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Aphrodite's Bow is  a Sexbound compatible mod that provides players with hours enjoyable adult-content in Starbound. In the latest major update, player's can craft their own Aphrodite's Bow (i) at Aphrodite's Retreat, and they can discover bonus content through exploration.


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⁉️ Having trouble completing the quest line? Please download the latest version which should fix the problem for most players.



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Previous Versions

Download previous versions of Aphrodite's Bow from the Official Archive: Mega.nz



In the latest version, a lot has changed, but a lot of new content was added too. The new changes might be confusing to players who have been using a previous version of Aphrodite's Bow. So, I'll quickly highlight the changes that were made, and I'll explain what to expect when installing v4 of Aphrodite's Bow.


Aphrodite's Bow no longer has its magical ability, but you can expect to craft and obtain a new imbued version of Aphrodite's Bow. The new imbued bow will have the same magical ability as the previous bow, but it'll feature a new critical shot projectile. You will be able to craft a new Aphrodite's Bow (i) during a new quest line where you actually get to meet Aphrodite at her secret retreat. Players can begin the new quest line by finding Aphrodite's lost staff which is a legendary item that can be randomly found as a valuable treasure in chests on any world. If it takes longer than you like to find Aphrodite's Staff, then you can always find one in the chest under the Outpost.


All other information about how to complete the new quest-line and craft the new Aphrodite's Bow (i) can be found in-game. In addition to crafting Aphrodite's Bow, players will enjoy finding hidden content and rewards within Aphrodite's Retreat.



This mod requires the latest version of the Sexbound.





1) First, you must download and install the latest version of the Sexbound API.
2) Extract the contents from the .zip file.
3) Move the extracted .pak file into your Starbound Mods directory.
4) Finished.




Players can use Aphrodite's Bow Stringer at Aphrodite's Retreat to craft Aphrodite's Bow or Aphrodite's Bow (i).


During Aphrodite's Retreat Questline, the Bow Stringer will produce a rare Aphrodite's Bow that will not have any interesting special ability until it is imbued with magical powers by Aphrodite. Essentially, the Player must turn-in the crafted Aphrodite's Bow to receive an Aphrodite's Bow (i) from Aphrodite.


After Aphrodite's Retreat Questline, the Bow Stringer will produce a legendary Aphrodite's Bow (i) that will have the desired special ability. It does not need to be imbued by Aphrodite since the player has already completed the questline.






Obtaining the ingredients. Players can obtain all of the ingredients needed to craft Aphrodite's Bow during the Aphrodite's Retreat Questline. There are two ingredients required to craft Aphrodite's Bow, and they are Aphrodite's Staff and Aphrodite's Twine.


Aphrodite's Staff


aphroditesstaff.png: Obtained by searching almost any treasure chest in any world. It requires the Player to accept a quest upon picking it up for the first time.


Aphrodite's Twine


aphroditestwine.png : Obtained as a reward during the Aphrodite's Retreat Questline; however, there is an alternative method to obtain Aphrodite's Twine for players to discover.

You may choose to obtain some of the new items by using the /spawnitem command, but make sure that you have admin privileges. Naturally, I've hidden the spawn codes behind the below spoiler.


/spawnitem aphroditesstaff => Spawns an Aphrodite's Staff item

/spawnitem aphroditestwine => Spawn an Aphrodite's Twine item

/spawnitem aphroditesbow => Spawn an Aphrodite's Bow weapon - A normal plain bow until imbued

/spawnitem imbuedaphroditesbow => Spawn an Aphrodite's Bow (i) - Used to mind control NPCs

/spawnitem sexbound_appleofdiscord => Spawn's an Apple of Discord food item which is used to change your sub-gender to be futanari

/spawnitem sexbound_appleofdiscontent => Spawn's an Apple of Discontent food item which used to reset your sub-gender

/spawnitem gogodancerchest => Spawn's a Gogo Dancer Chest wearable item

/spawnitem gogodancerlegs => Spawn's a Gogo Dancer Legs wearable item

1) What does it mean when the word 'obstructed' appears?

'Obstructed' means there is an object behind the NPC that is preventing it from transforming into a SexNode object. Or, it means that there is not a suitable below surface on which to place a spawned SexNode object.




Mod Assets Permissions: You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


What's New in Version 6.0.0


6.0.0: Added new explorable area to Aphrodite's Retreat.
- Added consumable food items Apple of Discord & Apple of Discontent.
- Added Aphrodite's Pet and Aphrodite's Succubus NPC types.
- Added Aphrodite's Apple Tree object.
- Changed treasure pool to have a chance to reward new food items.



5.0.0: Changed furniture objects to be compatible with Sexbound major version 3.


4.1.3: Fixed mod incompatibility issue preventing some users from finishing the quest line.

- Changed the Handmaiden to directly load its own Sexbound API Override scripts.


4.1.2: Added 100% spawn chance of Aphrodite's Staff in the chest under the Outpost.
- Changed the Treasure Chest at the end of the boss battle to reward money, "valuable treasure" and unique costume items more often.
- Reduced the chance of finding Aphrodite's Staff by adding it into the 'Unique Weapon' drop pool.


4.1.1: Fixed major bug preventing players from completing the quest line.


4.1.0: Added Aphrodite's Pheromone stat effect. (Maxes the affected entity's arousal stat).
- Changed Aphrodite's Bow to apply Aphrodite's Pheromone stat as secondary attack.
- Changed Aphrodite's Bow to apply Aphrodite's Pheromone stat as critical attacks.


4.0.1: Added objective text to the Summoning Ritual quest.
- Fixed some issues in setting certain object parts to be full bright.
- Fixed color highlighting issues in the included codex.


4.0.0: Added required quest line to obtain Aphrodite's Bow.
- Added new Imbued Aphrodite's Bow item.
- Added new critical shot ability to Aphrodite's Bow (i).
- Added new Aphrodite's Staff item.
- Added new Aphrodite's Retreat world instance/dungeon.
- Added new Go-go outfit.
- Added new NPCs.
- Added chance to reward Aphrodite's Staff to the Basic Treasure pool.
- Added secret content.
- Changed Aphrodite's Bow to function as a normal bow whereas the Aphrodite's Bow (i) functions as expected.
- Replace harmless damage with vanilla game's hidden damage.


3.0.0: Updated to be compatible with Sexbound v2.

2.1.0: Added sound effect for the successful application of lust.
- Added particle effect for successful application of lust.
- Added message as particle effect for failure to apply lust.

2.0.2: Reverted to the previous version to fix requirement errors at runtime.

2.0.1: Fixed dependency bug which causes errors for some players.
- Lowered priority for the mod to load.

2.0.0: Removed animation sprite sheets and logic. They are now part of Sexbound API, so other mods will have access to them.

1.2.0: Works on merchants now.
- Reskinned bow.
- Fixed some mod conflicts for some players.

1.1.0: Female player automatically start interaction as receiving role.
- Players may switch between roles in the Sex UI.
- Refactored code.

1.0.0: Initial release.


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