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Teratophilia refers to the sexual attraction to either monsters - from the Victorian penchant for mummy erotica to the Babadook or to the attraction to deformed people. The word comes from the greek τέρας meaning monster and φιλία meaning love.

With the introduction of monster supports into Sexbound, it was odd that only a couple supports for a few known or common monsters existed-- or for that one custom monster people really don't stop bullying on the workshop... Well, here it is, Teratophilia! The vanilla monster support compilation!


The first update, namely the "Garden" update, features unique creatures found in the starting planet, Garden biome, on the surface, plus a few extras.

Currently supported: Snaunt, Tentacle Crawler (Or Ruin Crawler), Nutmidge, Nutmidgeling, King Nutmidgeling, Punchy, and Satan Gleaps, Fire-Satan Fire Gleaps, Smoglin, Poison Smoglin, Adult Poptop/Mother Poptop/Albino Adult Poptop, Poptop, Albino Poptop, Scandroid, Paratail.


With all that said, these are very experimental supports, trying to make use of the assets and options i have, so some animations will look funky, some others funny, and mostly dumb. So feel free to offer criticism, suggestions, and questions about the support.


Once installed, just hit a monster with the Aphrodite's Bow, or analogues, and they'll become a node just like a NPC.

What's New in Version 0.1.8



  • ACTUALLY actually added support for Albino Adult Poptop and Mother Poptop. The patches were made, but the images weren't there. I have derped once again!
  • Yes, the file size is much smaller. I usually remove the project files (.XCF for GIMP editing) from inside the mod after i'm done editing a monster's animations, that way it doesn't bloat the mod. Each file for a Monster's Actor is around 1.5MB, so i HAVE To remove them or else the mod is literally 30-40MB. This time i had forgotten to remove the Adult Poptop's files.



  • More egg monsters (Snaunt, Adult Poptops, Albino Poptops, Albino Adult Poptops, and Mother Poptop)
  • More defeat support for the above mentioned monsters.
  • TeratoDefeat now specifically won't launch if you don't have Defeat.


  • (Hopefully) fixed the arm-layers of some monster animations turning them into tesseracts of the void.


The update before christmas! 0.1.5:

  • Adds support for the monsters Fire-Satan Fire Gleaps, Smoglin, Poison Smoglin, Adult Poptop/Mother Poptop, Poptop, Albino Poptop, Scandroid, Paratail.
  • Adds sounds to some of the supported monsters... not good sounds, but sounds nonetheless.
  • Not all monsters support both actors.

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