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Sexbound Tweaker (Formerly PM2PB) <Deprecated> 3.15.2

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About This File

Sexbound Tweaker is a simple mod to allow a couple more settings to be fiddled with.


The mod is currently not functional and does not support the latest version of Sexbound. It's use is highly likely to cause issues.


<Deprecated: Futa functionality is now integrated into Sexbound>

What's New in Version 3.15.2




-> More angry bugfixes towards Schrödinger's Pregnancy.


-> Fixes towards Schrödinger's Pregnancy.

-> Fixes towards Futa impregnation being wonky. They no longer count as just Females.



-> Updated to Sexbound API version 3.7.0.

-> Pregnancy module is really unstable right now, in the BASE API, and so it's also in this mod. Looking for a fix on both ends.

-> Oviposition births: Gleap and Poptop. (New Base API feature, enjoy)



This took a lot more effort than i swear was ever necessary.

-> Updated to Sexbound API Version 3.0.0 +.


Updated Futa and FutaNL to 2.13; Should fix cases of hats/colors/dyes being odd or not working.


2.13 mini fix:
Fixed Wildling NPC type being a duplicate of Mutant Miner. It'll be useful in the future.


Updated to allow monster pregnancies to occur and actually give birth to monsters
Monsters birthed by players and NPC's are friendly ones.
"object" type NPC's (Fuchsia, Frisky Felin Holo, etc) should no longer clog up the pregnancy system if they are programmed correctly (AKA Entity Type is "object").

2.14 version is made, but its waiting for that version to release.



Updated to be fully compatible with the latest Sexbound 2.11. Maybe 2.10? That was quick.



The update that fixed something by changing nothing. I don't question the ways of the void, i just acknowledge them.


Pushed small fix for Futa visual mod:
Due to me being lazy and copying the metadata file from the Avali support and also missing to replace one line, the game got confused and was having to pick either Futa or Avali support, fixed that derp and uploaded a version that will work with both installed.



Updated to be fully compatible with the latest Sexbound 2.9.
Free Pregnancy has been depreciated, instead it has been broken down into MaleCarriers and FemaleImpregnators.
As their names suggest, MaleCarriers enables males to get pregnant, while FemaleImpregnators allows females to impregnate their partners. Enabling both is effectively the same as Free Pregnancy.

As users requested, player-pregnancies giving birth to only soldier crewmembers has been changed, and the pool has been expanded to all vanilla crew-types that made sense. (Exceptions are penguin types and Outlaw type)


Sexbound Futanari visual mod:

A option available to go along with the FemaleImpregnators option;

Gives the male's genital layer to all females of all species. Even object-NPC's such as Fuchsia or the Frisky Felin.

Given its only a visual edit and has no actual code behind it, shouldn't cause issues any time soon.


Fix for parent-picker not working. Had to resort to old methods, but a working solution is a working solution.

(Also, i uploaded a .pak, forgetting users gotta be able to access the settings.... Herpaderpa)



Attempt at a more "Universal" version. (Named "Locced" in reference to the one that helped me with it, Locuturus)

Do point out to me any strangeness in the code!
(Warning, the universal version is meant for 2.8.2+, previous versions will not recognize it and will likely generate errors and bugs)

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