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Failure Mode Effects Analysis in Skyrim (FMEA) V1.481 SE/LE (19/01/2022)

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Has it ever bothered you that rather than going off adventuring and risking your life you can get rich in Tamriel using an alchemy lab in an inn and a few septims worth of Garlic and Salt? Do you wonder why people lock valuable items in chests or in rooms but hardly ever use magic or poison to deter thieves? Are you amazed that at level one you know the name of every useful alchemy ingredient and how to harvest it safely?


FMEA is designed to provide additional risks and failure effects to non-combat skills and resource harvesting. Since many of the consequences are based around sex and slavery FMEA has been written with the female adventurer in mind, however FMEA works perfectly well for male adventurers there are just fewer outcomes available.


The current release includes plugins for Lockpicking, Alchemy, Enchanting, Mining and Harvesting potion ingredients. Each plugin is highly configurable with its own MCM page and any or all of the plugins can be enabled or disabled as required.



  • Whilst disenchanting an item there is a risk that you may lose control of the Magicka flow as you destroy the item
  • The risk of losing control when disenchanting is dependent on the magnitude of the enchantments and the skill of the enchanter
  • Whilst enchanting an item there is a risk that you may lose control of the Magicka flow from the Soulgem as you complete the enchantment
  • Whilst recharging an item there is a risk you may lose control of the Magicka flow and fail to charge the item, or worse!
  • The risk of losing control when enchanting or charging is dependent on the level of Soulgem used and the skill of the enchanter
  • Uncontrolled Soulgem flows can result in dimensional anomalies or allow the imprisoned soul to use its psychic energy to lash out seeking revenge
  • An uncontrolled release of Soulgem Magicka may attract an interdimensional parasite
  • Uncontrolled Soulgem flows will render the enchanting workbench dangerously unstable and unusable until they dissipate
  • Endangering the lives of innocent bystanders as a result of recklessly allowing uncontrolled Magicka flows is a serious crime



  • Any locked door or container might now be trapped
  • Traps can be set to either rearm or be cleared when triggered
  • Traps may have tamper detection built in – just inserting a lock pick might trigger the trap, also, the longer you take picking the lock the more likely it is that the trap will trigger
  • There is a chance you may spot a trap before you trigger it, or you may THINK you spot one
  • Traps are persistent in the world – as is their individual level of difficulty. Maybe you should come back to that dangerous looking chest with the master level lock when you’ve got a bit more skill?
  • Setting off a trap can result in a range of consequences including audible alarms, darts & gas traps
  • There is also an option to add an Alteration skill based Open Locks spell to the world
    • The level of magicka control required means the Open Locks spell has a very short range, take care not to trigger any traps!
    • The risk of a trap being triggered (if one is present) by the Open Locks spell increases with each failed attempt
    • The tome required to learn Open Locks can be bought from specialist merchants selling rare Alteration spells, it might also be found as loot



  • Any attempt to make a potion may fail based on the Alchemists skill and their experience at making that particular formula
  • Alchemical research is particularly risky even when successful , if unsuccessful it’s downright dangerous
  • When an Alchemist fails to make a potion the resulting mixture may be unstable, if they are lucky it will result in some fumes and a bad smell, or they could be unlucky…
  • Reckless use of alchemy workbenches in inns and shops poses a risk to innocent bystanders, endangering the public is a crime
  • Alchemical failures tend to be noisy and smelly and are likely to attract the attention of anyone (or anything) nearby



  • Plant and fungal ingredient sources will be renamed to “Plant” or “Fungus” until the one of the ingredients magic effects is learned. Optionally harvesting of plants and fungi can be blocked until an effect is learned
  • Insects and other activator type ingredients can be blocked from harvesting until an effect of the ingredient is learned
  • When an ingredient is harvested there is a risk of adverse effect, due to allergy, poisoning or something taking offence at having its friends torn to pieces…
  • The risk of an event is based on the number of unknown effects on an ingredient. Once all the effects are known the ingredient is safe to harvest



