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  1. I just got a DM asking how to obtain Prison Overhaul Patched (POP) for Skyrim SE, so I though it would be useful to post the answer here. The Skyrim SE conversion is available from this mod's main page. Go to POP's main mod page (there is a link below). Click the big green "Download this file" button. Scroll to the bottom of the list of available files. Click the gray Download button for file "xazPrisonOverhaul - Patched 461 SE.zip" which is my official conversion for Skyrim SE.
  2. Not what you are asking for, but there is a kind of interaction between SLS and DFC with respect to the magic curse collar... When your player character does not have a Devious Follower, but is wearing a collar such as the SLS magic curse collar, then DFC can trigger guards asserting that the player character is a slave and asking where their owner is, which forces you to recruit a Devious Follower. I normally play SLS with Snowberry Start, which gives you the basic licenses to start. I have noticed that when I don't use Snowberry Start, I very quickly end u
  3. Yes, the added NPCs are dressed in actual outfits using Outfit records in the ESP. Yes that is correct.
  4. Just thought that I would mention that ousnius finally relented and posted the UUNP BodySlide files for Skyrim SE. Legacy UUNP (for SE) at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus
  5. Many thanks for coming back to report your result! I am pleased to hear that it is working okay for you now!
  6. Yes, I am aware of that mod. Ideally, that mod's fixes would be included in Devious Devices itself. Please keep in mind; however, that even if armbinders worked properly on NPCs, this mod would not dress NPCs in armbinders, because the goal of this mod is to be as lightweight and script-free as possible.
  7. Perhaps you accidentally installed the LE version of Slaves of Tamriel instead of the SE version?
  8. Sorry, my mistake then. I mistakenly thought the reported problem was that the whipping animation did not work at all, ever.
  9. Do you mean that you get a CTD when you enter Dragonsreach dungeon on your own? Or do you mean that you get a CTD when you are arrested and taken to Dragonsreach dungeon?
  10. I play on SE and the whipping animation works for me. I believe the whipping animation is from Zaz. Make sure you have the latest version of Zaz for SE, and make sure you run FNIS.
  11. Truthful feedback! You are correct that I did not try to make the added NPCs look like supermodels. I mostly left the NPCs appearances unchanged from the original mod. I only made a few improvements, such as adding makeup to the whore NPCs. The captives are just supposed to be regular people who have been captured by bandits and forced into a life of slavery or whoring.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! I revised this mod's main description page to say that this mod has a soft requirement for Relationship Dialogue Overhaul (RDO). You do not need to have RDO installed, but if it is not installed, then you will not be able to recruit some of the added NPCs, depending on their voice types. RDO adds extra dialogue lines to enable recruiting NPCs of all voice types.
  13. I think that Marcurio the mage hireling at the Bee & Barb has a vanilla personality and dialogue that fit extremely well with being a SubLola master. Because SubLola has dialogue and actions for a vampire master, it is one of the few (only?) mods that enable you to play as a vampire’s thrall.
  14. Knifepoint Mine has a large section that contains [spoiler alert] the current Champion of Boethiah. That section of the mine is inaccessible until you are on Boethiah’s Calling quest. The original mod, and this mod, place one of the indoor mine NPCs in that large initially-inaccessible part of the mine. I considered moving Carla, but I decided that it makes sense that the Champion would have his own personal whore. After defeating him, you can rescue/claim his whore. Hope that helps!
  15. This mod does not dress the added NPCs in any Devious Devices that use scripts or animations. This mod's goal is to be as lightweight and compatible as possible. Plus there is the problem that armbinders do not work very well for NPCs. Their arms typically come out of the armbinders. From a role-play point of view, you can assume that the slaves and whores do not actively escape because they are afraid to.
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