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About This File

I thought I'd share this file as I never could find another file or resource similar to this.

I made it in preparation for the UniBody system that Vioxsis and I will be releasing shortly (Hopefully) :)

Hopefully this 'resource' can also help others out there.


NONE of these bodies belong to me, and are simply just re-named nifs of the respective author's individual works.

This resource also contains .OBJ files of almost all Skyrim Body Mods out there as well as a decent selection of Oblivion Bodies as well.

The .Obj's are in quadrangulated forms (as best deduced by Autodesk's auto quadrangify tool)


This pack will probably be further updated down the line with Bodyslide ready .nifs and .obj's once the Unibody system is released so as to encourage people to come up with their own sliders and such.


Tools used:

Gerra6's Pose Converter

Autodesk 3DSMax 2014



The meshes all belong to their respective owners.

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