  • Any attempt to mine may fail based on the difficulty of the ore vein and the skill of the miner
  • Miners may lose track of an ore vein as they dig
  • Pickaxes may break if used incorrectly
  • Inexperienced miners may find the "Ore" they have mined is in fact just useless rubble
  • Sparks from the pick may ignite a pocket of flammable gas, injuring innocent bystanders is a crime
  • Miners may encounter things that were best left buried
  • Ore veins may contain pockets of noxious gas
  • Poor mining technique may result in injury




Skyrim Legendary Edition / SE
Sexlab 1.62+ / Sexlab SE 1.63 Beta9
SkyUI 5.1+ / SkyUi SE 5.2




Estrus Chaurus+ 4.390+
Sanguine Debauchery enhanced: SD+ (November 2021)+
Simple Slavery 4.6+

Devious Followers 1.72+
Prison Overhaul Patched V3.59+
Learn Alchemy From Recipes - so you don’t have to eat ingredients to learn them!
SexLab Parasites - Kyne's Blessing (November 2021)+ for the FMEA Dimensional Parasite & Flowering Spriggan effects




Install using NMM or ModOrganiser – make a save first so you can go back if you don’t like the mod or it makes the world explode!
You should see an MCM initialisation message when you load the game. Once the MCM is initialised you need to install the plugins from the FMEA menu.




Updates can be installed over an existing save. A clean save is not required.




If there’s sufficient interest I plan on developing a FMEA Plugin for Smithing, along with more effects & outcomes for the current plugins. Suggestions welcome!




If a plugin is not working as intended try disabling it in the MCM, waiting a few minutes and then reactivating it.




Under no circumstance can this mod or any of its parts be posted outside of LL without my permission. You may not use the code as part of a for-profit project.


Edited by Bane Master

What's New in Version V1.481 SE/LE (19/01/2022)




Full Change Log




  • Converted to SE
  • BugFix: Fixed an issue with compatibility when handling Gamehour changes as identified by Rogwar002



  • Added: Minimum failure chance slider for Alchemy
  • Added: Mining "Looking for Something" effect will now also target followers who are standing too close to the ore vein


  • Added: Parasitic Intruders will now use the EC+ infection if SL Parasites is not installed
  • Added: Parasitic Intruder infections can be toggled on/off in the MCM
  • Added: Maximum Duration Slider for the Unstable Enchanter effect


  • Added: A way to to deal with the detrimental effects that occur when harvesting ingredients


  • Added: Toggle option to enable a check of the trapped lock rearm chance each time a trap is triggered
  • Updated: The force of the blast from an Alchemical Explosion has been reduced somewhat


  • Added: FMEA Alchemy & Ingredients plugins now support Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
  • Added: MCM toggle to disallow fallback to Vanilla Jail when Prison Overhaul Patched is not installed or fails to find a valid actor to perform an arrest
  • Added: MCM difficulty option to set a weight for Gold coins up to 10 lbs per 1000. Also supports coin types added by Skyrim Coin Replacer Redux
  • Updated: Optimized POP integration witness detection script
  • BugFix: Chests in the Riften Thieve's Guild will only be fitted with alarms and will no longer impose a bounty

V 1.42

  • Added: Chance to lose of control of magicka flows when charging enchanted items
  • Added: On failing to charge the item it will be dropped (may be disabled in the MCM. Quest Items are excluded)
  • Added: Dropped items will be depleted of any remaining charges
  • Added: Dropped items will be hazardous to handle until the uncontrolled magicka dissipates
  • Added: Dropped items that are inaccessible due to Navmesh bugs etc. may be located via the FMEA System MCM
  • Added: Failure to charge an item may result in a critical loss of control and associated consequences
  • Added: Chaurus Tentacle attacks to Mining failure modes (Requires EC+)


  • Added: Devious Followers support to enslavement outcomes
  • Updated: A Bounty will only be applied if an NPC (other than a teammate) is injured by a summoned creature
  • Updated: Summoning bounties have been reduced
  • Bugfix: Fixed a cause of log spam in fmea_effectmanagerscript


