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HDT Body Customized Bounce Kit - BETA Belly Support BETA v3.1

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About This File

Added StevieRage's edited XML file as the main file, it's really good and please drop him a like for his work!





- Found out that the values in this HDT Bounce kit work well for Large breasted women, need to make another for smaller breasted women.


- Implemented Pregnancy Belly Collision, needs refinement though.

- Added Butt Love ;) in v2.1 For those who want more jiggle in their rear. See images for a .gif

- This file has completely broken breast collision and breast bounce, will need to fix.

- After getting some help from clp2011 and more experimenting, added an alternative TBBP breast01 version that manipulates the Breast01 weights of TBBP meshes,

- This version fixes spazzy breasts for the most part.



- Added Optional Modders Resource File v.2 download

- The Modders Resource File contains custom skeleton replacer made by Groovtama and also include his HDT PE.hkx file (Don't have to delete femaleskeleton.hkx)

- The file is experimental and meant to be used with the new HDT Body

- There are a few known bugs, the HDT needs more tweaking and testing. Pleae report errors/bugs in this thread

- The final form will require you to use Groovtama's updated Skeleton Files from his Download PAge (Will be linked when he has updated, and this file will be removed and replaced only with the .xml file)


What is This File?


Basically it's CLP's HDT All-In-One file merged together with the hdt.xml from the MangaBody thread , add to it a slight dash of Monsto's HDT Tribble with some spice added by yours truly while messing with the JFF program.


I tweaked this file specifically for the TPSB body that is linked in my BodySlide Tutorial thread.



Test it out and let me know what you think.


What is TPSB HDT Body?


TPSB = Tender Pregnant Scale Body (Meant more for NON-HDT enabled bodies)


It's basically a body that emerged from the frustration of people asking for PSB BodySlide conversions and then TBBP & HDT 'naturalists' saying that they wanted a full TBBP implementation of the Outfit in BodySlide...


While PSB has TBBP SUPPORT, it only actually has BBP BOUNCE, which is simply too bouncy for some and also messes up with the great HDT Bounce Kits or vanilla TBBP bounce.


So basically this Body will allow Outfit Studio modders to make just 1 conversion and please both camps :)


HDT Body

It also is supposed to increase compatibility with HDT Bounce kits, as most that have been posted have done so with TBBP in mind (where all the breast bones are weighted)


So then why a customized Bounce kit for this Body?


Reasoning for this Kit:


A problem had arisen for me when using TPSB along with HDT Tripples and HDT.xml, basically I had collision but no Bounce. No idea why...


In order to fix this, I created this Bounce Kit so HDT body users (as well as others I guess) could have both at the same time.




1. Place in Data/SKSE/Plugins directory, overwrite if asked




- Work on the Bounce

- Add some .gif's so people see what their getting.

- Whatever else any users find.




Monsto - For HDT Tripples and this forum

Vioxsis - Creating the HDT Body

CLP - For his All-In-One file

zecoron - For the original PSB

DeathMaw - For helping me test out the TPSB body and identifying the Crushed Breast problem

Groovtama - For creating the custom skeleton and femaleskeleton.hkx

Stevierage - For fixing up my pathetic values of belly jiggle ;)

What's New in Version BETA v3.1


  • BETA v1 - At some angles and sudden character movements, breasts will spazz out.
  • BETA v2 - Added some Pregnancy Belly Collision for breasts
  • BETA v2.1 - Added Butt Love ;)
  • BETA v3 - Added Belly Jiggle + Collision thanks to Groovtama
  • BETA v3.1 - Added StevieRage's edited version

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