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  1. Varithina

    Malware Report on Attachments

    I was getting this recently, but something updated in the past few days, and it stopped happening, think it was windows itself that updated as I do not remember avast saying it was updating, though it could have been firefox, though all I know is I cam home from work to a rebooted pc, and afterwards avast no longer complains about those links.
  2. Varithina

    Mod Organiser & Bodyslide

    Ahh, you did not say you were using mo2, I assumed (bad idea I know) that you were using 1, yeh it can be a bit odd as for me in fallout 4 I have mo2 in the game directory and everything works fine for sse I did until one of the mo2 updates at which point things like xedit/bodyslide stopped working and I had to move it out of the game directory which was annoying as hell. Glad you got it sorted though which is all that matters in the end.
  3. Varithina

    Mod Organiser & Bodyslide

    That does pretty much imply there is something odd going on with mo, I am guessing by updating mo it was the update for the changes in the nexus log in page that somebody posted on nexus, if so it might be worth asking them if they have any idea what is going on as it sounds like they may have changed something they did not need to, personally on seeing that update I switched from mo to mo2 for skyrim, it sorta works, in that I need to do some work so that it loads properly, but I can not really be bothered with skrim either of them just now.
  4. Any one know of a mod that drops a grid onto the settlement when in build mode, so that lining up all the various foundation blocks and such like is a bit easier than place it down, and get to the end find that it does not line up with things, take it back up and relay it all? Being able to snap foundation blocks into it would be nice as well, though just being able to see the grid would be great as well.
  5. Varithina

    Mod Organiser & Bodyslide

    This I have had a fair few times, usually along the lines of cannot find xxx file .nif, though only when batch build with more than 1k items being built, as far as I can tell bodyslide seems to be trying to build them quicker than it can process them and basically jumps files and then reports a missing file, normally in that case I then take note of which files cause the error then just batch build those files again, which for me usually sorts the error out. I get it with all three games skyrim, skryim se, and fallout 4.
  6. Varithina

    Mod Org 2 - FNIS 7.0 and 64 bit issues.

    You should be fine sending it to them through pm, just do no post publicly.
  7. Varithina

    Slash197 UUNP Conversion

    If you check through the last hmm, I think 4-5 pages of that thread you should see a post by me giving a link for the uunp version of it, which should still work as far as I am aware as it is my mega account that it links to, I have both the uunp and cbbe versions on it.
  8. Varithina

    Mod Org 2 - FNIS 7.0 and 64 bit issues.

    Give this a try, install mo2 to where ever you want it to, the run it to make sure it is pointing to the version of skyrim you want to use, exit mo2, the go into your mo1 install directory and copy the mods and profiles directories from there into the mo2 install location, when that is finished restart mo2 and it should show all the mods you had installed, you would need to redo the links for outside programs xedit/bash/fnis etc but it should work and it will not affect you original mo install either so if there are problems with your new mo2 install then you can still play from the mo1 install.
  9. Varithina

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Answer to that is do not pre-order, sit and wait till you can find out if it is what you want, I pretty much never pre-order any game, in fact I usually wait 1-2 years before buying the game so that any bug's other crap can be sorted out before I spend money on it.
  10. Varithina

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    If it is an mmo, chances are there will not be or will only be limited modding ability, which is pretty much the same for most mmo's.
  11. It is a player race mod and it does add some armours and such but not that much, it is mostly a level based go from this location to this location, exploration and change your appearance, in that gen 4 look like machines and the final gen 1 pretty much looks human, oh and depending on your game difficulty the gen 4 that you start as is serious serious op. There are custom player textures for each version of the asia though most require certain levels to even be able to get into the place where you can change and to do the change, think it is level 10, 20, 30 and 40 for access to the gen 1 asia which is the most human look, or at least I think so I stopped playing this mod a while back, it could be the gen versions are the other way around. Oh it does not work well with combat strip light either, as the over armour on the gen 4 is in effect part of the race and can not be unequipped, but you still get the spam of this item can not be unequipped from the combat trip mod. Annoying but not game breaking. One of the amusing things that keep me chuckling is that the anti synth shop keeper in diamond city does not even batter an eye lash when you wander up and try to trade with her, even in the very much not human gen 4 version of asia. And you will not be able to ally with the brotherhood of steel either they are outright hostile to you from the start, though you can talk to danse at the police station the other two members outside will attack you as soon as the clap eyes on you, giving you the option to either run like hell or kill them, if you kill them danse will go hostile, though you can kill him at this point if you want. Though to be honest I never got very far with it pretty much being either the start up gen or the next one you could get at level 10 as I could never remember where the hell you were supposed to go later on and could not be bothered going back to the various terminals that tell you stuff, there is no quest markers which is good, but no holotapes or notes with the information from those terminals that you could pick up which could be a major pain as depending on how and when you play it could be weeks between the various levels for each version of it. There are also various npc asia around the place but you can not talk or interact with them in anyway, they tend to be around raider bases and a few other placers, I can not tell you the number of times I killed them in the middle of a gun fight then went back to loot things and found out I had just killed other asia. There are also possible hostile interaction with asia as there are roaming groups in the wilderness, at lower levels they are a pain as the armour they wear is on par with marine armour, and they tend to be armed with laser rifles at lower levels and I think I remember seeing a couple of them with plasma rifles at higher levels though that I would not be certain about.
  12. Ahh, so 90% or so of us will see said panda when looking at that link then, good to know.
  13. Can you imagine the amount of lag as they all spawned?
  14. Is there a problem with the links from the first page when I try to download from here using firefox, avast states there is a malware and does not even give the option to download but when using edge is does not even find the file. Specifically the fomod version. Quick check shows that the https on edge makes the file unfindable, but removing the s from the end so that it is just http gives the same maleware error from avast as it does in firefox. There again it could be firefox as I know there are problems with it at present, well for me anyway, because after 20-30 min of no web access it forgets there even is a connection, everything else works fine though, not too sure why avast is spitting out maleware blocks though as that is pretty recent as I never had this problem before, odd bit is using the normal download section of ll they still download without errors. And of course avast being weird is pretty much on par for avast, though this seems to be the only site I down load from giving this problem.
  15. I think you may well have posted the wrong link there, as it points to a somewhat dispondant looking panda, which is sitting down, which I am guessing is not what you wanted. If it is I am not aware of a panda race, but there again with this game who can tell