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About This File

HDT 1.5 is still unsupported and 'unnoficial' (It hasn't been tested in-game). I only uploaded it because I used it as a reference for making a guide.

Read changelog for changes.


HDT Body has officially reached it's end of support.

For my newest work that is current please use following thread:

Project Citrus


For those of you who have updated to Groovtama's newest Alpha skeleton, please use the similar HDT enabled body contained in CT77's Nexus armour downloads. It's based off of this mod but with the breasts setup to work with Groovtama's Alpha skeleton.


Thanks for the support!




With the advent of BodySlide 2/ Outfit Studio becoming more popular modders are finding that they must tear themselves between adding FULL TBBP weighting vs. zecoron's PSB Body weights.



The TPSB/HDT body is created out of the frustration of not being able to have the best of BOTH worlds!


What is TPSB HDT Body?:


TPSB = Tender Pregnant Scaled Body


It's a moniker I came up with to describe FULL TBBP enabled bodies that also have the Belly weight paint from the original PSB body mod.

The body is out there only for those who want to have TBBP animations AND Pregnancy at the same time.


HDT Body = A fully optimized weight system for (hopefully) any BodyType to take maximum advantage of HDT physics effect. Contains legacy support for TBBP and PSB as well.




- 1 standard body to use to copy bone weights from in OS conversion

- Cleaned weighting for maximum HDT compatability

- Increased compatibility with Outfit Conversions (Use of Lock Seams is minimized)

- Customized HDT effects. Read this thread for more info.

- Future Expandable (Read FAQ)




1. Groovtama's XPMS Extended


2. HydrogensaysHDT's Physics Extensions (Latest or Stable)

File Descriptions:


Unclean TPSB:

Confirmed working with no seams. Has been successfully developed by Lother who has also made outfit conversions with them. Weights are 'unclean' BodySlide Enabled


TPSB CBBE BodySlide v1.1:

Full standard TBBP + PSB Body, included with an optional Pubes mesh Based on the Hairy Vaginas of Skyrim mod. Useful for those who do not use HDT


HDT Body 1.4:

A MUCH improved body weighted specifically for use with HDT effects.

It is now safe for OS users to convert armors using this body (and is highly encouraged)

- Even cleaner weights to allow more future HDT expansions/(possibly) better standard animation support

- Butt Weights Re-Cleaned so as to allow HDT jiggle without losing your hip shape (for those of you with wide hips)

- Breasts Weights Updated so as to allow for smoother HDT collision as well as Bounce

- Breast01 Weights updated to give a better 'subtle' top heavy Boob Jiggle

- Slight Shoulder weight tweaks to help with transitions from walk/running animations to custom idle animations (not perfected)

- Belly weights left untouched, after countess HDT testing I simply could not make 'better' weighting for the belly. The weighting is carefully balanced so it caters

to the need of normal users who choose not be pregnant but still retain HDT effects and effects for Pregnant Jiggle. If you can come up with better weighting let me

know and I'll be happy to upload it as an optional or if it has overall better effects for both spectrums, I'll update the main file with it.



- Added 3 New Bodies with 3-D PUBES AND LABIA MESHES!

- FIXED a few slight weight adjustments to shoulders (needs more work to be perfect)

- Integrated 5 NEW SLIDERS! They'll mimic 7Base Thighs/Calfs/Breasts and ADM LowerBody/Thighs/Calfs



- Changed Belly weighting to be more 'realistic'

- Changed Breast weighting for better HDT effects and for better skeleton node scaling support.

- Improved the 'synergy' of my new sliders with current sliders.

- Improved butt and breast node scaling



- Reverted Belly weights back to Vioxsis original belly weights (After many tests/tweaks I simply could not get better working weights for HDT and scaling)

- BodySlide weight changes are finalized. This version is now safe for OS use to convert armors.

- Breast Scaling works fine as long as you ONLY scale the Breast Weights, DO NOT SCALE BREAST01 WEIGHTS!

