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A very simple mod I made that completely disables that insufferable "Take this and hold on to it..."  fugitive/hunter event that randomly occurs. Anyone who's played a ton of Skyrim knows just how often the game will spam this event over and over, especially if you don't progress the main quest. Or the even more irritating fact this prick has no qualms sneaking up and locking you into a conversation with him in the middle of an epic battle or other life-or-death situations. Moments later the jerkoff he robbed shows up to interrupt you again :classic_angry:


So yeah, install this mod and they both will be replaced with deer while the quest that spawns them has been completely gutted which will prevent them from ever spawning or speaking to you in the first place. Then profit knowing he can take that item he pilfered and shove it up his ass for good :classic_biggrin:


Being how simple this mod is it might be Special Edition compatible. Not sure.

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