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S_L_U_T_S Redux, by MrEsturk and DocClox


This is an updated version of DocClox's Skyrim Licensed Universal Transport Serivice mod, released with his permission. 


NOTICE: Just a heads up I have retired from modding Skyrim for the time being. Modding it became too much of a headache to bear and also I've been trying to shift my focus on indie game development. So this mod is officially up for adoption. If you are interested in continuing keep in mind DocClox started this mod, so respect any wishes he has on the matter. My only personal request is that you keep any added hardcore/bestiality content completely optional in the MCM menu.


About Skyrim Special Edition: For the record I have never owned or have any intention of purchasing Skyrim Special Edition. Thus even if I do decide to come back to this mod I can't exactly port it to a game I don't even have. However if anyone else wishes create a port of it to SSE you have my blessing.



The carriage drivers of Skyrim have banded together to form the Skyrim Licenced Universal Transport Service, and they're looking to take on staff.

Talk to a carriage driver, one of the stewards or an innkeeper to get started.


It's a ponygirl mod. You get locked into a yoke, hooked up to a cart and told to pull it to another city. For which you get paid. Unless too many bandits have their way with you on the way. If that happens they'll pilfer from the cart as well, and you can end up owing money to the Company. But that's not a problem: They'll just send on another run until you can pay off all the arrears. Isn't that nice of them?


For more details, check out DocClox's original mod.




It is recommended you use a cleansave for the redux version, or at least save your game with the old mod disabled then load with the redux version installed. If you are using an old save and the MCM menu isn't working properly, go to the debug section and select "Reset to Default". That should correct the menu.




Sexlab Framework

Devious Devices 3.0

Devious Devices Expansion 4.0

Devious Devices Intergration 4.0

Zaz (Might possiblely be covered already by Devious Devices, I can't remember)



XP32 Maximum Skeleton or a similar skeleton (Or try this older skeleton suggested in DocClox's version)

Obsolete: HdtHeels is not required for the redux version. Yay:classic_tongue:


Recommended Mods:


Come together N Out of the way: Allows you to tweak the distance your companion follows you at. You can use it to set them to stay farther away so they don't spend most of their time dry-humping the back of your cart while following you during a run. I'm going to be lazy and insist you use this if you want to control your companion's spacing :classic_rolleyes:


Fus Ro Doh: Used to make unvoiced dialogue work better and always display subtitles. Yep, neither me nor DocClox recorded any spoke dialogue for this mod. Seems to be a theme with the fetish mods of this site, lol.


I also recommend using a mod that increases the encounter of bandits and other hostile humanoid NPCs on the roads. Such as one of the following:


Extra Encounters Reborn

Populated Lands Roads Paths Legendary

Enemy Encounter




- New Customizable Costume:


The ponygirl costume has been updated to incorporate many of the newer ponygirl themed items that have been released in the last few years. Choose one of five color themes (black,red,white,blue,pink) ,four tail styles, and a choice between a Yoke/Breast Yoke/Armbinder/Handcuffs from the MCM menu.


- Base Pay Affected by Distance and Tweakable in MCM:


Instead of a flat rate of 500 gold your pay will be calculated on the distance of your haul. A longer run = more pay! And is the 500 base modifier seeming a bit low for your lvl 255 Dragonborn? No problem! You can increase the payout to something that feels much more endgame in the MCM menu.


- Overtime Bonus:


So you've decided your character is better suited to make her living as a pack horse than an adventurer? S_L_U_T_S loves a dedicated ponygirl willing to go above and beyond the call of duty! For each delivery in a row you complete without collecting your escrow you will receive an ever increasing overtime multiplier to your pay (multiplier rate can be set or disabled in MCM). Disclaimer: Overtime benefits only apply to voluntary ponies who make perfect deliveries. (And yes, that annoying bug where you only got payed once when doing multiple deliveries has been squashed.)


- Choose Your Own Destination:



Need to be somewhere for a different quest and want to turn the walk into a little money on the side? Now you can specify with Hold you want to make a haul too. Of course you won't get paid as much and don't get this option if you owe debt to the company, but more choices are more choices!


- Spontaneous Failure:


Did some super stealthy thief plunder your cargo without your notice? Or maybe you where in such a hurry you didn't notice your cargo got knocked loose on one of the bumpier roads. Set a % chance in MCM that your perfect run will turn out not so perfect when you reach your destination. Great for those who don't want to flood their Skyrim with armies of rapey bandits or just want to add one more random risk to the pile. Or you can set it to 0% and forget this feature ever existed.


