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Yamete! (Lets not talk about the Name)


Yamete is a Combat Defeat & Death Alternative Mod which is able to handle any and every Combination of Player, Follower & NPC Defeat



During Combat, Yamete will take care of the Player, up to 10 Followers and another 16 random NPC/Creatures in the Area855843804_Discord-LogoWordmark-White.png.5e01404487bd29f3d1758a8eb6b1d406.png

Each time any of them is hit, Yamete will check whether or not they should be considered Defeated - or suffer some other form of Consequence. All of this is decided by Knockdown Conditions which can be fully customized in the MCM. Player, Followers and NPC have their own, individual Settings. What exactly happens with a Defeated Victim is decided by the Scenario in use




Scenarios are used to define what exactly happens when a Victim is defeated and how Combat plays out due to this. They play a big part in the mods overall Behavior!

Yamete offers you a total of 3 different Scenarios. You can only use one of them at a time:

  1. Rushed
    Rushed is Yametes "Classic" Mode basically. The mid Combat Defeat, the 2D Hentai Game Simulation, the "Please Stop hitting me with an Arrow while being Banged"-Mode or however you wanna call it. Rushed allows Targets to be Defeated & Taken Advantage off Mid Combat - without stopping it for anyone else
    With a bit of luck, that would only be a minor setback and Victims can to stand up afterwards and continue fighting, though you always have to wonder how long this Luck will last..
  2. Traditional
    This is properly how most would expect a Defeat Mod to work. When Defeated, a Victim will simply fall into Bleedout and stay there until the Combat is over. Whoever ends up still standing is considered the Winning Team and will do fancy stuff to the Victim, like robbing it of all their possessions! or so. The strength in this Algorithm is its expanded Post Combat Resolution!
  3. Mixed
    "Scrab, what happens when you combine Rushed with Traditional?" - Good Quest. The answer is Mixed.
    Mixed uses the mid combat Algorithm from "Rushed" and combines it with the Combat End algorithm from "Traditional", giving you that extra fancy Mid Combat experience from Rushed and a lot of Spice with the Resolution Quest from "Traditional"! Such fancy, much spice, cant handle. Or something like that, idk, Im not funny


Resolution is the Action taken against a defeated Victim. Its exact timing is defined by the Scenario in use:

  • Rushed: Whenever a Victim is defeated
  • Traditional: Once Combat fully ended 

There can only ever be one Action taken per Resolution, current available Actions are:

  1. Robbed
    A defeated Victim may be robbed, having all their Items taken from them and moved into the Aggressors Inventory. What exactly is being robbed depends on your Setting. You can choose between 3 different Robbing Algorithms & further specify if also Equipped & Quest Items should be stolen.
  2. Assaults
    Probably the reason why Robbed is barely used. In Rushed, Scenes are limited to 2p. In Traditional, this has 3~5p Support & allows surrounding Actors to join in. Comes with 3 different Algorithms, all allowing for more than 1 Scene no matter the Scenario:
    1. Default
      Assaults will be chained together at [Next Round] Chance until [Max Rounds] have passed
    2. Reversed
      Assaults will be chained together until [Max Rounds] have passed or no Aggressor is interested anymore which is defined by the [Next Round] Setting
    3. Endless
      This can only be called for NPC/Follower Interactions and only supports 2p Animation. Scenes will be repeated forever, should survive cell Changes if nothing is interfering with it. To cancel, you have to hit one of the participators.

Knockdown Conditions

Those are Effects which are applied when a Victim is being hit by an Aggressor. The Game will run through a multitude of customizable Settings to determine of a certain Effect should be applied. Most of those have the Goal to force you into Bleedout (knock you down) but they can also have different Effects (such as Stripping off Armor)

Yamete offers the Following Knockdown Conditions:

  1. Default Conditions
    • Shared Settings
      Default Conditions share multiple Conditions to simplify customization
      •  Hit Chance
        The probability for a Hit to be evaluated. This is a great way to thin out and randomize the Knockdown
      • Unblocked only
        Only allow unblocked Attacks to knockdown
      • Melee only
        Only allow melee Attacks to knockdown
    • Weakened
      A Target is considered Weakened when they are missing too much Hp
    • Exhausted
      A Target is considered Exhausted when their Stamina or Magicka is too low
    • Vulnerable
      A Target is considered Vulnerable when they are wearing too little Armor
  2. Misc Conditions
    • Lethality
      "Essential" Conditions. Yes, theres a reason why this isnt called Essential
      • Essential Player
        Turn the Player essential (During Combat only)
      • Treat Essential NPC
        If Yamete should ignore essential Victims (other than the Player if the above Option is ticked)
    • Stripping
      A supportive Feature to be used in Combination with Vulnerable to strip an Actor mid combat!
      • Drop Item
        You can choose if Stripped Items should be dropped or destroyed
      • Destroy Item
        Probability for a Stripped Item to be destroyed instead of dropped/unequipped!
      • Protect Unique Items
        You can use this Setting to Protect Items you don't want to be destroyed from the "Destroy Item" Feature


Reapers Mercy

Just like any other NPC in the Game, you as the Player are also able to knockdown others. To avoid this causing unnecessary annoyances while clearing a Dungeon or so you will have to enable this first however. In the MCM under "Reapers Mercy" you will need to either add yourself the "Reapers Mercy" ability or bind the Toggle to a Key

While this Ability is active, you will be able to knockdown other NPC & Creatures, just like anyone else does! 