  • Added: An option to add an Alteration skill based Open Locks spell to the world


  • Added: Loss of control of magicka flows when disenchanting items
  • Added: Simply Knock compatibility fix


  • BugFix: Fixed an error that was causing formulation experience for potions with levelled effects to be reset when an effect levelled up


  • Added: MCM toggle to control unconscious abuse in player houses
  • BugFix: Fixed an error in the Enchanting Table effect script that occasionally caused it to fail to terminate gracefully


  • Updated: FMEA now supports "Prison Overhaul Patched" by Inte - Vanilla XPO support has been removed
  • Added: MCM Difficulty toggle allowing shorter duration FMEA effects if preferred
  • BugFix: Unconscious abuse events will now fire correctly if an arrest event does not complete successfully


  • BugFix: Traps will no longer trigger if an object is unlocked with the correct key


  • BugFix: Clay and Stone deposits will no longer be depleted due to losing track of the ore vein
  • BugFix: Critical failures whilst mining Clay and Stone will now occur during mining rather then when mining is cancelled by the user
  • BugFix: Fixed a condition where firedamp deposits did not always detonate correctly
  • Added: Clay and Stone mining will now stop at regular intervals to allow the Player a moment's rest


  • Added: MCM toggle to enable automatic recovery of fumbled items when out of combat
  • Added: MCM setting for Lockpicking bounty
  • Added: MCM setting for Alchemy Criminal Damage bounty
  • Added: MCM setting for Enchanting Illegal Summoning bounty


  • Added: Ingredients MCM toggle to make harvest contact effects consistent for each harvestable
  • Added: System MCM toggle to disable FMEA persistent screen effects on player
  • Added: System MCM utility to remove all active FMEA effects
  • Bugfix: Fixed a condition where Unconscious Abuse errored if it failed to find a valid abuser
  • Bugfix: Improved Alchemy monitoring code & fixed a condition where a failure could trigger multiple effects


  • Bugfix: Alchemy critical failures will now occur at the correct frequency


  • Added: Repeated exposure whilst afflicted by a harvest effect will prolong the effect proportionate to the number of additional exposures
  • Updated: Harvest SFx will now play on each exposure
  • BugFix: Fixed a condition where Harvest SFx would play continuously


  • Added: Configurable chance that each lockpicking trap has auto rearm. Traps that have rearm do so until picked successfully
  • Updated: Narcosis and Allergy effects now accumulate at a variable rate rather than always causing unconsciousness on a second exposure
  • Updated: Support for XPOP 8s
  • Compatibility: FMEA no longer uses story manager event nodes
  • Compatibility: Lockpicking is now compatible with "Animations" (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51554)
  • BugFix: Improved reliability of potential abuser detection
  • BugFix: Removed a couple of unnecessary cell edits


  • Updated: Improved compatibility for non-xpo users
  • Updated: Effect manager script optimisations


  • Added: Mining Failure Modes & Effects
  • Updated: Improved detection and selection of Abusers


  • Added: Enchanting Failure Modes & Effects
  • Bugfix: Enable/Disable abuse by followers now works as intended



  • Added: Toggle to enable/disable followers as potential abusers/masters
  • Bugfix: Followers will now ignore lockpicking alarms
  • Bugfix: Traps on locks will now be cleared correctly when triggered with "Auto Rearm" disabled
  • Bugfix: The effect type of each trapped lock will remain consistent if triggered again
  • Bugfix: Fixed incorrect notification appearing when regaining consciousness without being abused


  • Compatibility: Lockpicking now sends ModEvent "dhlp-Suspend" / "dhlp-Resume" during lockpicking attempts
  • Compatibility: Lockpicking will check for running DCL scenes before firing a trap


  • Bugfix: Removed "OnSit" debug notification from Alchemy plugin
  • Bugfix: Fixed an error in plugin version number display


V1.00 Initial release



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