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5.3.0+ :
/!\ SexLab Framework 1.61b or newer is REQUIRED.
/!\ You should disable the option "Disable Starting Teleport" from SexLab, it conflict somehow with Defeat and will slow down and break some feature of Defeat.
/!\ Funnybizness Animation Pack Highly recommended to be played with Defeat. You can use SexLab Animation Loader mod to register his animations for easy use. (SLAL version of the animation pack)
/!\ If you are stuck in the MCM menu after checking an animation list you'll need to press the modifier key (left shift by default) again.


-------------------- What is this mod?
Defeat aim to give more combat outcomes and alternatives to death, whether the player is the victim, the aggressor or not even involved. (NPC vs NPC)


----- Player as victim
--- Knock down way
The player can be knocked down in combat, three ways for this to happen:


- Bleedout
Will set the player as essential, though the player WILL die if the aggressor is not valid.
On bleedout enter when the player's HP reach 0 it will starts a Defeat scene with the last aggressor that hit the player.


Highly imcompatible with other mods that deal with the bleedout event such as Death Alternative and can conflict with the normal Defeat knock down ways, you might want to disable at least the health threshold knock down way.


- Wound
The player can be knocked down on hit using a health threshold.


- Exhaustion
An aggressor will try to grab and choke the player if his stamina value is low, you can the chance on hit and choose if the aggressors can grab you only from behind.


- Stun
The player can be knocked down by power attacks hits, you can set the chance on hit and the stagger level at which a weapon can knock down the player.


--- Knocked out
The player can set a chance for the player to be knocked out instead of knocked down, if knocked out, the player won’t be able to resist the first sexual assault and the follower will automatically be knocked down.
Has the priority over knocked down and Auto Resist.


--- Auto resist
The player can set a chance for the player to automatically resist a sexual aggression attempt. (Only sexually interested aggressors)
Has the priority over knocked down.


--- Scenario
When the player is knocked down in combat, 3 different scenarios can happen (MCM):


- All down
If followers are present when the player is knocked down, they all need to be knocked down as well before the scene continues.
Followers can be knocked down with the NPC vs NPC settings or when entering bleed out. (If NPC vs NPC is disabled for example.)
When the remaining followers are still in combat you can try to fill the struggle bar to get up before they are defeated.


- Original
Your followers will be knocked down at the same time as you, hostiles NPCs will then come at you.


- No transition
You will get instantly sexually assaulted and the fight will continue. (No threesome or multiple animations if multiple aggressors.)


--- Resist
The player has the possibility of resisting a sexual assault attempt, to do so you need to press and hold your strafe left or right hotkey until you see the struggle bar appear and then you need to alternatively press strafe left and strafe right hotkeys to fill the bar, if you manage to fulfil the bar before the aggressor get you (5 seconds), you will make a resist move that depend of your first main resist skill chosen in MCM then you’ll get on your feet and the combat will restart.


You can choose two skills in MCM that will determine how hard the struggle bar will be to fill, depending on the level, the gender and the two highest skills of the aggressor.
You can resist every sexual assault attempt during a scene but there will be an additional penalty if you have been sexually assaulted already.


--- Resist mid SexLab scene
Press down both resist keys during a SexLab scene then press the keys alternatively to try to push away the aggressor using your remaining stamina, the goal is to not reach 0 stamina or the resist attempt fails so you might want to do it slowly to let your stamina get back up but not too slowly because there is a time limit of 15 seconds.


--- Collateral
If there is multiple aggressors, followers can be assaulted too (Depending of the NPC vs NPC settings for allowed genders and strip options)
If a follower is sexually assaulted during the aggression scene, he will enter in a trauma or an exhausted state, you will then need to get him on his feet by using the Revive option. (Activate Key or Action Key) or wait for them to get up by themselves (MCM settings), when the player changes cell the follower exits his state automatically.


--- Surrender
(Surrender Key Default: K)
3 features:


1 - Surrender
In combat you can use the hotkey to try to surrender to your enemies.


Surrender to humans
If you surrender to a human, the nearest aggressor will come to you and a dialogue will start.
Those may vary corresponding to the aggressor and the settings in MCM (Pages “Player as Victim” and “NPC vs NPC” (for followers))


If the dialogue leads to a sexual assault attempt against the player the same rules as if the player was knock down applies, meaning you can resist.


