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  1. Steam should eventually update it, though steam can be damn slow to update at times and other times it updates before you have a chance to so what, no.
  2. Make sure all the mods in this series are in the correct load order, I can see project valkyrie in there, there is a specific order for these mods, you all seem to have quite a few duplicate mods in there. As far as I am aware these may also cause you problems as it is one or the other esp not both. There may well be others mixed in that I missed as well. FunctionalDisplays-Patch-DLC-ALL-VIS-Weightless.esp FunctionalDisplays-Patch-DLC-ALL-VIS.esp LegendaryModification - DLC Far Harbor.esp LegendaryModification - DLC Far Harbor (2LM).esp FunctionalDisplays-MISC-VIS-Weightless.esp FunctionalDisplays-MISC-VIS.esp My first though on the quest not progressing however would be the player comments, various patches for the outcasts mod, especially if they are not for the current build of outcasts.
  3. Booms are usually good things, apart from of course when you are trying to find the loot they scattered half way across the room, or worse through the walls into nowhere. 😒
  4. Not really noticed as I run 7, and to be honest have not yet seen any real reason to use 8 or 8+, as non of the mods I use require either of them.
  5. Unless stated otherwise with the mod 7, though 8 and 8+ should be compatable and you only want one of them, and the appropriate bodyslide files for it if there are some, as far as I am aware there is no se cbbe bodyslide files for 8 or 8+, though it may just be I missed them, it would not be the first time.😕
  6. I thought it was the 1.6 where they changed things or did they do it again for 1.7?
  7. I have noticed that myself with the left hand rings mod, quite often the script that is supposed to do the change simply does not work or do what it is supposed to.
  8. Arrogant much, convert it yourself if you want, do not demand somebody else do so for you, and personally I consider nemesis a pile of shit, so no do not convert it to nemisis.
  9. Nice idea, and something I tend to do myself, but I tend to duplicate the light armor as heavy and the heavy as light, and depending on what they are and look like, duplicate as clothing as well. Though I do admit doing that is tedious as hell in xedit, but quite easy in the ck.
  10. Nice, the pose and the background look damn good, though my first though was who has been reading slaine recently. 😉
  11. Nice images, though for me they make her look creepy as hell.
  12. Not too sure, I have not really played fallout 4 in ages, played around getting my game working yes, but actually played no, at present on my setup aaf does not work, you would be better of asking in the aaf posts about the futa plugin and how it would work with skyfem/aaf. I know basically nothing about scripting in these games, my only programing knowledge is in c++ and assembly, mostly assembly, and it has been about 20 years since I last used any of that.
  13. Not too sure what It is like now, but the last time I used loot it put the bash patch just under the esm in the load order, though that was around the end of v8 and the start of v9 of it, so quite some time back, as for this list pretty much stuff it completely I would guess, personally I have not used loot in ages.
  14. Currently I have no working Fallout 4 install to even try it with, I stripped out fusion girl after the mess with the changes to the body going from 1.45 to 1.6+, but was getting around to doing a re-build even before that, I just can not really settle down on which the install guide to use. As for getting femout to work with aaf, I have the sneaking suspicion that it would require some changes to the way aaf detects gender, as even with males looking like female and using female clothing and such they are still flagged in the game as male I think.
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