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  1. Leah Lillith Jewelry might do you, though it does tend to be a bit on the fancy side of things. Ack, sorry will also need converting to se as well as the mod is for le, I really need to pay attention to which forum I am answering to, but it still might do you, though you may well want to dig through the support page for the mod and grab my updated esp which adds crafting and enchanting options to them, I think I posted an updated esp for v1.2.
  2. Thanks though to be honest I would just cheat my arse off and grab the xedit scripts from here to make temperable and craftable https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/users/2722124?tab=user+files Though the site is for sse they do work on le. Even a script to generate enchanted versions as well. And I found these scripts some time after I went through the entire luxury collection, adding crafting and tempering recipes to it myself, though if you can get the le ck to work that is much easier to use for this sort of things, as half the information you want is sim
  3. Pretty sure this has been answered somewhere in the last ten pages or so, and the answer is no, the script changes ALL males to female, that includes the player character, you might if you want to mess around with custom races and such be able to in effect create a male race not affected by this, though this would be a major pain as the script also changes all armors to use the female version so you would in effect have to create your own male only armor to go with your custom race, if you want your character to remain male, and every body else to be female you may well be better served with l
  4. If you want to know why most authors do not do level lists, try doing them yourself through xedit, they are tedious as shit to do, much easier with ck, but a lot of people seem to have problems with the ck, small armor mods are not too bad, but bigger ones, they can be seriously tedious, easiest and quickest way I have found is to copy as overwrite the various boss loot chests into the armor mod, then create a new level list containing all the armor/weapons from that mod then add that level list to each boss loot chest, npc's will not use them of course, but you can then at least find them in
  5. The problem is that even though the requests do not meet the asked format, they still get filled by somebody, if it was me doing this and my post it would be not correctly requested, denied, and when they complain, the answer would be when you can be bothered to request items the correct way then I can be bothered getting them, until that time go to hell.
  6. On the activity page, unread content, should be basically at the top, just under the sorting options.
  7. No idea, the droids mod requires the game to be played in survival mode for it to work properly due to some of the timers it uses, I never play survival mode so have not used the droids mod.
  8. Condensed mode should do that, but seems a bit on and off if it works, well it does for me anyway.
  9. Pretty much what I do, currently finished with the conflict patch and now trying to figure out why I no longer get 60fps outside and inside, I can get around 45ish outside which is fine, but the first dungeon I went to bleak falls is giving my about 4-6 fps, which kinda made me go ouch, wtf, and words to that effect.
  10. Finalize my mod list and get my conflict resolution patches sorted out long enough for me to actually play the damn game, far too much of ohh shiny I will use this mod and remove this one, rebuild conflict patch, rinse repeat, bleh. Not just a problem with skyrim le, but with se and fallout 4 as well.
  11. No they can not be added as settlers or anything like that, though as far as I am aware it was something he planned to do at one point, though from what I am aware he is working on a new mod, which is something similar, I believe this one is basically dead now. This one in fact
  12. Lush gear main set 1.5? I got that lurking on my account as well, if you still want it. https://mega.nz/file/0YBywJ7J#j1k-EZsJlE5YMifcS9fvFtiFdWThk3P5rmuU9xvepQY I used to have pretty much all the lush stuff and bodyslide files for them, no idea where the hell they went to though as they are not in my archive any more nor on my mega account, so it may well be that one of the hard drive crashes I had over the years lost them, well all but this one anyway.
  13. The screens no problem though it would have been better if they had been spoilered and a warning given for those who do not want to see that sort of stuff.
  14. You could give this a try instead of the script version https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/69905 I tends to give a bit more information about problems with potential merges including, esm/esp being in the wrong order or missing. Though depending on what you are doing it might be worth giving this a try instead https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90987 There is an unofficial update to it though which seems to be much better, found here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/39378 Though it is on se nexus it will work with all the games the ori
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