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  1. No idea, there probably is a way to make vertex animations do-able in skyrim. Just nobody has figured it out yet.
  2. Hint: take a look at my 3dsmax project file with the skeleton to see how I setup the vagina with bones/constraints. You can set it up the same way to get your to work.
  3. Huge thanks to @tfigment He caught my novice mistake for the broken BSDismember modifier that people were getting. New version updated, change log speaks for itself on OP. long term plans: I'm still sticking to Skyrim as I have no interest in the Fallout series. (If you care about fallout, I highly suggest looking at figments builds that he posts on nexus or on his git!) I'll still be sticking to 3dsmax 2014, I'll build for 3dsmax 2017 when it comes out in March 2017 . I may or may not go ahead and build for all the max versions 2013 and up. Depends on if people need/use it. Mos
  4. Maxscript tools work on any version of 3dsmax unless otherwise stated. Plugins only work on specified versions of 3dsmax. The reason why citrus takes so long is that I'm writing my own tools to help speed up my work instead of just doing things manually. I will release said tools when I finish them.
  5. No you can't :/ The sliders only work with the included body.
  6. There should be a quite a lot for breasts,butts, a few for torso's and a couple for the arms. And 1 or 2 for the hands/feet. Make sure you downloaded the most recent file.
  7. In-game Racemenu morphing already exists. As a side note, I just finished finals and find myself with close to a month of free time, other than doing some work for my version of the nif plugin tool, actually expect some updates to the body (probably just some new morphs and stuff, maybe bugfixing with seams if still necessary etc....) Again thanks for all who continue to support and give detailed feedback!
  8. http://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/3189054-unable-to-start-game-due-to-sweetfx/?p=28381079 The ENB your using has a sweetfx submodule.
  9. The default is PC-only. NPC's require an add-on function from Expired's RaceMenu updates. Where basically you define a JSON preset file for NPC's to randomly generate "presets" from.
  10. Short answer: no. If you can't craft something you like, then this mod really isn't meant for you. The idea behind it is to customize/tweak a shape to get what you want because it currently doesn't exist. Other thing you can do is share preset files that other people make.
  11. Always happy to take a question from a modder who knows what he's talking about The answer is yes, I do believe scales propogate to children bones and would appropriately set the scale. The problem with parenting this though is that you know lose motion of the pelvis bone (think crouches and jump etc...) You cannot have multiple split parenting (at least if you can, it's a terrible way to go about doing it)
  12. This place is shit. Not enough orange and too much black. Naw, but if it weren't for this place Iwouldn't have had the courage to become a modder in the first place
  13. I don't use Bodyslide so no clue ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  14. Copy skin data from base citrus meshes into your armour conversion. You'll have to google how to do that on whatever tool your using (OS/Blender/3dsmax).
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