Surrender to humans - Conditions that matter for the dialogue:
Has the player been already a victim of this aggressor?
Change the dialogue if you surrender to a NPC that sexually assaulted you already.


Is the player has a weapon?
Check if the player has weapons equipped.
The aggressor will make you throw your weapon on the floor.


Is the player dressed?
Check if a torso piece is equipped.
Change some dialogues, increase the chances of sexual assault.


Is the aggressor interested by your gender?
Depend of the gender settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim”)
The aggressor has a chance to sexually assault the player.


Is the aggressor among the evil factions?
NPCs that are in evil faction will not let the player run away without giving anything. (Evil factions are listed in MCM, page “Post-Assault”.)


Is there a witness?
Important condition that you can disable in MCM (page “Player as Victim” option “Witness”.)
Normal NPCs will not react the same way if there is a witness around, of course it does not count the NPCs that are in the scene. (The aggressors, the followers and the player.)
Evil factions don't care if there is a witness or not.


Is the aggressor moral?
A NPC is considered moral if they are unaggressive or met the settings in MCM (Page “Player as Victim” options “Morality”
Those NPCs will react almost the same as the evil faction except when you succeed a persuasion or a bribe.
The Aggressivity, morality (MCM) and relationship the player (MCM) are checked.


Is there a potential aggressor?
Check if among the aggressors there is someone that might be interested by more than the gold and if the aggressor you are talking to isn’t interested by your gender he might let the interested aggressor do his thing, you can also propose your followers in this case.


Is the aggressor interested in one of your followers?
One of the aggressors might want one of your followers, in this case you can sacrifice yourself instead of the follower, the aggressor needs to be interested in your gender for this to succeed, and this is a persuasion.
You can also sell out your followers if you want to keep your gold or avoid the worst yourself, the outcome is random. (He can choose to accept or choose to punish the player.)


Surrender to creatures
You can surrender to a creature the normal way but you can also hold the Modifier key to take a submission pose to “invite” the creature, if the creature is sexually interested you won’t be able to resist during the scene.


2 – Player/Follower prostitution & proposal
You can propose paid or free sex to any NPC by pressing Surrender Key, it will open a dialogue tree, see Player/Follower as aggressor¨ Handover and prostitution for more details.


3 - Come over here
You can ask a NPC to follow you for 20 seconds by targeting him from afar (not at a dialogue distance) and pressing Surrender Key, the player needs to be at least at 1500 units from their target, you can cancel the following by pressing Surrender Key again.


----- Post-Assault
After the player has been assaulted, depending of the aggressor and his faction, different events can happen, each event has its set of settings.


Events are separated in 3 types:


Base event types are simple event that can happen by default or before another event.
This include:


- End of the scene
This is the default event that will happen if no other events are chosen
After the aggression scene you’ll need to fill the struggle bar to get up (or wait a few seconds if resist is disabled) and run away, when you are far enough the aggressors will become hostile again. (If they were hostile before the scene)
- Robbed
The player is robbed of all his gold and valuables (above a MCM configurable gold value) and a quest to track your robber down starts. This event can happen before another one triggers.
This Event can trigger before any other event other events can still be triggered after Robbed.
- Jailed
If the last aggressor is a guard, the player is sent to jail after the scene.
- Death Alternative
Triggers Make OnBlackout events from Death Alternative trigger, including Defeat’s ones. (To be set in DA’s MCM menu)


- Left For Dead
The player and his followers will black out and get up somewhere in the wilderness.
- Rescued
The player and his followers will black out and get rescued by an adventurer and wake up in an inn.
- Simple Slavery
For the Simple Slavery mod to trigger.


----- Player/Follower as aggressor
--- Knock down mechanics & commands


Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift
Default hotkey for the Action Key: G
Default hotkey for the Activate key: Your Activate hotkey


- Marking
Pressing Action key will “Mark” your current target, while Marked a NPC can be knocked down by bash and unarmed attacks every 2 seconds depending of their resistance (MCM configurable), if the target is unaware of your presence any bash/unarmed attack will knock them down.
You can also order your follower to act on the Marked target (See Registering follower for orders and follower orders).


