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  1. Varithina

    MO error

    If you used mod organisers in built back up for load order and mod list, it might be worth re-loading both of them as see if that works. If that does not work then you may need to re-install mod organiser, at the worst you might need to re-install both game and mo. Though if you check in the directory where you installed mo, there should be a profiles directory, with separate directories for each profile you have from those you can copy the loadorder.txt which will be the current load order for esp used in game, there may or may not also be backups of that named something like this loadorder.txt.2018_10_29_22_41_43, the first three sets of numbers are the year, month and date, last three are time. It may be worth deleting the current loadorder.txt and renaming the last backup mo made and see if that sorts things out. There is also another file called modlist.txt which is the list of mods you have installed, and you might do the same to that as I suggested to the loadorder.txt file. By the way how well does it work running the game off a flash drive?
  2. Thank you for being the one to solve other's problems.  It has greatly helped this old man.

  3. This is the ui, though it may be a custom preset for it, not too sure https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82725
  4. Varithina

    Prettier Bandits

    What you would need to do is check your bashed/merged patch on the npc section and make sure that the looks side of stuff is being passed through all the other mods changing that npc, and you would be surprised the number of mods that edit npc, some for no reason at all. Bash/merged are not really that good at sorting stuff out for this sort of thing. What I do for this is have a overwrite esp that loads after the bash/merged patches which makes sure that all the npc stuff, appearance, gear, skills etc are being passed through from the correct mods, if you check chances are that most of them are not from jh but from vanilla or other mods. And yes it is a pain in the arse to do so and can take hours to sort out.
  5. Varithina

    Melodic's things

    And any all errors will cause it to not to merge, even if you select the ignore errors for the plugins, it will seem to do so but if you check the merge later it will be missing various amounts of stuff from the mods with errors. Depending on what the error is though it is pretty easy to sort out for armour and weapons mods anyway, 9 times out of ten if you are getting out of order records on items check to see if the mod has update.esm as a master file if it does not add it, that will most times sort those sort of errors out.
  6. Varithina

    SexLab Inflation Framework

    Give this a try go into SKSE\Plugins and find the file nioverride.ini Open that up with a text editor, notepad works as does notepad +, not word or anything like that though, then look for the following line; ;determines scaling mode ; 0 - Multiplicative ; 1 - Averaged ; 2 - Additive ; 3 - Largest iScaleMode=0 change the 0 to the value you want it to be chosen from one of the three commented lines, so either 1 to average out across all the mods that change the scaling, or to 3 which will only take the largest values. It might also be worth while checking on the section ; Determines combination mode for BodyMorph ; 0 - Additive ; 1 - Averaged ; 2 - Largest iBodyMorphMode=0 and change that to either 1 which will make it the average value of all the mods changing things or to 2 which will use whichever mod is making the largest changes. You may want to play around with both the values in these two sections to find the ones that work for you. Note the 0 which is the default value multiplies all the size changes in the first setting and in the second one adds all the size changes, which may well explain some of the big sizes you are getting.
  7. Varithina

    Kenm@stery (re)collection

    Odd as the very first mega link by O_O is still connecting for me anyway.
  8. avast for various reasons dislikes direct links from here, no idea why, but it happens now and then, I have had it as I use avast and it is annoying as hell, chances are the next avast update will stop it happening then the one after will start it up again.
  9. Varithina

    So few hairstyle mods

    Then why bother cluttering up your load order with all those hair style mods? Ignoring of course those required for npc replacers and such anyway.
  10. Varithina

    So few hairstyle mods

    And out of all those hair styles, how many of them do you actually use?
  11. Not too sure about what is happening there, it could be her outfits are scripted. Or it could be she has multiple outfits, set during quests or what not. Or it could be skyrim being it's normal self. Though bijin as it changes her npc settings would reset the armour to ancient nord, depending on which load order you use, what you would need to do is open the entire load order in xedit. Go down onto the npc tab and scroll through it to find aela, when you select here it should show conflicts, looking at what I did to her gear/outfit would allow you to pass that through and edit bijin, or create a new overwrite in another file and transfer the changes from both bijin and this one through that.
  12. Adding ballistic weave, assuming they have the correct keywords, and you have unlocked it or have a mod that unlocks it, would be done on the normal armour workbench not the armoursmith one. Well just had a look, and checking the keywords none of the items are set up to accept ballistic weave, on any part of any of the outfits.
  13. Yup, though when responding to people it is better to quote them, so they get alerts, well unless they are tracking the post anyway. Her you go give this a try; Customedits.7z You can change the name of the esp or merge the stuff into another file if you need to.
  14. Hmm, just checked the nuns 1-4 esps none of them require ae/awkcr so chances are it is something else in your load order doing it. Looking at the various esp, they should be in the utility section of the chem work bench.
  15. Not too sure if it is deliberate or not but the esm is not flagged as an esm.