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  1. Dunno if there's any 2 handers, but similar vein of mods: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/users/1034867/?tb=mods&pUp=1
  2. blabba


    Version 5.0.2


    C = Completely I = Innovative (and) T = Technically R = Realistic U = Universal S = System Overview: This is at it's core another female body mesh replacer. It is a brand new mesh made from scratch by @Vioxsis. It makes use of Expired's RaceMenu mod to allow a player to fully customize the body with all new sliders. Features: In-Game Body Customization via RaceMenu New Hand/Feet Meshes along with support for customization in RaceMenu (Nail Length sliders, etc...) Seamless integration with CITRUS Heads Hair colour matching Pubic Hair options (They auto-hide when
  3. Why would that be necessary that a script hooks into the game exe? Just being curious. Script extenders are usually unsigned .DLL's that contain proxy libraries that draw information and modify the existing game functions. Stuff like SKSE/NVSE/ENB are examples of this. Modifying or using an improper 'crack' on game executables can directly interfere with these extenders being able to "hook" into the correct memory addresses and load their proxy libraries etc...
  4. An orange a day keeps your skyrim from exploding ;)

  5. Need more posts. Things get unlocked with more post counts.
  6. I think trainwiz summed it up best: http://trainwiz.tumblr.com/post/102426952214/what-do-you-think-of-perkus-maximus-in-your Basically it's an updated SkyRe.
  7. 2.06 because then I don't have to deal with messed up scales and get screwed up skinning. (Please don't skin to 1.93 guys....)
  8. Gratz on doing it. Now why are you asking for others to do it when you clearly say that yourself possess the skills to do so? Also, plenty of this has been suggested numerous times, a simple forum search will turn up a few. Here's an example from just 3 days ago: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/35394-req-hdt-for-sheathed-weapons-quivers-etc/ Next time, try reading the forums, or doing a simple search.
  9. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54504/? Does that not already contain what your looking for?
  10. Re-installing 3dsMax, soon :)

  11. RL is making me busy. So Modding break for a few weeks.

  12. Check yoo's stuff if you want, he does only non-adult hdt stuff and does it very well. There's also the nexus now for non-adult hdt implementations. I mean Fuse00 took HDT stuff taught here from folks like canderes, Neckros and Yoo, went on ahead and made hdt horses for skyrim. You can do the same if you find progress lacking. Plenty people here will help you, and I know for sure a certain Yoo fellow would be happy at the prospect of other non-adult HDT modders.
  13. CITRUS, It's getting really close to Done!

  14. Version BUBBLEGUM


    Intro: This mod overhauls the head meshes and their respective morphs to allow higher poly heads. These new High-Poly Heads will help when RM3 comes out with it's morph editor to allow you to further customize it while maintaining decent smoothing. You can also make more various and extreme morphs for these heads using Mudbox or any 3d editor. Contains: - Female Head and all associated morphs (ECE/Chargen/Nuska/etc...) - Female Argonian Head and all associated morphs, along with new lizard style eye blink 'animation' - Female Khajit Head and all associated morphs, Along with tweak
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