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This is a modified version of Calientes Female Body Bustier Version


The file has been modified by Ledo4ek who added TBBP to the body. Give all credit to him, not me! Also credit to Thunderiaz for originally requesting this body be converted to TBBP. This body is compatible with HDT and requires a TBBP skeleton.


UPDATE: I have released a high definition version of the same body. Each mesh is now 2700 KBs as apposed to 500. Consequently body shape is much sharper. Full credit to Skyrimkillmod for creating this high def version, all credit is to go to him, not I.


I also need to apologize as I didn't put where to put the files. Most people will know this but some may not so all you need to do is place the files into Data -> Meshes -> Actors -> Character -> Character Assets


v2.0 has the file structure updated already so if you are confused just download it, and drop it into your data folder and it should work.


I very highly recommend ECE (Only use the main file! Do not use ECE! You only need Character Making Extender.esp) and Racemenu for this body as you may need to adjust the breast curve to what you like. My sample image is set at .80 I believe default is 1. You can also adjust the size of the breasts and or ass with it.


5th image is a comparison GIF, first picture is old mesh, colored picture is new mesh.


Please note that the picture uploaded are with body set at 100% weight, you can make them smaller like any other body mod if this size does not suit your tastes. If you want them BIGGER than what I have in the picture (which is what I do normally ;) ) you need to scale them with ECE and Race Menu.

What's New in Version 2.0


  • 1.0 XL Bust TBBP
  • 2.0 Added new High definition body mesh

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