- Included my custom sliders, re-fixed to be more compatible with current sliders (again)

- Added 5 new sliders based off of the ZGGB Body (Please Thank Vioxsis for the hard work, took 4 Hours to make!!!)

- Any versions after this version will only contain alternative Bodies (such as more pubes/labia options) or more sliders (very rare for now) or Bugfixes

- While the current weights are finalized, I will be open to change ONLY the butt weights and only ADD future weights (All this will also only happen when OS is updated again)



- Changed the Config.xml file to have my new sliders put under the advanced tab to make them more 'noticeable' (Thanks to Tase for idea!)

- Added ZGGB conversion references (Again only possible due to Vioxsis)

- Added Fixed 7Base Conversion References (Full credit to Cell and thanks for 'releasing' them early to us here on LL!)

- Added CHSBHC/Adec Conversion References! (Let me know if you want me to rip any 'parts' from them to add as sliders for CBBE Body) Thanks cell!

- Halted Conversions and such to work on my new project!



- Added 3 New Sliders court (Courtesy of PsychoMachina and his Venus Body Mod)

- Implemented RaceMenu tattoos fix for Labia meshes

- Added BETA Nipple Piercing Reference for conversions (Needs alignment testing in game a bit) - Major Thanks to Vioxsis again!

- Fixed Config.xml file for the Bone issue in OS.



- Fixed the Nipple Piercing Conversion Reference, they work correctly now.

- Added an optional box.nif for the nipple piercing conversions for the 'original' HDT weighting.

- [bUG] Labia + Racemenu Tattoos still do not work together, will have to ask expired and see if he can offer some guidance. Low priority for now.



- Completely redesigned end user package made exclusively by stuffed_bunny!

- The package is now a LOT smaller to download and includes many neat new optional zap sliders

- It includes a BUNCH of new 'conversion references' for both CBBE and 7BaseBombshell!

- Removed 'Modder' stuff like Piercing Conversion Packages and other unnecessary extra's

- HIGHLY SUGGESTED to download if all you'll be doing is making Bodies and not converting outfits to it! (AKA: End User Friendly)

- Probably missing a few other important details, if I am let me know :)

- Outfit Modder's: Please stay on v1.3 until a seperate modder's package is made for update 1.4. Thank you for your patience!


7Base Bombshell BETA v.4: (On Hold)


Installation: Place .nifs in your "Data\Meshes\actors\character\character assets"


- Re-Done from almost scratch

- Smoothened Belly Weights

- Fixed Breast/Butt weights

- Added Weight Slider support

- Cleaned EVERY weight

- Improved butt and breast weighting for skeletal node scaling



- User testing/feedback

- Fix butt weights for skeleton node scaling



HDT Weight Patch for ChronoTrigger77's Remodeled Armor Patch v1:


REQUIRES: ChronoTrigger77's Remodeled Armor for CBBE BodySlide

XPMS based skeleton.



1. Copy folders into "Data/CalienteTools/ShapeData"

2. Overwrite if needed.



There might be some slight issues using some HDT files. Will be fixed in future.

Panty Zap Sliders ARE THE ONLY WORKING ZAP SLIDERS, this MAY be fixed.

Does not contain my custom 7Base thigh,breast or calf sliders. Depending on my motivation I may or may not add this.



Ask ChronoTrigger77 on nexus if you wish to use/edit/re-distribute these files.


Conversions not working in BodySlide: The meshes for these are 100% correct, however due to some zap slider incompatibilities, BodySlide will not run through them correctly. I will see about a possible patch. Will take some time as I experiment to find the most efficient way to fix.


- Elven Light

- Draugr

- Dark Brotherhood

- Nocturnal

- Savior's Hide

- Nordic Carved

- Skaal



gerra6 - Creator of Mesh Rigger, a VERY easy to use program to transfer weights between meshes

ChronoTrigger77 - For his hard working on making the sliders PERFECT!






Q. Will the bodies presented here only be for CBBE?

A. Hopefully not, I created this page to help link all the requests out there for other BodyTypes as well.


Q. What's the difference between this and PSB, doesn't it already have TBBP compatability?

A. Yes, it has TBBP Compatability but BBP bounce, the author intentionally left out the Breast01 weights for fear of surpassing the 4 weights per vertex problem.