While a Victim is bleeding out, you can Active it to gain access to a unique Menu which allows you to interact with those Victims in multiple ways. This even works for Vanilla Bleedouts, though you will have to enable Reapers Mercy first. The options are:

  • Claim
    Permanently restrain a Victim in Bleedout
  • Open Inventory
    Gain access to the Victims Inventory and help yourself to anything you want!
  • Give Potion
    Rescue a Victim by giving it a Potion
  • Gnade
    Rescue a Victim (12h Cooldown)
  • Capture/Enslave
    Enforce a Victims obedience
  • Assault
    Sexually assault a Victim
  • Kill
    Execute a Victim

Colored Options need to be unlocked first by advancing in the Black Markets Story


The Black Market

The Black Market is a new Organisation introduced by Yamete. It is located near the Border of Morrorwing, just north of Refugees Rest

Once you reach Level 15 or Completed Dragon Rising and are at least Lv7 (For Record: Dragon Rising is the Quest in which you kill your first Dragon) a Courier will approach you, handing you a Letter which will start the Black Market Intro Quest. Completing this Quests makes you a recognized part of this Organisation which allows you to sell Victims you captured for some Money


The Black Market will also grant you access to meet up with mysterious "Agents" which allow you to further strengthen Reapers Mercy.


Known Issues

  • Leaving Cells while an Actor is in Bleedout may glitch that Actor out, causing them to be stuck in Bleedout until forced to play a different Animation (e.g. Stagger). This Bug is caused by Havok being unable to reset an Actors Animations  while their 3D isn't properly loaded in. I consider this Bug to be impossible to fix in any reasonable fashion
    If you happen to know a simple & reliable Solution to this, feel free to contact me



  • PapyrusUtil (SE / LE)
  • powerofthree's Papyrus Extender (SE / LE)


  • SL Framework (SE / LE)
  • OStim (SE)
  • Flowergirls (SE)
  • Custom Skills Framework (SE)

Legendary Edition

The LE Version of this Mod lacks an Updated Behavior File, you will have to manually generate one.

To do this, start FNIS for modders, navigate to Yametes meshes Folder and look for a FNIS.txt. Select this one and FNIS will generate a new behavior.hkx for you that can be used with V4.0

You can also send me this behavior.hkx so I can update the LE version to skip this process for Future users wanting to use this mod on LE



  • Custom Bleedout Animations: Billyy
  • Skilltree Background & Agent Design: audhol
  • Additional Screenshots by: Vinamaelriorao


Previous Changelogs









V 3.2


V 3.1


V 3.0


V 2.1

V 2.0.1

  • Fixed an issue with SL not being detected properly


V 2.0


V 1.0.2

  • Fixed a serious issue causing Scenarios to be closed too early, glitching them out
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Player from exiting delayed Scenarios (Bleedout with a Duration > 0)


V 1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue that forced Bleeding out or Fleeing Actors/Followers to keep bleeding out or fleeing until Combat ends, ignoring their respective timer
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Combat Quest to never stop if an Actor died or unloaded OR a Follower died while they were inside a Scenario


Edited by Scrab

What's New in Version V4.2.1









  • Removed Debug Messages triggered by Shadows Captive (Reapers Mercy Perk)

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Cool mod, but one issue:

Filters don't work.

Knock out of dragons is to much. Breaks quest creatures. Example Mirmulnir, knocked out - flying to cosmos. Mod needs to disabled during fight.

Personal suggestion - full on slavery like phae would be cool :)


Edit: added load order. Maybe I messed up?

Edit2: Some how summoned Atronach is considered as a follower and I presume other summons as well, so they are affected by Follower/NPC assault option - they knock out enemies even if Player side, Creature, Pet aggressor settings are set to none.

Ah and Yamete completely "subdues"  Flower girl SE - Subdue, until paused. When Yamete paused subdue works as it should, but they can't get to work together.


Link to review

   4 of 7 members found this review helpful 4 / 7 members

Seems like it's going to be a great mod, and also real close to what I'm looking for where my game is concerned (IE my character is the DOM, not the victim).  However I can't even get it to load up when  I start a new game.  Says I have the wrong API version for OSTIM - "Need 26 and I have 25".  Problem is I have the latest updated version of OSTIM which came out October 19th (2021).

Link to review
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