- S_L_U_T_S Rehabilitation Program:


So you have a criminal fine under 10000 gold you don't want to pay or go to jail for? No problem! S_L_U_T_S will be happy to convert your fine into a reduced (or increased) arrears debt you can work off hauling freight! Just turn yourself in to a local guard and ask about our world class rehabilitation program! (Conversion rate costumizable in the MCM menu)


- No talking on the job:


You're supposed to be working, not chatting! While on the job you won't be able to communicate with most NPCs. Well you can try, but you'll likely just get a demeaning comment then ignored...


- Pit stops for voluntary workers now allowed:


Did you drop off a delivery, get released, but then change your mind? Not to worry! Just talk to the last S_L_U_T_S agent you delivered cargo to instead of claiming your escrow and we'll have you back on the road where you belong! We'll even retain any overtime bonus you built up! Neat, huh?


- All nine holds now supported:


Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, and Winterhold now have dispatchers that can deploy/receive deliveries.


- There is one other small Easter Egg to be had. See if you can find it!


- Misc Stuff:


- Humiliation System: Want to skip the walk to your Escrow Chest? Ask your dispatcher the right questions and he'll teleport it to you! Just so long as you don't mind a doing questionable return favor as well as doing some advertisement duty.

- Simple Slavery support now includes a MCM menu to set three possible debts owed when bought from the auction house.

- Needs Mods/Frostfall support added.

- Normal Devious Devices that conflict with the ponygirl costume will now be removed before the ponygirl costume is applied. This does not cover extreme devious devices, such as some of the nastier items found in Deviously Cursed Loot or Captured Dreams.

- The Livery Tattoo is now properly removed when you are released from service.

- Grammar fixes and some new minor dialog added.

- Male PCs can no longer enter this questline. Its not that I have anything against those that would like to place their male PCs in a bunch of restraints and make them into a pack animal. Its just that neither most of the costume pieces nor much of the dialog is set up for male characters. Sorry.


- Known Issues:


- For now gags are removed when a guard takes you to rehab, due to dialog conflicts they cause (for some reason even giving the rehab dialog massive priority didn't always work:classic_angry:)

- Sometimes the carriage drivers will cast their ponygirl spell twice. This doesn't have any apparent negative effects however.

- When agreeing/forced to do consecutive runs the S_L_U_T_S tattoo is removed temporarily between cart change outs. This is to allow possible MCM changes to the tattoo design to take effect. It was something I added at the last minute, so didn't want to set up any coding too fancy for it just yet.

- The process of removing conflicting devious devices is very slow. Nothing that can be done about this, but thankfully the script is only run when conflicting devices are detected.

- The cart is as buggy as its always been.


- Incompatabilities:

- Complete Fast Travel Overhaul: This one removes all the stock carriage drivers and replaces them with clones.


- Note to Bestiality Fans:


- I find bestiality to be a huge turnoff to put it nicely. Thus I have no intention spending countless playtesting hours being forced to watch it. So the answer is no: there will be no stallion fucking/etc added to this mod while I'm in charge of it. Sorry if that disappoints you, but its not happening.


- Credits


- DocClox: For creating the original mod and giving me permission to make this upgrade.

- El Duderino: For creating the ponygirl mittens used in this mod.

- CGi: For creating an FMOD friendly version as well as various other minor tweaks.

- The many, many people behind Sexlab and Devious Devices.

Rob_JFor the custom S.L.U.T.S. cart texture.


- Additional ponygirl screenshots provided by: LatexLugermax99maxvalcon767random11714


That's all for now. Feel free to share your ponygirl pics in the comments section!

What's New in Version 1.18


Version 1.18:


- Zip file now in FMOD format thanks for CGi, as well as other tweaks by him that are listed here.

- The Simple Slavery mechanic just decided to forget to actually send for the player on a haul when trigger for no apparent reason?. Fixed.

- The limit you can set a Simple Slavery debt to has been increased to 25000, since the higher settings of MCM base pay rate modifier made 5000 a rather low maximum.

- When starting a haul any conflicting DDs removed from the player are now returned to her inventory instead of being confiscated to the escrow chest. This is helpful with other mods like Devious Followers where the player may be expected to immediately lock herself back into certain restraints after finishing a haul or be punished.

- Added dhlp-Suspend and dhlp-Resume script commands to all cut scenes, which should further reduce their chance of being interrupted by outside events.


