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  1. Naturally Horny

    The Naturally Horny mod is pretty straight forward and simple:

    It aims to create a natural cycle of interactions between NPC's and Sexbound's interactions.

    NPC's will slowly grow horny over time, and eventually will use sex-enabled beds on their own, including crew-members.
    Once in bed, they will only leave once they've had enough, or by using the books from Lewd-bound, one can make them stop being horny.
    This mod is currently outdated! (For Versions v3+) and there are reports of it causing issues in the long run! Beware when downloading this mod!
    This was requested by a user, so i ended up making it a modular edit. It is meant to only work for the Sexbound version of same number, so beware when updating. I'll try to keep with Sexbound and keep this up-to-date as long as necessary.



  2. Teratophilia

    With the introduction of monster supports into Sexbound, it was odd that only a couple supports for a few known or common monsters existed-- or for that one custom monster people really don't stop bullying on the workshop... Well, here it is, Teratophilia! The vanilla monster support compilation!
    The first update, namely the "Garden" update, features unique creatures found in the starting planet, Garden biome, on the surface, plus a few extras.

    Currently supported: Snaunt, Tentacle Crawler (Or Ruin Crawler), Nutmidge, Nutmidgeling, King Nutmidgeling, Punchy, and Satan Gleaps, Fire-Satan Fire Gleaps, Smoglin, Poison Smoglin, Adult Poptop/Mother Poptop, Poptop, Albino Poptop, Scandroid, Paratail.
    With all that said, these are very experimental supports, trying to make use of the assets and options i have, so some animations will look funky, some others funny, and mostly dumb. So feel free to offer criticism, suggestions, and questions about the support.
    Once installed, just hit a monster with the Aphrodite's Bow, or analogues, and they'll become a node just like a NPC.



  3. Sexbound - Avali as Floofy Raptors

    A version of Sexbound Support for the Avali, focusing on the details, and no breasts included. Breastless version? Something along those lines.

    This is my first OFFICIAL species being supported for spriting and fixing/ updating in the future, would appreciate any comments towards making it better/ criticisms.




  4. Fuchsia the Floran Slut Returns

    I've been hard at work to revive legacy mods.... well, not really. Lazily poking at code until things seemingly worked. But at least i got this done...

    Fuchsia the floran slut returns, now up to date, with 6 positions, and full dialogue! And also a futa version, for those interested!

    Many thanks to Locuturus, ChesterPiece, Alastor Void Watcher, and Dibz666 (Original creator of Fuchsia!), all you helped a lot! If not for Locuturus, we wouldn't have Sexbound in the first place, and ChesterPiece for the glorious animations, along with Alastor for supporting more species and keeping things clean! And of course, many thanks to Dibz, for making more content for Sexbound, so early in its development!
    This version of Fuchsia is basically, the same in function as the Legacy one, except for the Custom UI. And also, visual pregnancy support.

    Quick word, though; Pregnancies are supported, but are only visual and temporary. Fuchsia won't keep her pregnancies, and you won't stay pregnant (for long)-- As of 2.7, pregnancies for furniture NPC's was a bit fixed, but since they're not a real species, the pregnancy will end and nothing will happen, for the player at least, so you still can get pregnant, but it won't do anything.
    How do install!?!?
    Well, its as simple as downloading it and dropping it in the Mods Folder. Its a Pak file.
    How do get!?!?
    Assuming you have Alluring Toys Co installed, as part of the requirements, just interact with the machine and purchase your favored version of Fuchsia. Place it down, and interact. Object is 4 blocks wide and 2 blocks tall.

    If you have a issue, please report it as best as you can, and include your "starbound.log" file found within <your installation directory>/storage, in whichever way you prefer; Pastebin, annex it to the post, but for the love of all that is holy, don't paste over 500 lines of logs into the post.
    But can we do better?
    I'm open to criticism and suggestions, feel free to suggest and comment new content, improvements, nitpicks, and even submit your ideas to turns into new mods!



  5. Lewdbound

    Lewdbound, originally created by the /sbg/ (Starbound general board) by users "Elmo, Jessie, Jizzlord, Soma" and many /sbg/ anons, is a mod that adds lewd items of a variety of types. Clothing, "crops", food, usables/guns, and even fuel!

    Turns out /SBG/ still lives, albeit, with some lost members, and lots of reboots to their community. They know about the mod and contacted me back!

