip, which then brings up the escape option, and it will work with any item that blocks your hands/access to pipboy, for me this seems to be the only way to escape from this sort of item, though I tend to just curse and re-load. I think what is needed is something like with the skyrim version where when you tried to access your inventory which you could not do, then exited that, it pulled up the escape options.
  3. Not too sure mainly because I tend to merge everything into one file, but as far as I am aware there are two files for the uunp version, the main file shinshi bodyslide conversion around 7gb and shinsi replacer (nioh) around 40mb ish or so. Or at least those are the only two files I have in my archive for this mod, and I have non of the cbbe files for it at all, as I stopped using cbbe long before I found this replacer. Quick note as well the googledrive link on the second page of this thread is still working if anybody is having problems getting it from my mega account. Though google will complain that the file is too big to scan, just choose to download it anyway and it should work.
  4. Pretty sure there are other quests that work the same way, you simply can not fail them, mods that make those factions in this case the bos hostile would need to edit the quest to add a fail option and when failed to remove those items and/or remove the quest tag on those items during game play, either that or remove the items from the game world and replace them with non quest tagged versions. Or at least for the best options with things the mod would need to do so, and while you can console those quests to be complete that ends up with you getting a fair bit of xp and possibly other stuff as well, and potentially starting another quest for that faction they you may or may not be able to fail.
  5. They are? I never really dug into the esp, but that does make things easier, people can with your permission of course, post esp with their custom settings set into it, or a batch file or whatever they want.
  6. Thirded, there again you sometimes also get the, yew, why the hell did they make that outfit, out of it.
  7. random armor mod

    Book of uunp, though there are cbbe bodyslide files for it https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/75861/
  8. One thing I have noticed is that some quests do not have a fail option to them. The bos quest the lost patrol is one of them, even if you are hostile to them you can still get this quest and checking on the wiki (http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/The_Lost_Patrol) shows there is no actual ability to fail the quest only finish it some way or other. Which means even for an asia there is no actual way to finish it, and remove it form your quest list, only way would be for in this case the asia race to re-do the quest chain so that failing it is an option.
  9. Maybe make the mcm a optional add on, that way people can choose to use it or not, though will make keeping the mod updated a bit of a pain in effect running two versions. Other option would be to make sure that there is a clear guide to using console to set values as well as what each of those values do, and if and where they can be changed, similar to how the belted quest has to be set to off in the pre-war area rather than in the starting vault. This would work as well as you could then create a batch file to set the values, and run that from the console in pre-war area before doing anything else. Another option that I am not sure if it is doable or not would be to have all the settings as changeable values in the esp so that you could open the file in xedit and change the values to what you want them to be.
  10. Normally what I do in that case it assign vanilla male meshes for the appropriate armour types, so if the female armour is flagged as orcish I will assing the male to the vanailla orcish armor meshes, that usually sorts it same for gloves and such, things like skirts and the odd slots I tend to go on the keywords the modded armour has, so anything that goes on torso/hips/abdomen is male torso armour, thighs. low legs etch boots, etc.
  11. First mod looks kinda nice, though the cloak spell way of adding things could potentially cause problems, which is why some other mods moved away from cloak spells to do things. Though I would imagine it depends on how the cloak spell is set up. Though it does look kinda fiddly to set up, but reading further looks like once set up is pretty much ignore it, though I would imagine changing load order could cause problems with it.
  12. Aradia kato, though you want the retexture version otherwise it is just one colour, while others are the 5-6 colours that are available. Start link for you to see what I mean https://eiheispot1.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-119.html For just colour mixes take a look at the conversions Minou did some time back he did a load of them with multiple colours of the same armour. JinhuaCat Outfit http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1289.html Aradia Lace Dress, there is a cbbe bodyslide conversion somewhere, but as I use uunp have no idea where it is at present http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-270.html There is also that schoolgirl stuff, with the various blouses, jackets and stockings in different patterns and materials, well if you get the correct conversion pack anyway, otherwise they seem to be missing most of them, the textures sets are there they are just not set in the esp for the mod. And as usual damned if I can remember the name of the pack they are in. Hemui clothes pack, again there is a cbbe bodyslide conversion somewhere, on on here somewhere for certain http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-367.html Luxury collection, a mix and match set to say the least, https://www.loverslab.com/topic/51192-luxury-collection-for-cbbe-hdt-bodyslide/
  13. I tend to disable the combat surrender in this mod and use the one from rse, which seems a bit less iffy in the way it works. Though from what I am aware combat surrender is instant if you are wearing wrist restraints, I would guess that with your hands bound you are not going to be doing any fighting any time soon. Though if you already have a weapon equipped you can not even tell as they do not unequip weapons when equipping wrist binding or arm bindings.
  14. Hm, you might find it easier/quicker to do the conversion from scratch, or look around and see if you can find a cbbe bodyslide conversion for them to start with. Nice looking armours as well, the only sse CBBE conversion for armour replacers I have seen is killer keos and that has no sse CBBE bodyslide files available, they are or rather were under moderation on nexus. Looking at what sse CBBE bodyslide conversion are coming out it looks like nobody has either the time or inclination to do any of the big packs, I would love either the shinshi or trx replacers in sse CBBE bodyslide, but freely admit I do not have the time to do them. I do however have the sneaking suspicion that due to the changed from oldrim cbbe to the sse cbbe you would in effect be doing a new conversion from scratch, or at least it would take the same amount of time. And while there is a conversion referance in outfit studio, the couple of time I used it the output was odd to say the least, breasts shrinking when going to 0 to 100% scale rather than growing as they should as well as other problems. Though no matter how it gets done good luck with the conversion and hope to see it here or on nexus sooner or later.
  15. Here is the second ones link https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17772