- Knock down
3 ways to knock down a NPC:


1 - Pressing Action key while undetected and with your weapon sheathed, will choke and knock down the target. If witness intervention is enabled, a witness can stop you from choking your target and send the alarm. This method is silent, you can choke a NPC beside his friend and remains undetected as long as they don’t see you choking their friend.
2 - Bash attack or unarmed attack while undetected and out of combat on a Marked target.
3 - Unarmed hit or bash attack from the player on a Marked target during combat, followers unarmed/bash attacks do count.


- Trauma/Exhausted/Flee
The victim of a sexual assault will enter in one of those 3 states depending of MCM settings, while in those states the player can interact with them with the Action Key.


- Knock out
Bash attack or unarmed attack when a NPC is affected by a defeat’s state.


- Yield
Weapon out, undetected, press Action key on a NPC from behind.
The victim can get out of his yield state if the player enters in combat or gets out of the sight of the victim.


- Kill
Weapon out, press Action key and hold.


- Menus options
If the target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up you can use Action key/Activate key for a menu to appear:


/!\ IMPORTANT: Using the Action key/Activate key on a Bleeding out target will stop them from recovery of their bleeding out state and will put them in a knocked down state.


Inventory Opens the inventory of your target.
Rob Opens a submenu where you can choose what equipped piece of armor you wish to steal on the target.
Rape Will make you sexually assault your target. More options will appear for a tied up NPC.
Rape with player Available if you use Modifier key and Action key to give an order to your registered follower to take actions on a knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up NPC.
Tie up Use to tie up your target during a configurable time in MCM.
Tie options Opens a submenu where you can choose to change the pose, Gag/Ungag, change the device used, tighten the links or permanently tie your target.
Untie Will free the tied up target.
Untie & rape Untie and abuse the tied up target.
Put in a sack Put the victim in a burlap sack, press Action key to release the victim wherever you want. The victim keep the state they were in. (e.g A tied up NPC stay tied.)
Feed Available for vampires, give you the ability to drink on a knocked down/trauma/exhausted target, the target enters in an exhausted state afterwards.
Revive Used to remove any Defeat’s state on an affected NPC or to get a bleeding out NPC on their feet.


- Registering follower for command
Aim a follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key.
The follower remains registered until you register another follower.
Also adds a line of dialogue that allows you to prostitute the registered follower if you speak to a NPC with Surrender Key (Default: K) (See Player/Follower prostitution & proposal)


- Follower command
Every follower commands are done by holding Modifier key when pressing Action key, the target will automatically be marked.
- Out of combat the follower will try to sneak up on the target and choke them.
- Hold Action key for the follower to sneak up on the target and attempt to kill them.
- If the Marked target is bleeding out /knocked down/sleeping/trauma/exhausted/tied up a menu similar to the one of the player will open you will be able to give more orders to the follower. (See Menus options)


- Taunt
You can taunt your target when your weapon is out, aim the NPC you want to taunt then press Action key, you can also make your follower taunt the Marked target by holding Modifier key and pressing Action Key. (Only in combat for followers)
- When in combat, the taunted target will target the player or follower the taunt is coming from if they were targeting another NPC/Creature or follower.
- (Only for the player) Out of combat taunting someone will reduce your relationship with the target by 1, when the relationship with the target it is at -2, the target will attack you.
USE WITH CAUTION: the target will be attacked by guards and such.
Note: The target is always marked before you can taunt so you’ll have to press the key twice.


- Rescue
A NPC that is about to get assaulted can be rescued by the player, two ways to do it:
- Weapon out, press Action key on the victim and use the revive option.
- Weapon out, press Action key on the aggressor when they are walking toward their victim to push them away.


- Other Action key effects
Cheer: Close to the target and weapon sheathed, aim a follower involved in a sex scene then press Action key/Activate key, will perform a cheer animation.
Masturbate: Weapon sheathed, sneaking, hold Action key during 1 seconds then release.
Necrophilia: While sneaking Action key/Activate key on a dead NPC.