Version 1.175:


- "Choose Your Own Destination" added! Already traveling to another Hold for an unrelated quest and think doing a S_L_U_T_S haul there would make the trip more exciting? Now you can! Just let your local dispatcher know and he'll set you up. Of course there are a few restrictions to this option:


- You get roughly a 15% pay cut. Pilferage penalities remain the same so you will owe more for getting robbed on a chosen destination run.

- You can only chose your own destination when starting a fresh haul. Overtime, Simple Slavery and arrears debt hauls are still random destination only.

- The very first run you take must be random (Just for new games, veteran ponies who used previous versions can jump right into taking choosing their own destination).

- The rules for recovering your gear after completing a custom chosen destination haul are the same as normal. You can take overtime runs after completing a chosen destination haul, but they will be random location (at full pay of course).


- Fixed a very serious bug to the dialogue tree system. Its quite possible this bug had no effect to actual gameplay, but it would cause Creation Kit to violently crash when trying to open a dialogue tree. So maybe it will fix any dialogue related issues if anyone was having. No promises. But its certainly was a serious glitch, even if it had no effect on the gameplay itself, so having it gone is a good thing.


Version 1.17:


OLDER VERSION USERS: Same deal as always, remember to reset your MCM options to default.


- Updated for Devious Devices 4.1! Should still work for version 4.0, being all it uses from 4.1 is one keyword (but naturally you won't get the 4.1 pony girl animations) Anyone still using DD 4.0 let me know if it still works.


- You can now MCM toggle if you are allowed to use melee combat while yoked/binded


- Pony Girl movement animations from DD 4.1 added! You can toggle them off in MCM if you find them too silly.


- Base Pay Rate modifier added to MCM. You can now adjust your base pay between 5% and a massive 500%. Keep in mind this multiplier will also apply to any pilferage debts you suffer?


- Special Frostfall body harness added. When MCM toggled on you will be equipped with a body harness during hauls that counts as a chestpiece with maxed out Frostfall protection. You get the keep the harness after hauls and are allowed to wear it during advertising duty (can't have the walking billboards freeze to death ?)


- New MCM "menu" that lists all the hotkeys added.


- Due to the importance that you wear them, the S_L_U_T_S yokes, armcuffs, and legcuffs will now overwrite conflicting DDs with the "Blockgeneric" keyword added. They will still not interfere with DDs that have the QuestItem keyword. It is not recommended you take hauls while locked in such devices as it may cause serious bugs.


Version 1.15 - 1.151:


OLDER VERSION USERS: Same deal as always, remember to reset your MCM options to default or it won't work right. EXTRA IMPORTANT IN THIS UPDATE, SINCE IT RECODES THE WAY CUSTOM YOKES AND TAILS ARE HANDLED.


- Being "in combat" will no longer interrupt the cart setup/removal cutscenes. This fixes the rather annoying issue that if your follower had ran off chasing an enemy they can't quite catch or a trollish dragon was flying above town while refusing to actually land and do something you would be considered "in combat" which would prevent the cart cutscenes from working.


- You can now choose armbinders or handcuffs as your "yoke" in the MCM menu. You can also now choose a chained sign or bell as you tailplug MCM option.


- The NEEDS support dialogue has been split into a sleep specific response and a food specific response.


- A new hack fix hotkey has been added if you encounter the "wrong bone tethering glitch" (AKA: Your cart gets attached to you in a completely bizarre fashion and swings around you in a totally batshit manner every time you move). Pressing ctrl+shift+8 will reset the player's skeleton, correcting the cart's tether position. WARNING: make a quicksave before using this hotkey. Due to issues with the way the hotkey fixes the player's skeleton it will also automatic activate a quickload when you use it. The fixes will carry over to your loaded savegame.


Version 1.1:


OLDER VERSION USERS: Same deal as always, remember to reset your MCM options to default or it won't work right.


- Frostfall support added. Warning: I haven't actually tested it (My Skyrim is a mess as it is with out adding another major mod I wouldn't even personally use on it). But I followed all the tutorials on setting up Frostfall friendly gear, so hopefully it works. If any Frostfall users could verify for me that would be great.


- Needs MOD support added: While stuck on a haul you can talk to any S_L_U_T_S dispatcher to receive food and rest. No more starving if you end up stuck in debt to the company.


- Fixed a serious oversight in the rehab system that prevented violent crime fines from being cleared.


- New MCM settings that allow you to adjust the odds of being pilfered as well as the amount that can be pilfered per rapist.