    Disclaimers apart, here's a chunk of what Lewdbound has to offer, including my additions and edits, and integrations into the Sexbound mod:
    Lewdguns of varied races and types, they fire projectiles that spawn liquids upon impact, of the semen and piss variety and will cause NPC's to become sex nodes akin to the Aphordite's Bow. A Fishing-harpoon-bow called the Fish poker. (? Yeah i don't know either.) A bound-floran "crop" that can be grown to acquire Floran Flower-cones (Their dicks, yes), used in food crafting, and acquiring the floran lewd-gun by normal means, Supposed to be sold at the Penguin Bay. Pregnant Scientist clothing. A variety of food items made from the liquids generated by the Lewdguns. All of which are probably going to cause your clothing to become invisible temporarily. Lube to produce semen liquids without using a lewdgun. Cum-fuel-cells! For your ship! (FTL fuels) (Requires Frackin' Universe for this feature) A cum-powered generator Appears to be disfunctional, is not compatible with FU. Cum and crafting-recipe unlocks support for the following species: (Feel free to request a compat for dick and liquid for your species)
    Additions of my own and contributions of others:
    Shot-lewdgun, a joke weapon that is actually a very viable weapon. Just beware that its primary fire will still turn NPC's into nodes, or at least try to. The Lewd Magazine and the Hole Bibel: Prototypes of what Sexbound can do with the "Arousal" system: One will cause NPC's that are hit to reach out to sexable furniture akin to the Diabella Statue, while the other will not only remove them from sexables, but also prevent them from becoming "aroused" for 5 minutes. These have no impact on players. A vending machine (Sprite by Eiko, much appreciated!) from which to acquire most of the unobtainable Lewdbound items (Lewdguns, mattresses, magazines, etc) The Donglenator (Box of dicks) using the LewdScripts! It spawns functional and animated dicks for your character, inherits your character's name and species. Removed. CleanMattresses! Like the sexbound_prisonmattress, these thin objects have all 6 positions enabled, aren't too ugly, and include racial tags, so you too can get your tenant's prefered species and theme right! Currently has 20 variants, for the 7 playable species.



  6. Sexbound Tweaker (Formerly PM2PB)

    Sexbound Tweaker is a simple mod to allow a couple more settings to be fiddled with, and expanding the code in the pregnancy front to support more complex things, along with Futa visual edits as optional downloads.

    Sexbound Tweaker brings the same old "free-pregnancy" option, allowing any NPC or Player to impregnate, regardless of genders, or, in the latest installment, to pick who impregnates who!
    In addition, "polling of parents" is now a option, along with extra crew-types from pregnancy, allowing the birthed NPC to randomly be the father's or mother's race, should they differ, at a 50/50 chance. Also allows support for future monster-x-humanoid pregnancies! A download for optional Futa for females is now also available, in two versions. Sexbound Futa enables all females to have a groin sprite, while Sexbound FutaNL only has females that are as Actor 1 (Or "dominating") to have the groin sprite enabled, NL as in NekoLady's version. Neither version includes functionality, they are both visual, and require the main mod to have functionality. <Deprecated: Futa functionality is now integrated into Sexbound!>
    All functions include a toggle, allowing to only have Parent-species polling, Pregnant Males, or Females being able to impregnate, or any mix of the options as you wish.
    To do so, simply reach into the mod's files, inside "scripts", until you find "pregnant.config.patch", where you can alter "true" or "false" to your liking.
    Please ignore the backup included, its only for reference.
    Installation is pretty simple: Extract the ZIP, drop the folder in the mods folder, done. That is, unless you want to enable/disable one of the features.

    If you need assistance or are confused by the configuration files, feel free to ask for help in the thread, give it a quick read, send a comment!

    Since Sexbound 2.6, male-pregnancy sprites are actually built into the mod, so i don't need to include visuals. The ones you'll see were made by ChesterPiece.
    Thanks to ArgobargSoup for the parent polling code, and ChesterPiece for including the mpreg sprites into the base assets of Sexbound!
    As of Sexbound 3.0.0, Futanari functionality is now part of the API! It can edited per-species, and if you require instructions on how to enable it, i shall provide in the form of a image!



  7. Omen Race Support

    This mod adds support for the Omen Race, by "Habutsu".

    Also, as for compatible mates (Pregnancy setting), they're compatible with the "Dark Latex" from Changed, Zombies, both Vanilla and Modded Shadow races, Familiars, and of course, their own.




  8. Vanilla Cream - Sexbound API

    Completes vanilla species coverage by sex-enabling the penguin and shadow races.

    Known issues:
    Artwork for actor 2 penguins is certainly under-done. Under-cooked, a bit rare.



  9. Pregnant Males - Sexbound API

    A set of files and instructions to enable male pregnancy on Sexbound, like the old bug allowed, and adds a few sprites to reflect this. This functionality is already integrated into VanillaCream (Sprites).



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