--- Handover and prostitution
When you capture a NPC and get them out of the bag if they are tied up a new dialogue line will appear when you talk to the NPCs around (the player has to be at least at 1500 or less units from the victim)


- Market value
Each NPC you capture will have a market value determined by bonus/malus multipliers based on the level of the NPC:


Level: (Level * Level multiplier, default: 2 * lvl)
Gender: If the customer is sexually interested by the prisoner (NPC vs NPC settings) > +/- (Level * Gender multiplier, default: 10 * lvl)
Unique: If the prisoner is unique > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 20 * lvl)
Faction: If the prisoner among a faction wanted by the customer’s one > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 30 * lvl)
Silver Hand <> Companion
Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar
Thalmor <> Imperial
Imperial <> Stormcloak
(<> Means works both sides)
Pure: If the NPC is virgin (SexLab stats are automatically send to the NPC when the value is checked.) > +/- (Level * Unique multiplier, default: 25 * lvl)


The handover and prostitution values are calculated based on the market value: handover = Market value / 2, prostitution = Market value / 10
You can modify every multiplier to your liking with the option Set multiplier values in MCM, those values are saved into the export/import function of Defeat, you can also simply use the default button of MCM to reset the values.


You can check the value of the NPC under your crosshair using the MCM option or the option “Check value” if the tool section of the option menu (0 by default), note that if you haven’t any NPC under your crosshair it will display the value of the player The value may change depending of the customer, when this function is chosen the player is considered the customer.)


- Handover
You can hand over your prisoner if you talk to a particular NPC:
Victim Customer
Bandit/Forworn > Guards
Silver hand > Companion (circle)
Imperial <> Stormcloak
Vampire <> Vigilant Of Stendar


You can only handover one NPC every 6 hours. (MCM to change it if you want.)
The prisoner will disappear and it is not possible to handover unique NPCs for obvious reasons.


- Prostitution
You can prostitute your prisoner to any NPC for gold, their value are determined by their market value divided by 10, you’ll have to wait until they are done to get paid.
Note: If Relation matters and/or Morality matter are enabled, the NPC you are talking to will call for guards or even attack you if they know somehow the prisoner (family etc.) or have a high morality.


- Player/Follower prostitution & proposal
The player can prostitute themself to any NPC, the same market value is used but the target may react differently depending of the target and the option enabled. (They won’t attack you for example.)
To ask a NPC under your crosshair use the Surrender Key (Default: K) of Player as victim feature (as such, the feature needs to be enabled for this to work), it will open a dialogue just for this, you will have options for paid or free sex.
To prostitute your follower you need to register them first. (Aim the follower, hold Modifier key then press Action key.) No particular conditions except witness and gender combination. You can also be a part of the sex scene, the prostitute value of the player will then be added to the reward.


You can also ask for sex to any NPC, this will have impact on NPC you know such as your wife/husband, housecarl, hired follower etc.


----- NPC vs NPC
A NPC can decide to attempt to sexual assault/Rob or kill his defeated foe when his life drops below a health value.


You can set the health threshold and the chance on hit as well as some other MCM settings.
Creatures can be allowed too. /!\ Creatures must be allowed in the SexLab Framework MCM menu. /!\


----- SexLab Menu Controller
UIExtension is needed for this to work.
Default hotkey for the Modifier key: Shift
Default hotkey for the Option Key: 0


You can access the SexLab menu controller by pressing Option Key when the player is involved in a SexLab sex scene or by aiming a NPC involved in a SexLab sex scene.


Pressing Option Key will open a menu where you can choose from all the animations that are playing in this current scene.
Holding Modifier key and pressing Option Key will open the stage selector.


For more options use my mod SexLab Tools


-------------------- Requirements
Last versions of these mods are REQUIRED :
SexLab Framework 1.60+
SKSE 1.7.3+
FNIS Do no forget to download and install the creature pack under optional files.


-------------------- Installation
/!\ NEEDED: Run FNIS tool to register the animations.
/!\ NEEDED: Make sure to delete any previous version of Defeat (scripts etc…).
Use a mod manager to install the installer, Nexus Mod Manager or Mod Organizer will do, Mod Organizer being strongly recommended.
If you choose to install it manually, don’t, download and use a manager.


