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About This File

C = Completely

I = Innovative
T = Technically
R = Realistic
U = Universal

S = System




This is at it's core another female body mesh replacer. It is a brand new mesh made from scratch by @Vioxsis. It makes use of Expired's RaceMenu mod to allow a player to fully customize the body with all new sliders.



  1. In-Game Body Customization via RaceMenu
  2. New Hand/Feet Meshes along with support for customization in RaceMenu (Nail Length sliders, etc...)
  3. Seamless integration with CITRUS Heads
  4. Hair colour matching Pubic Hair options (They auto-hide when armour is worn)
  5. Nail Overlays for Toe/Finger Nails
  6. New Weighting system to allow for smoother bone scaling, while allowing custom armour jiggles
  7. New HDT Preset, enabled Rear Thigh, Front Thigh, Calf jiggles (HDT PE only right now)
  8. Use UNP textures (Due to morphing limitations, some morphs will heavily distort textures)
  9. Modders can use Papyrus to manipulate Player/NPC chars with morphs (Ex: When equipping a corset armour your waist gets compressed etc...)



  1. All New custom armour conversions are needed
  2. HDT PE only support right now
  3. Pube System is for now Player Only


  1. ​Download and install latest (Beta) SKSE
  2. Download and install latest RaceMenu
  3. Download and install latest XPMSE
  4. Download and install a UNP texture of your choice
  5. Download and install CITRUS


Future Plans:

  1. Finish 3dsMax Scripts to speed up development time and allow faster high quality conversions.
  2. Add user requested morphs, (Add Toenail sliders, Wrist/Ankle Sliders
  3. Fix any morph issues
  4. Expand Body Hair system, (add armpit hair/chest hair etc... for male/female) Add Keywords to allow certain armours with openings to not hide body hair. Add script support for keywords.
  5. Transition to HDT SMP
  6. Start CITRUS Armour conversions, adding Dye Framework support, Realistic Jiggle Weighting and many more features.

Known Issues:

  1. A few of the pubic hair morphs distort awkwardly with some thigh/butt sliders.



Beta testers
Probably a lot more people.

What's New in Version 5.0.2


  • 5.0 - First RC version
  • 5.0.1 - Bugfix for some small corruption in body morph .tri
  • 5.0.2 - Script fixes, removed XPMSERaceMenu.esp as master

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