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About This File

TLDR - Automatically detects and matchmake all nearby NPCs


Scenes can be started with or without player character


Genderswitch toggle
Continuous operation toggle
Creatures and same sex matching toggle
Can start group scenes up to the five actor limit


* Install mod
* Equip "Carnival" power
* Crouch and active it to access settings menu
* Stand and use it to trigger the matchmaking system


IncPlayer - Toggles if player should be included in the scenes or not
Player Female/Male - Sets players SexLab gender allowing them to us opposite gender animations
Scan Def/EXT - Default or extended scan mode. Extended is without any limit on distance meaning it'll tag pretty much every loaded NPC. Only recommended to use in small interiors where a range check is unnecessary in which case it *might* be slightly faster than default mod
ScanRange - Set how far to look for NPCs in default mode
LoopDelay - Set how long to wait before starting a new scan once the previous is finished. Set to 0 to disable looping and automatic re-scanning/matchmaking. To quickly exit a running looped scanner simply unequip the Carnivale spell to prevent any more scans from starting.
MatchLvl - Set which scenes and actors to use. LvL 0 will attempt to set up mixed scenes, LvL 1 allows same sex scenes no mixed ones are possible and LvL 2 does the same but for creature/animal scenes
Same6Old vs Same6New: Toggles between different matchmaking modes where the new one might work better for same sex matchups.
5some/4some/3some ON/OFF: Enables or disables these types of matchings, useful if these have too few animations for your composition of NPCs resulting in scenes being frequently replayed


MatchLvL 0 = Group with 5 -> Group with 4 -> Group with 3 -> Pair
MatchLvL 1 = Group with 5 -> Group with 4 -> Group with 3 -> Pair -> Same sex pairs of whichever gender is left
MatchLvL 2 = Group with 5 -> Group with 4 -> Group with 3 -> Pair -> Female with beast -> Same sex pairs of whichever gender is left


Scenes may occasionally fail to start - Large area scans take time to complete which means once done the tagged NPCs may have wandered off, died, been unloaded by the game or otherwise become invalid for animations.
Groups of 5 failing - Included animations only support MMMMF or FFFFM groups


None, this was mainly a test to play around with the SLLSE framework. For anyone wanting more features and options the excellent Random Sex mod is being ported to SSE.


Vinfamy for SexLab Light SE and MatchMaker Light SE which I used for source reference material

What's New in Version 0.11.0


  • 0.10.0
  • * Initial release
  • 0.11.0
  • * "Humanised" mannequins added by mods should now be properly detected as such and ignored
  • * Added a toggle, Same6Mode, where the new mode may work better for same sex matchmaking
  • * Added toggle to disable five-,four- and/or three-somes
  • * NOTE - Scripts are now included both in the ba2 archive AND as loose files. You only need one option so delete the other. I recommend trying the ba2 first.

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