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Nadriel's Bunny Girl Outfit, Converted to Skyrim (CBBE/UUNP HDT and nonHDT) 1.0.2

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About This File



This is a conversion of Nadriel's Bunny Girl Outfit from Fallout4. It has been converted to the CBBE HDT body, but also includes a nonHDT version option. It includes full Bodyslide support for the HDT and nonHDT version. Intended for females, but can also be worn by males in case you want to play a crossdresser/transgender/Rocky Horror enthusiast.


The outfit is broken into four parts: Leotard (body slot), Ears (circlet slot), cuffs and collar (gloves slot), and tail (tail slot). Heels and stockings are not included. You can get the heels/stocking featured in my screenshots here.


The leotard has a normal and t-back version, as well as nine color options. The cuffs and tail both have two color options. There are four ear variations.




- Caliente's Beautiful Bodies (the only thing needed for the nonHDT version)
- SKSE (For HDT version)
- XPMSE (For HDT version)
- HDT PE (For HDT version)




Just open the file with 7-zip, drag its contents into your Skyrim folder, and follow the normal procedures for enabling a new mod.




You can craft no stat clothing versions of all the outfit parts at any forge/anvil out of leather strips. Additionally you can also convert the following pieces of armor into equivalent bunny girl items that have identical stats at a forge/anvil in case you want to prance around in a bunny costume with decent stats:


- Adept Mage Hood and Master Mage Robe
- Glass Helmet, Cuirass (Armor), and Gauntlet
- Daedric Helmet, Cuirass (Armor), and Gauntlet




Where are the heels/stockings/fishnets from the original Fallout 4 version?:


Unfortunately there were several issues with them. For starters Nadriel borrowed them from two other modders with permission, which I also would have had to track down and get permission to use. Also the heels used a nonHDT based system that left them with badly squished feet. The best that could be done in Fallout 4, since there is no HDT system in that game yet, but in Skyrim they would just look ugly and dated. And finally even in Fallout 4 I had trouble getting them to work without noticeable clipping issues, so I decide to axe them in this conversion. But don't worry: Skyrim has a ton of heels, stockings, and other footwear to work with in their place.


I suppose if enough people bug me about it I'll look into at least getting permission to convert the male version of the heels since there are no real male heel options yet as far as I know.


Will this work with my beast race character / custom beast race character?:


It should as far as I know. However there may be clipping issues with the bunny ears depending on the head shape and equipping the bunny tail will override your race's default tail (but the bunny tail has no stats, so no reason to wear it if you don't want to).


The alternate colors of the leotard don't appear in the forge's crafting list. What gives?:


In order to cut down on menu clutter the alternate colors of many of bunny girl outfit parts only show up if you have the crafting mats for them. Get the proper crafting mats and they will pop up. The alternate colors use the same mats as the default color.


Can you, or can I, convert this costume to *insert bodytype I like*?:


I won't be converting it to any other body type. But if you want to convert it to another Skyrim body type I see no harm, so long as you credit Nadriel for creating it.


Will convert this other Fallout 4 costume I really like?:


Sadly probably not unless I think the outfit is REALLY awesome. Converting costumes from Fallout 4 to Skyrim is a migraine. Dealing with Skyrim Creation Kit's very buggy handling of recognizing a new outfits body weight slider and layering is even more of a migraine. Some things you really only want to suffer once.


Where is the nonHDT version of the Cufflinks in Bodyslide?:


The cufflinks & collar don't use any HDT physics by default, so only one version was needed. Just use the normal version.


This stupid bunny costume is unrealistic and impractical!:


Nonsense. Ancient warriors used to wear bunny leotards into the battlefield all the time. King Henry VIII wore a hot pink one with seven inch fetish heels during his attempted conquests of northern France. Its in the history books.




Nadriel - Created the outfit
MrEsturk - Ported the outfit to Skyrim with Nadriel's permission. Also created the purple leotard color and black large bunny ears color.

Backsteppo - Created the Santa Hat Models and Textures.




Equippable Dogmeat Skins for Fallout 4: Allows you to alter Dogmeat's breed in game through craftable alternate skins you can equip on him. Want Dogmeat to be a husky for one of your characters? Want him to be a golden labrador for your other character? And you also want him to be a mongrel hound for yet another character you play? Don't want to go through messy manual file switching every time you want to change him? Then this is the mod for you.

What's New in Version 1.0.2


1.0.1: UUNP conversion patch and Christmas themed addon uploaded.

1.0.2: Added a black Santa hat to the Christmas addon for bunnies that have been naughty this year.

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