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The Duder's Grab Bag of Fetish Items 011 / 2017-08-18

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The Duder's Grab Bag of Fetish Items




Currently, this mod offers you the following fetish accessories. All items have been sculpted around a UUNP/B body and should work with many (U)UNP or CBBE variants. Clipping might occur if you use other body shapes or bodies that very different from the vanilla Skyrim body, but on most it should be fine.


This mod utilizes the Zaz Animation Pack for certain effects (gagged mouth, tied hands, etc.).


Rubber Equipment:

  • A set of fully enclosing ballhoods (inflatable hoods) in a few colors, with or without locked collar. A basic overlay texture for Scrivener's Helmet Overlays mod is included. This is arguably not very realistic, but fun (you can't see anything when wearing one of these things in RL, but then that would probably be a bit too restrictive in terms of gameplay.)
  • A set of fully enclosing ballhoods with eye lenses in five colors. Yes, I know, they don't look very good. Might scrap or rework them at some point.
  • A set of fully enclosing ballhoods with eye lenses and a short nozzle. Yes, I know, these look even worse! At least the nozzle lines up with the gasmask add-on tubes.
  • A pair of inflatable rubber mittens. These prevent you from fighting or using magic. There even is a version that automatically ties your hands behind your back. (You can still access your inventory in either case).
  • Four rubber collars (simple, simple with lock, studded and spiked)

Ponygirl Equipment:

  • A pair of rubber hooves for your ponygirl's fore legs, uhm, arms that is. Prevent you from fighting and using magic. Can also be worn with your hands tied behind your back.
  • A rubber ponytail buttplug. Prevents you from sprinting and sneaking (because, well, ouch!)

Gasmask Add-on Parts for mxwqtkl's Shiny Rubber Catsuits mod (which are featured prominently in greyspammer's Trapped in Rubber quest mod):

  • short breathing tube
  • long breathing tube
  • rubber rebreather
  • filter

Other Equipment:

  • A wooden box to be worn on your head. Yes, think inside the box for a change! Has locks, custom Helmet Overlays artwork, and Zaz keywords. This model fits much more to the style of Haeretic's Heretical Resources than the modern fetish stuff in this mod, but as it is the very first model I built for Skyrim it is going to stay here.

Custom Sounds Effects:

  • Script controlled Breathing Sounds for the balloon hoods and the gasmask add-ons. The faster you move, the faster you breathe. WIth a minor issue, when sprinting, the new sounds play together with Skyrim's own heavy breathing sounds, but I don't think it sounds quite so wrong.
  • The script for the breating effects is based on darkconsole's cowbell collar dinging script and is being used with his kind permission. Thank you very much for this and also the great support in getting it to work!


Things Removed from Version 11 / Future Development:

  • The pony gags and head harnesses are no longer included. You can find much improved versions (in three colors, too!) in the upcoming Devious Devices Expansion 4.0. Don't get too attached to the other items in this mod. I'll try to update the models if I can find the time and hope to be able to integrate them into DD at some point, too.
  • For all those that want to keep using the items in a non-DD environment and/or with crafting, please continue using version 10 of this mod. I'll leave this available in the downloads.
  • HyperonicX has kindly provided a DD-enabled version of version 10 of this mod, too, if you want to play with all of this mods items as DD lockables. You can find this version for download in the comments section here.


Installation / Update Instructions:


Fresh install: use your favorite mod manager and install the latest version of this mod from the Download Page.


Updating the Mod: Uninstall/remove old files, install new ones. Make sure your character (or any follower/NPC) isn't wearing any of the items from this mod prior to updating.


Known Issues:

  • Neck area on the hoods clips a little when crouching.
  • Not all of the ground models show up centered on the inventory preview screen, some behave erratic when dropped.




Zaz Animation Pack


SexLab (whichever version you have will do, I'm only using it for the NoStrip keyword)


Optionally the AddItemMenu mod to get the stuff from this mod into your character's inventory.


Scrivener's Helmet Overlays mod is required if you want to use the overlays in your game (soft requirement).


Use in Other Mods:


Please feel free to include the objects in your own mods. Copy them to your own folders or leave them in mine, modify or mutilate the meshes, whatever works best.


Please don't repost on other sites!




My thanks go out to greyspammer, Rubbermatt and farmthis who inspired me to start modeling for this game. Slagblah has kindly offered assistance in setting up the DD integration for these items.


None of this would have been even remotely possible though without the countless others who have so kindly and freely shared information and advice about modeling here on LL and in other places (Nexus, Niftools project).


Meshes and textures were created from scratch -- some bits and pieces of images from Textures.com were used for the texture creation.


HyperonicX got the ball rolling with anything DD-related. Thanks for the great help and inspiration!


The sound effects use a modified script from darkconsole, thank you very much for the permission to use it in my mod and for the kind help.


Complete Changelog:


- removed Pony gags
- removed crafting recipes
- added breathing sounds


- improved meshes for pony items (gags, gloves) to reduce clipping
- changed material values for pony headwear to bring it more in line with DD ebonite looks
- overhauled crafting recipes to remove last remaining DD dependencies
- re-added SexLabNoStrip keywords


- four new rubber collars (simple, simple with lock, studded and spiked)
- custom ground models for all old and new items
2016-10-14: New Items:
- Ballhood with Eye Lenses in five colors
- Ballhood with Eye Lenses and Nozzle in five colors
- overlay artwork for the new ballhood
New Spawnable Chest containing all items of this mod!


2016-09-29: Bugfixes & Optional "no DD Dependency" version
- fixed slot issue on gasmask add-ons, they should now show up when equipping them (using circlet slot 42, so logically it will conflict with any other circlets)
- fixed priority settings on all items, they were all over the place
- darkened textures for pony gloves and tail
- added optional .esp without Devious Devices dependency (also without crafting recipes)
2016-07-24: "make it playable" update:
- removed all DD framework equipped items
- added Crafting recipes for all items with hopefully logical requirements (Ebonite Solution from DD is needed for the shinies!
- minor tweaks and cleanups
2016-04-18: maintenance update:
- added ZAZ enabled (non-DD) version of gags, hoods and gloves that should be safe to use in a normal playthrough
- tweaked glossiness on all rubber items (so shiny!)
- improved weight painting on neck area of hoods (still not perfect)
- Overlay textures for Scrivener's Helmet Overlays mod


2016-04-14: two new ponygirl items added
- hoof gloves (DD lockable)
- pony tail (DD anal plug)
- also new: inflatable rubber mittens (DD lockable)
- gasmask items now use circlet slot for improved compatibility with DD headgear


2016-04-12: new ponygirl items added
- two bitgags
- four head harnesses
- with DD gag integration (very rudimentary but apparently functional after a quick in-game test)
- version 3 now requires Sexlab, ZazAnimPack and DDa/i


- three new gasmask add-on items: rebreather, long tube, filter
- changed slot on hoods and box from 1st upload to Hair
- changed weights on box, it should no longer wiggle about


- 1st upload

What's New in Version 011 / 2017-08-18


  • Version 011:
  • + removed Pony gags
  • + removed crafting recipes
  • + added breathing sounds

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