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=> LE Version (V3.1)


!V3.2 is a Patch and requires V3.1 to be installed first!


Yamete! (Lets not talk about the Name)

Yamete is a general purpose combat defeat mod, introducing new alternatives to Death for Player, Follower & NPC in any and every combination


Knockdown Condition

For an Actor to be considered "defeated" they need to fulfill one of the below Conditions. Each of them can be customized to design the Game in multiple different Directions 

  • Weakened
    You will be knocked down when your Health falls below a threshold
    • Unblocked only: Only unblocked hits can knock you down
    • Melee only: ..but only if the attack you got hit by wasn't ranged
  • Stripped
    You will be knocked down when you're wearing less than this many Armor pieces
    *Supports all Slots


Knockdown Mechanics

Knockdown Mechanics are additional effects that can affect an Actor in multiple ways. They're mainly intended to be in a supportive Position, synergizing with a Condition

  • Stripping
    Upon getting hit, you may lose one of your currently worn Items
    *Supports all Slots
    • Drop or Unequip: If the item you lose should be dropped or unequipped
    • Destruction Chance: Chance for an Item to be destroyed upon being stripped instead of unequipped/stripped
      *Items can be protected from this Option



Scenarios are used to properly define what exactly happens when you are defeated. Every Actortype can use their own Scenario

  • Basic
    • Available for: Everyone
    • Details: The Basic Scenario forces the Victim in a SL Scene with their last Aggressor, after this Scene, the Scenario ends and fighting continues! Yay. Basic, isnt it?
  • FleeInstant
    • Available for: Follower, NPCs/Creatures
    • Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will flee from Combat for a in the MCM Set Duration 
  • BleedoutInstant
    • Available for: Everyone
    • Details: Upon Knockdown, a SL Scene starts with the Victim & the last valid Aggressor, after this Scene: The Victim will be forced into Bleedout until either the Timer runs out or Combat ends (depending on your MCM Settings)


Reapers Mercy

Reapers Mercy is a Player Ability that allows you to assault any for you valid Target. It uses an individual Set of Knockdown Conditions and will override any other Settings in this Mod

Actors that you attack while using Reapers Mercy will be essential for 3 seconds and upon Knockdown, will be thrown into Bleedout until you either free them or knockdown too many Actors (Currently, Reapers Mercy can hold 2 Actors at once)


Victims knocked down by Reapers Mercy cant attack, are protected & shouldnt be attacked by anyone else. When the Player tries to interact with their Victim, they can...

  • Assault: Rape the Victim
  • Kill: Kill the Victim
  • Free: Set the Victim Free


Known Issues

  • Leaving Cells while an Actor is in Bleedout may glitch that Actor out, causing them to be stuck in Bleedout until forced to play a different Animation (e.g. Stagger). This Bug is caused by Havok being unable to reset an Actors Animations  while their 3D isn't properly loaded in. I consider this Bug to be impossible to fix in any reasonable fashion
    If you happen to know a simple & reliable Solution to this, feel free to contact me


  • PapyrusUtil (included in SLF)


  • SL Framework



  • Billyy: For custom Bleedout Animations

Previous Changelogs



V 3.0


V 2.1

V 2.P

  • Fixed an issue with SL not being detected properly


V 2


V 1.0.2

  • Fixed a serious issue causing Scenarios to be closed too early, glitching them out
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Player from exiting delayed Scenarios (Bleedout with a Duration > 0)


V 1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue that forced Bleeding out or Fleeing Actors/Followers to keep bleeding out or fleeing until Combat ends, ignoring their respective timer
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Combat Quest to never stop if an Actor died or unloaded OR a Follower died while they were inside a Scenario


What's New in Version V3


V 3.0


V 3.1


Updated LE Link to V 3.1


V 3.2

*This is a Patch, just override 3.1 with this

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