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  1. The tats were completely changed from SLUTS Resume 1.19 B4 to 1.20. You must go into the SlaveTats MCM and do the "Add/Remove" option so that SlaveTats rebuilds its cache. You also need to be aware that the current version 1.3.6 of SlaveTats has only a single cache across all your MO2 profiles. If you are using MO2 and you have different tats installed in different MO2 profiles, then you can use my SlaveTats patch to provide profile-specific SlaveTats caches. murfk said this patch will be included in the next version of SlaveTats.
  2. The Jarl event is awesome and the pony gear event is great, and yes it would be wonderful to have more such events. But I feel that the deal structure is the most significant issue that DFC has right now, especially by comparison with SubLola. Imagine if the SubLola events and activities were chained together into groups, and if the player character had to wade through dialogue to agree to all of them. That process really drains away the surprise, immersion, and serendipity of the mod. It would be so much better if the Devious Follower simply had
  3. Sorry, I'm one of those few people. But ... yes please?
  4. Not sure what you mean by "need to install". Devious Devices Equip from @Inte is a separate mod from Devious Devices by @Kimy and Devious Devices by @Kimy does not include Devious Devices Equip by @Inte Devious Devices Equip includes new devices, includes a self-bondage mini game, and includes MCM utility functions for adding and removing devices. It is up to you whether you would find those features useful and determine whether you need to install the mod.
  5. SUM includes its own .json files. Perhaps SUM saves the changes back to its own existing .json files rather than creating new files?
  6. Thanks @Lupine00 ! These changes are a big help! In the past, I would address these issues each time I converted DFC to SE. For the Fixed 2.14.2, I did not need to touch the ESP at all for SE conversion, and that was great!
  7. Thanks for the explanation! And thanks for your concern and care about avoiding conflicts with other mods. I do like SLS's oral->anal cum fill integration with FHU -- that is yet another of SLS's "essential" features.
  8. Thanks for the report! My role is simply to convert Inte's mod from LE to SE. Let's see whether and how @Inte wants to address this in the LE version.
  9. Sorry, I do not have control of the main mod page. Only @Inte does. However, I did mention this in my post of the SUM 1.61 SE release notes.
  10. My understanding (which may be wrong) is that you can only get one of them -- so you have to choose which one will be your follower and slave master. You start their quest by talking to one of them in the Bannered Mare in Whiterun. It's been a while since I did that quest, but my recollection is that the first item is a random drop, but you can go into DCL's MCM and set all the other possible Cursed Loot events to have a zero chance and also specify the maximum chance for the Rubber Doll quest. Then it should start relatively soon, as you open loot chests, etc.
  11. With that phrase, I believe @bubba999 meant that they deleted the BSA but kept the files they extracted from the BSA. No, I don't think you need to open each file and resave it.
  12. The UIE patch is included in the SE version.
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