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  1. I discovered that after doing this step, you must back out of the MCM to the game, then go back into the MCM in order for the Misc Options page to appear in the Defeat MCM. This feature is truly amazing! πŸ‘ It completely revolutionizes Skyrim's combat, and I love it! ❀️ I have wished for so many years that Defeat was able to unequip Devious Devices, and now it does! Awesome! I tested and verified that belts, plugs, gags, and yokes are all unequipped. Now for a request - I would love it if harnesses were also unequipped. I understand what a big request this is - I looked at the script code, and there is a lot of code related to device unequipping. πŸ€ͺ Wow! To summarize, this patch has dramatically improved SL Defeat! Many thanks @AndrewLRG for sharing this with the LL community!
  2. Good news! Works great out-of-the-box on SE. πŸ‘ No conversion needed. The ESP file contains only one record, an override record, so the ESP file can be ESL-flagged. I ESL-flagged the ESP file and verified that it works okay in my game.
  3. I also encountered the problem of Sloane being stuck. Waiting for exactly 9 hours let the scene progress for me. EDIT: To clarify, I used the game's Wait feature to wait for 9 hours.
  4. I don't know whether your problem is due to zero Willpower, but you can use the console to easily change your DFC Willpower to any value that you want. For example, to change your Willpower to 5, open the console and type the following: set _dwill to 5
  5. That makes a lot of sense, and sounds like a really good idea! I fully support omitting the unique voices. πŸ‘
  6. I just noticed this post. This sounds like it adds some great enhncements to Defeat! I am playing on SE. Does anyone know whether this patch is compatible with Sexlab Defeat SSE 5.3.5 ?
  7. Thanks for understanding, but I don't want folks to get the wrong impression about my contribution. I feel that I need to clarify @Inte is the author of SUM, DDE, and POP. I just provide Skyrim SE conversions and help out with support questions where I can.
  8. You have to activate the ESP file that you created, so that the game uses it. If you use MO2, you activate the ESP file by ensuring it is checked in the MO2 right pane. You can post the ESP file here in a comment, and I can take a look at it.
  9. My mistake. You are right. I just scrolled through the DDE main mod page Update Log, and I see SUM version requirements for some, but not all, DDE versions. And in particular, there is no SUM version requirement listed for the current DDE 5.30.1. Anyway, the basic principle for SUM, DDE, and POP is that the first version number of DDE and POP is = 3 + SUM's first version number, and the second and third version numbers of all three mods must match. Thus, SUM 2.30.1 must be used with DDE 5.30.1 and / or POP 5.30.1.
  10. Yes, SSEEdit offers all the different varieties of Master and Plugin files. If you are creating a patch for SE, then an ESL-flagged ESP file is the best choice.
  11. Sorry about that. It may not be visible enough, but Inte lists the compatible versions on the main mod page, and I list them on my SE release notes posts.
  12. Sorry, I don’t have any experience with setting NPCs to bleedout. Perhaps someone else will provide some info.
  13. Either approach is valid, depending on your goal. Skyrim SE has ESL-flagged ESP files for patches, unlike LE, so the patch approach is very useful in SE.
  14. The VectorPlexus addon is included in the SOS download. It has been a while since I installed SOS, but I think you choose VectorPlexus in the FOMOD installer?
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