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Magicka or Armor (MOA) is intended to provide an immersive reason to wear less armor or to prefer Bikini Armor.


With MOA installed wearing armor will interfere with a Mage's ability to connect to the flows from Aetherius and reduce their available Magicka. The heavier and more protective the armor the greater the proportion of Magicka lost.


Fortunately Bikini Armor has a much smaller effect on Magicka flows because  it covers less of the Mage's body. As a result adventurers who favour Spell & Sword may find Bikini Armor is their best option.




MOA relies on Bikini Armor having keywords that identify it as such. MOA recognises the Sexlab Aroused SLA_ArmorHalfNakedBikini and the Sexlab Survival SLS_Bikini keywords out of the box. It's also possible to add any other keywords you want to be treated as Bikini Armor using MOA's config.json file




The proportion of Armor Rating that Magicka is reduced by, and the reduction in Magicka lost for Bikini Amor items are defined in MOA's config.json file and may be adjusted as desired.



PowerofThree's Papyrus Extender SEPapyrusUtil SE, JContainers SE & SkyUI SE or LE Equivalents




MOA should be fully compatible. 



MOA uses a Peak Value Modifier effect to reduce the Player's Magicka by a proportion of the base Amor rating of their Light and Heavy Armor. It has no effect on enchantments, perks or other additional sources of Magicka. Mods that change the Players Base Magicka will affect the amount of Magicka lost but the proportion of the base value will remain the same.


What's New in Version 1.01


  • Armor Item validation code optimised

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