Q. If I make an Outfit Conversion using these bodies, will I see pregnant ladies/do I need a pregnancy mod?

A. NO, the whole point of this body is so that you can make the conversion with this body and then share with everyone without having to worry for requests such as making a dedicated TBBP one or PSB one...


Q. What do you mean by 'clean' weights?

A. Most of the body meshes you see even now have weird weight paints, for instance some CBBE meshes (including Dragonfly's TBBP mesh) has a R Calf Bone weight with the entire L Calf Bone weight applied to it (albeit the weight is tiny so it goes unnoticeable in game) see pic below for example:







Q. What do you mean by expandable?

A. As modders get more and more creative, they may begin to add more bone weights to the body to achieve greater effects. Using TPSB body's those modders can safely copy 'cleaned' bone weights that have been tested and focus on adding the new bone weights without removing past features.

Ex: The vag bone weights are still unused, but will most definitely be used when modders come up with a vag mesh that opens and closes when something is inserted.

Ex 2: With the cleaned weighting it may be possible to add Thigh + Arm jiggle as well without violating the 4 weights per vertex bone.


If you would like to help/contribute to this effort just post back on this thread or PM me :)

If you've got a file that you think should end up here, send it and be sure to attach credits for everyone who worked on it!


HDT Extension Page


HDT extension's are also a WIP.

Belly Jiggle Added, check the page for instructions/download!


Page To-Do's:


- Clean up Page

- Add more info into FAQ

- Color/Highlight important info

- Make credit links to everyone's work/relevant posts



stuffed_bunny - For singlehandedly making update 1.4!

Vioxsis - Creating the weighted mesh.

zecoron - Creator of Original PSB body

Dragonfly - Creator of TBBP

Caliente / Cell - Team that brought us BodySlide2 and Outfit Studio

Lother - for making the unclean TPSB files and some early outfit conversions on it

DeathMaw - Help on testing TPSB body

DorkDiva - Pubes mesh for v1.1

ACanOfWin - Help testing 7Base Body

PsychoMachina - Creating Some of the New Sliders

tase - Giving me the idea for 'Advanced Sliders'

blabba - Some dude who put together everyone else's great work with some tweaks of his own.


LoversLab - For the awesome community :)

What's New in Version 1.5


  • β v1 Rudimentary bodies supplied with seam gaps as well an unclean weighted version with no seams.
  • 1.0 - Full and possibly final release
  • 1.1 - Added an Optional Pubes Body
  • β v2 - Changed Name for Semantic issues as well as other major changes.
  • β v2.1 - Added 7Base Bombshell Alpha for testing
  • β v3:
  • - Added 7Base Bombshell BETA v.3
  • - Added CBBE BodySlide BETA v.3
  • - Read entire Description for FULL Changes
  • β v4:
  • - Redone 7Base Bombshell
  • - Tweaked CBBE BodySlide
  • 1.0:
  • - CBBE BodySlide Finalized Weight Changes
  • - Read description
  • 1.1:
  • - Changed the my optional sliders to be put under 'Advanced Sliders' tab in BodySlide
  • - 7base Bombshell put On Hold for my other project.
  • 1.2:
  • - Added a fix for the labia meshes and racemenu tats
  • - Added BETA Nipple Piercing Conversion references
  • - Fixed the Config.xml file
  • - Added 3 New Sliders
  • 1.3:
  • - Fixed Nipple Piercing Conversion Reference
  • - [BUG] Racemenu Tattoos and Labia do not work together still.
  • 1.4:
  • - Redesigned End User Package with a bunch of new conversion references for 7Base Bombshell and CBBE bodies.
  • - Outfit Modders, please stay on Update 1.3, see updates section for details.
  • 1.5
  • - Fixed skinning for Latest XPMSE skeleton
  • - Fixed skinning for hips
  • - Untested and still will not Receive Support

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