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Simple Slavery Rebuild

Visual overhaul of Simple Slavery to offer a more intimidating, immersive atmosphere to indulge in.


Throughout the years Simple Slavery has received quite a lot of updates, different maintainers and indeed quite a lot of improvements, but throughout all this time, there was always one thing that really bothered me: The auction hall.

Whenever Im in that cell I will admit, the feeling I have resembles more that a fun family gathering with a more or less kinky twist. It feels very contradicting and surreal to the way NPC otherwise act within the hall. Hence the only logical conclusion is to rebuild the auction hall from scratch, right?


The Auction Hall


  • The entrance to the (interior) cell has been reworked, instead of entering the Auction Hall right away, you will first walk down a long dark hallway leading you underground. Similar to the Ragged Flagon, although not exactly like it, Simple Slavery presents itself as another example of Riften's corruption, hiding in shadows
  • The main hall reaches to roughly 4 times the original cells size, with an very high ceiling and open spaces
    • The geometry of the cell is designed s.t. the "openness" of the cell may feel deceiving, the actual pathways and walkable area is still heavily restricted and - depending on where you are in the cell - rather restricting and isolating, claustrophobic even
  • The color palette has been changed from a welcoming, warm orange-brown to a cold and monotone grey
  • The lighting of the cell has been adjusted, what used to be neutral and well balanced is now sharply directing focus to the back of the hall where the auction pedestal rests, complementing and strengthening the layouts effect
    • Whatever is now on the main pedestal is truly a main attraction, with all focus being directed towards it, the "ambient wares" will no longer disrupt the scenery, and neither will the candidates discussed in follow-up auctions steal any focus
    • Similarly from the pedestal itself, light will offer little orientation and even pull you further away from the entrance area
  • The holding cell (the cell you normally spawn in) is starved of light and put away to the side, no longer taking away attention from the main pedestal 
    • From within the cell you view is restricted and you will not be able to grasp the full scale of the cell. The entrance well hidden, leaving you only with the sight to observe the fate of your predecessor
    • From outside the cell. .....well, whatever is in there doesn't matter until its up for auction, right?
  • The NPC idling in the cell have been more spaced out and properly distributed, they no longer clutter in one place and with how much larger the cell is, Ive been able to add another 4 NPC to it, because it felt just that empty
  • Finally, another 3 guards have been added to the cell (to a total of 7 new NPC). Just to be sure this perfectly legal and well received establishment doesn't break out in chaos.




SSR is a patch for SimpleSlaver++, not a standalone mod. This mod only edits the visual appearance of the auction hall and some limited changes to dialogue to ensure SS++ continuous to function correctly


To install SSR, you will need a clean save and install both, Simple Slavery ++ AND Simple Slavery Rebuild at the same time. If you do not know what exactly this means, start a new game instead. Having SS++ installed prior to installing SSR will cause some NPC to not spawn correctly in the new area which may or may not break the auction quest.


SSR has been made with V6.3.20 of SS++. Ensure to update if you are not already on that version. Future updates to SS++ should stay compatible with SSR so long these do not make changes to any of the objects within the auction hall or edit/add new dialogue that needs to differ if the player is currently locked up or not.




Some links if you want to support me:


Discord Link for good measure:



Edited by Scrab

What's New in Version 1.0.1


  • Esl flagged esp
    • As there are no other changes to the mod, I recommend updating only when starting a new game

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