-------------------- Uninstallation
To do for every save you wish to uninstall the mod from.


1.) Click on mod status in the MCM menu to uninstall the mod.
2.) Close the menu.
3.) Wait until you see the notification. (should be really fast if not instant)
4.) Save.
5.) Quit the game.
6.) You can now delete the mod’s files.
7.) Run FNIS tool.


-------------------- FAQ
Q. Is it safe to upgrade to a new version without doing anything?
A. It is always recommended that before uninstalling a mod and installing its new version you should make a clean save but I try to make my mod so it can be upgraded without uninstalling it, though if I say in the change log that a clean save is required you need to do it.


Clean Saving: http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Skyrim/Skyrim-Tips.htm#Clean_Save
Follow these steps:
1.) It is generally best to go to an interior cell, and smaller cells are best. An interior cell is apparent because you have a loading screen when you "open" the door from the outside (such as when you enter most buildings).
2.) Save your game to a new save slot (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game.
3.) Uninstall the mod.
4.) Start the game and load your last saved game.
5.) After the game full loads, make a SECOND new save (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game.
6.) If you're upgrading the mod that you uninstalled, you can now install the new version.
7.) Start the game and load your previous saved game.
8.) Just to be safe: make one more new save (do not overwrite an earlier save).
9.) You have a cleaned save? Ok let’s clean it a little more with Save game script cleaner and you will not forget to endorse the mod of course. (See screenshot at the end of the post)


Your save is now fully cleaned from Defeat.


Q. Why is there some spelling/grammar mistakes?
A. English isn’t my first language, if you see some errors or a sentence that could benefit from a better formulation please let me know so I can fix it.


-------------------- Incompatibilities
Mod that deal with OnHit events can cause problems.


As for player as victim, Defeat’s knock down mechanics can enter in conflict with Death Alternative’s ones, but keep in mind that they can be disabled and Defeat can start through Death Alternative, Death Alternative’s knock out scenarios can also start after a Defeat’s scene, it’s just a question of right settings of both mods.


-------------------- Recommended
Devious Capture By Ms Leeches
Zaz Animation Pack By Zaz & Xaz
Death Alternative By BralorMarr
EFF - Extensible Follower Framework By Expired - Very good mod to handle multiple followers (Defeat handle up to 5 followers.)
UIExtension By Expired - Menu framework I use for animation selection & stage selection, this mod is already included in Extensible Follower Framework.
Free Death Camera By gp160 - Cool mod to remove the useless camera effect when the player dies, also work on ragdoll, go endorse the mod it did not get enough attention imo, the guy has some good ideas for mods.
Funnybizness Animation Pack By FunnyBizness - Highly recommended to be played with Defeat, use SexLab Animation Loader to register his animations for easy use.
Break Undies Plus by thegooglyman - Will break the compatible armor progressively during a struggle phase and break the armor upon Defeat’s strip function.


-------------------- Credits & thanks
Ashal for creating the SexLab Framework and answering my questions about it.
Cmod for Sexis Defeated mod which served this mod as a base.
Camila and Meowcakes for the logo.
Cyndi for the body bag meshe.
AwfulArchdemon for the spell check.
CGi for his help with translations, the installer and the German translation.
Aravis7 for the French translation.
Expired for his UIExtension mod. (And all his mods really ^^)
Xaz & Zaz for the Zaz Animation Pack, used some of their (nice) resources.
Germanicus who helped me as a beta tester and moral support.
Cotyounoyume for some of his animations from Estrus.
Arrok for his resist animation.
FunnyBizness for his animations.


-------------------- Change log

24 July 2016


Small fixes again, clean save not needed, uninstall the previous version then install this one.


. Updated Break Undies Plus support. (Some functions were changed for its latest version)


Player as Victim
. Excluded Apocrypha location for the Bleedout knockdown function.


Player as aggressor
. Fixed trespass problem during SexLab scene, maybe… hopefully?
. Menu on tied npcs.
. Added Disable/Enable functions for the npc you get out of the sack, maybe it will fix the disappearances or maybe not.
. Changed mechanic of handing over a npc for gold, it would move the spawn point elsewhere and prevent the npc to reappear in his editor location, should work as intended now.






