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  1. What Version of MO2 are you running? Version 2.3.2 has a fix for the co-save issue with SKSE 2.0.19 . https://github.com/Modorganizer2/modorganizer/wiki/Mod-Organizer-2-Changelog#v232
  2. I think there is another mod interfering. The slaves and the guards have keywords that makes them invalid actors for sexlab. Rape content was planned but never implemented. The idea with the respawning shovel is great. My idea would to turn it into an activator, that has the chance to spawn from y to x days after getting enslavd in the mine. The script would than reset on escape and wait for the quest to start again.
  3. Hello, im quite happy with the mod, my char worked in the mine for a week now without major issues. However i made a patch for some minor adjustments: Made the ankles use the ZAZ 7/8 models, so the HDT Workshop mod is not required anymore Removed some dirty edits, worth mentioning the Crude Mace had a broken record. Copied the mining markers and replaced the ones in the mine. The original ones used the vanilla skyrims and made changes to it. Copied the region and made it unique. I may went to far with the dirty edit for the PCHealRateCombat, couldn't test that yet. Edit: I fixed the things you mentioned @Herowynne Slaves of Tamriel.esp
  4. Hey weclcome back Koozie, do you plan to do your own kind of notice board or plan to integerate mods like "The Notice board" or "Missives"?
  5. Hey naaitsab, thanks for the great mod. I took a quick look into your mod with xedit and found some issues: There are somed dirty edits. The mod edits the vanilla manakin and idles. A custom manakin could resolve problems with other mods make changes to them. Another thing is Skyrim SE specific, the shops cell name has an underscore in its name, this borks Skyrim SE savegame profiles a bit. A fix would be to rename the Cell to like DDPStore instead of DDP_Store, but i don't know if that would break the quests.
  6. verel

    So OpenMW

    I think you are confunsing that with the Morrowind graphics extender, Openmw is a complete engine, its purpose it a opensource replacement of the orginal Morrwind engine. It supports Windows,Linux and OSX mainly to get Morrowind running on modern systems/hardware. They are planning to release Version 1.0 together with their construction kit this year.
  7. I have the same Issues with version 8s. Even worse after upgrading to 8s in a current playthrough my MCM showed a empty mod list. I tried this with loading older savegames too, after some time they have all empty modlists.
  8. off Topic. daß ist kein Vergleich, wie groß ist Deutschland und die wenigen deutschsprachigen Staaten? wie groß ist Amerika, England und englisch sprachigen Staaten? so jetzt komme ich mit einem Vergleich! wie alt ist neu Englisch? nicht mal 300 Jahre alt und die sprache ist nicht mal abgeschlossen! wie alt ist Deutsch? über 6000 Jahre alt und sie verändert sich nicht mehr! mich kotzt ganz einfach englisch an und ich bin stolz Deutscher zu sein. Was machst du dann in einem englischsprachigen Forum, außer ein schlechtes Licht mit deinen abgründigen Google-Translate Posts auf andere deutschsprachigen LL-Benutzer zu werfen?
  9. If you don't want an global override, why not implement an item editor like Frostfall does with unrecognized clothes and armor. This would allow people to tweak the difficulty on a per item basis. This would be the most flexible solution to this problem.
  10. Hello, i took a quick look at the latest dev build of DD v4 from the 4.7.and have to issues with it. 1. After seeing the new escape system in action and struggling half of a day in game time with a key to get out of the Iron Prisoner’s Chains I find it more than problematic to have no options for tweaking the difficulty of the new system. Even with the yoke equipped in earlier version of DD it took less time to struggle out of it with a key. The new system makes a major mistake in my opinion, it restricts the user and takes away the freedom to tailor their DD experience to their liking. Having a global override option in the MCM would be good for things like: difficulty to escape, key break chance, cool downtime between escape attempts, and the number of keys needed to escape the device. 2. The inability to craft the new DDx items seems to be inconsistent with earlier Versions of DDx.
  11. I doubt the source that Starfield will take place in the Fallout universe. Judging by the leaked box picture, Starfield looks like a new IP. I really hope they have replaced the Creation engine with idtech 6. A Bethesda style open world game in Space could be fun.
  12. Great mod, i really like it. It has a nice MCM and i want to try out the immersive start soon.
  13. Just a question: is there a reseaon not to use the material system? Mods like CRP use it and it declutters the bodyslide menu. Just build one mesh and be done with it. Another feat would be, the ability to change colour at a workbench.
  14. I found a small script on the conanexiles reddit. It can list players which are spamming single blocks on the server. I modified it a bit because it was not showing anything at first. The result should look like this: The script : SELECT buildings.owner_id, buildings.object_id, characters.char_name, COUNT( building_instances.object_id ) AS occurrence FROM buildings INNER JOIN building_instances ON buildings.object_id = building_instances.object_id INNER JOIN characters ON characters.id = buildings.owner_id WHERE building_instances.class = '/Game/Systems/Building/BP_BuildFoundation.BP_BuildFoundation_C' GROUP BY characters.char_name, buildings.object_id HAVING occurrence <= 1
  15. Hi, i have found three issues: 1. The cart is not attached after loading a savegame. 2. It was impossible to get the cart re-attached on a slope. 3. You can drag npcs and critters around with your cart. I think the current cart is bit oversized, there are two smaller carts in Skyrim, which would fit much better, i don't know if they can be converted for that job easily. Like that in the attachment.
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