- Added "none" as a ponytail option. Useful if you are playing a beast race, using "being a cow", don't like tail plugs or are a kinky fucker who prefers to bring their own anal plug to the job :tongue:


- The cart haul questline now has descriptions


- Added a debug option to make the player set to essential while on a haul. Why would I do this? There is a major glitch that can occur when reloading after death that will cause the cart to get tethered to the wrong bone for certain players. This hack will at least allow you to safely reload after being defeated if you were experiencing that bug. The bug seems to be linked to a character's face or hair design (very odd I know) and is trigged by the death ragdoll. Note: The bug has nothing to do with the cart itself, it's interia, nor will despawning/disabling the cart fix the glitch. Its a glitch with the player skeleton. If anyone knows a script command that completely resets the player skeleton (and nothing else unlike "recycleactor") let me know.

- A bunch of other little tweaks and fixes I can't quite remember.


Version 1.091:


- Opps, forgot to include the retextured cart. Fixed.


Version 1.09 :


OLDER VERSION USERS: Due to the amount of changed content I recommend a clean slave. For those that remain stubborn: DEFINITELY FINISH ANY HAULS/ESCROW RECOVERY BEFORE INSTALLING THIS VERSION. And of course if you're not using a clean save reset the MCM menu to its default settings or expect it to be buggy.


- Falkreath, Dawnstar, Morthal, and Winterhold are now destinations! Just look for their "minihub" dispatchers: a new male NPC sitting in a bench/chair on the outskirts of town.


- Your base pay is now based on the distance of your haul instead of a flat rate of 500. The shortest hauls pay a base rate of 450. The longest, infamous Riften->Marthkarth haul now pays 1400 base pay. Penalty rates remain the same, meaning screwing up a longer haul will dish out less punishment due to the extra hazard pay.


- Humilation System: don't want to run back naked to your escrow chest? Ask the right questions and the dispatcher will conveniently teleport the chest to you! So long as you don't mind don't doing a questionable return favor and also spend some time on "advertisement duty"... 


- You can now report to your delivery point dispatcher without a cart and the dialogue tree response works right. Just expect a full -1500 loss and additional forced run if you decide to you don't want to go retrieve your cart.


- New MCM options: Give your cart a quest marker, make the debt/payment messages a bit more blatant, and/or make any debts you incur skip deducting from your escrow & go straight into and Arrears.


- Should another mod make a S.L.U.T.S. dispatcher or one of your followers go rapey they at least won't pilfer you anymore.


- New S.L.U.T.S. cart texture art, courtesy of Rob_J


- Various little bug fixes and streamlining. A lot of tweaking went into the escrow chests to hopefully eliminate those stray ones. (You know: the empty ones that if opened break your quest and discard your stored possessions into a lost forever limbo...)


New in 1.0.5:


As with other updates that heavily change the MCM menu, you will need to go to the debug section and reset the settings to default if you are updating from an older version.


- Cart recovery debug!: A debug key has been added to fix the "amazing flying space cart" bug that occasionally happens. You can access it through the MCM/Debug menu or use the Shift+Activate hotkey, which becomes the recovery button whenever the cart is too far away (wish it more certainly is after its gone flying away over the mountain tops :tongue:) NOTE: This feature does not work on carts you've intentionally detethered from, so no ditching the cart then conveniently warping it back to you later, you naughty cheater.


- Simple Slavery Tweaked: Nothing too fancy for now. The option to set up 3 different debts you can be assigned at random has been added, in case you thought just doing a single run wasn't punishing enough. Later when some side quests are added ones that seem fitting may also become SS outcomes.


New in 1.0.46:


- Costume Yokes!: You can choose from the default style, the ever torturous breast yoke, or if the chainless variant (chainless mainly added due to the default version cause the game to crash for some players right after the cart spell is cast on them.)


Note to previous version users: if the Yoke toggle in MCM isn't working for you, go to the debug section and select "reset to default". You will have to resetup all your settings but the menu should work after that. As an important lesson in reading fine print I will be not responding to anyone who complains the yoke menu isn't working yet didn't take that step .


- Set all the mod's dialogue to "Force Sub-Titles" to make sure sub-titles always display when the dispatchers voice actorlessly speak to you.


- (Added in 1.0.46): Fixed a serious bug that prevented the player from reattaching themselves to the cart if they were wearing the breast yoke :confounded:


- (Added in 1.0.46): Since the breast yoke must use the body equipment slot to display tattoos correctly Devious Catsuits and Hobble Dresses are now removed when you sign up to do a haul. (Consider them in conflict with the certain style of image S_L_U_T_S is trying to promote I guess :tongue:)

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