19 May 2016


Just small fixes, you do not need to make a clean save, uninstall the previous version then install this one.


. Detection system for player as victim grabbed every valid references in the cell, the system has been changed for the bleedout way, it should be fixed but the system is still a little bit different so tell me if there is weird shit happening. (Other than savage sexual aggressions.)
. Fixed MCM menu tagging system. Was tedious as fuck to replace for it to work.




26 April 2016


No need to make a clean save.


. Consensual Female first option was ignored.
. If all the tags are removed the script will trigger the aggressive set of animations when a SexLab scene is started.


Player as aggressor
. Some equipped armor/clothes were not showing up in the inventory menu
. “Undress” option meant to replace Rob function for armor that do not display in the Inventory (because they are set as Not Playable so the player can’t see, take them or equip them), you can undress torso, hands, head and feet.
. Back button to cancel a rape on tied NPCs.
. Registered follower can now be prostituted, no particular condition except witnesses and gender combination.


Player as Victim
. Huge problem where collateral function would trigger multiple times which fucked up the scene especially if there was multiple followers (sexlab scene failing etc.), should work just fine now.
. Other minor stuff I forgot about.
. Bleedout mechanic, will make the player essential and will start a Defeat scene just like any knockdown way, obviously it is not compatible and may cause problems with other mods that deal with the bleedout event.
You can enable other knockdown ways but it may cause some small problems depending of the settings, disabling at least health threshold would be a good idea.
/!\ It doesn’t make the player immortal, the player can still die from a fall or any other source that is not a compatible actor.
. The option to remove the vanilla moanings of the player when knocked down & escaping. Big up Magicrealm :P
. Improved collateral function to be compatible with different combinations of actors just like the player.
. Blocking an incoming attack can now matter to be knocked down or not. New option for each of the knockdown ways.


. Bleedout mechanics, changed the descriptive too, should work now, it’s now more script heavy because it will search for a potential aggressor in the room if the last enemy that hit the victim isn’t valid, but also more efficient and will run only on NPCs bleedout.
. Reworked the find an add script for when a creature is involved
. Follower should no longer be able to be aggressor if the option is disabled.


5 March 2016


No need to make a clean save, run FNIS again though.


Break Undies support is back.
Fixed creature filter list, they were not created when updating from an old Defeat version -> it’s going to reset the lists with all creature races enabled for player as victim and npc vs npc.
Female & male creature filter, to be used with Creature gender option from SexLab. (as it is right know only female draugrs are recognized as female creatures though)
Consensual category in animation tagging page, yes there is also consensual stuff in Defeat. Boring ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Player as aggressor
Feed option appearing for non-vampire player on tied victims.
forgot to add the pillory check for the rape option.
excluded freaking mannequins from being able to be witnesses, also for followers.
masturbate function.
Removed “Rob” part on the menu since you can now loot all the stuff of the NPCs by opening their inventory.
“Knocked down resist” option to allow a knocked down victim to resist or not to sexual assaults, disabled by default.
Player prostitution now takes into account the consensual tagging.
Changed option name “Tied victim settings” by “Handover/Prostitution”.


Player as Victim
Aggressors following player when teleported nearby in case of left for dead post assault scenarios.
Disable resist possibility for the first resist when the scene begins with an auto resist.
Surrender dialogue script for collateral.
Morality option not working.
The aggressor you surrender to will now run toward you instead of walking.
Removed the possibility for an aggressor to see you trying to get up when the player is knocked out and waiting for the followers to finish. (“An aggressor watches you”) It’s now easier to wake up in this case.
Cleaned settings for player as victim scene, created a script DefeatUtil that modders can use and call a Defeat scene on the player with custom settings that overrides MCM settings as well as getting data from last scene.
Ignore gender tag for multiple actors scene.


Female on Male FemaleFirst option.
Creature check will now properly use the race filter list.


23 February 2016


Fixed Defeat impossibility to install if you don't have Break undies.


I have removed break undies support until I find out a way to include it without creating a dependency.




Remove the previous version then install this one, no clean save needed the mod will update.
Some properties might have changed or disappeared, you can use the clean save tool to remove errors in the log is there is some.


Added support for Break undies

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