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Sup, your favorite Mad scientist orange again



Here's a generic loincloth movement xml I made as a side project.

Updated version (The weighting of the outfit is still not optimal)




No I will not release the outfit, as I do not have permission from author and it's also most definitely not in a 'release' worthy state.

Others can fix up the weights on their outfit of choice and just link the xml though, it only took me an hour to do all this and I wasn't even interested.


I can only imagine what an invested modder with time on their hands could achieve.


If people are interested I can give a guide on how to use this to add physics to any loin cloth mesh.


Tools used:

3dsMax 2014 & 2012 -> Fix Skin Data alignments for OS, also could be used to fix Weights after transfer (Which I was too lazy to do)

Outfit Studio -> To transfer weights

JFF -> To edit certain values and calculations to make the base xml

Sublime Text 3 -> For fine tuning the xml values and to update them to work with the latest version of HDT.

Nifskope -> Nif cleanup after OS weight transfer


Original author of NPR China Dress - Most physics values and bones were used from their original xml

HydrogensaysHDT - Created HDT

XP32 - Adding NPR bones to the Maximum Skeleton (well now at least someone used those bones...)

Cell - testing and feedback

LL unofficial Chat - For being my hangout of choice :D



You must give credit to the people listed in the credits.

What's New in Version RED


  • - Added Floor collision

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