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  1. It is on nexus as well, https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91056
  2. I am guessing he still has not sorted out the level lists problem for spawning them. Nobody has mentioned it either but it also appears to be here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/91056
  3. Not noticed that thread before will have a read through, but those textures look nice, but those were not really the ones I was on about, I was more on about the catsuits and rubber stuff for the most part, there again I personally prefer a nice transparent/semi-transparent lace effect or translucent silk type to rubber. This sort of effect but for the whole catsuit ;
  4. Varithina

    Sun's Final Project

    Dropping the items on the ground then storing them in the workbench in workshop mode should also update them.
  5. Varithina

    9Damao Download Request Topic

    Thank you very much, those wedding dresses are very nice, might use one of them as a re-placer for the female arch mage robes or something.
  6. Varithina

    Armor problem

    If you run devious devices, clear all the device hider settings, if you do not run it then no idea.
  7. From what I remember non of the items apart from shoes and such actually come with pre-built meshes, so you will need to build those with bodyslide, this is becoming more common now, as it does save quite a bit of space on larger packs.
  8. More a case of time, my to do list is huge, for both oldrim and special edition, and that is not taking into account rebuilding both installs from the ground up, and full reinstall of mo/mo2 as required, both of which are still wip
  9. Every time I look at those latex items my first though is that they would look very nice in a more natural leather texture, or even with a nice satin/velvet or lace textures, yes they would not really work as restraints but as most of the items are designed to be show off, so to speak for the person wearing them other materials would work fine, I just never got around to re-texturing them.
  10. What the historical or game based stuff says or means at the end of the day is immaterial, the only thing that really matters are; What are the CURRENT laws in the country you CURRENTLY live in, when dealing with this stuff, as those are the ones that can get you arrested and fined or imprisoned with.
  11. This https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17563
  12. Varithina

    Updating my HDT mods! Could use newbie friendly help.

    Unless they changed it, it is also massively bloated with things that are not required for it either.
  13. Could be that whatever program they used to extract the ba files has extracted them but they are 0 size files, I have had that happen a couple of times and it can be a pain to sort out.
  14. Go back to page 4 the mega link I posted should still be working, though it can take some time to get due to size and how many other people are trying to grab stuff from my mega account at the same time.
  15. Varithina

    Slash197 UUNP Conversion

    You are not likely to get a fix, at least not by slash anyway, for as far as I am aware he stopped doing conversions some time in mid 2017.