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A home for Warhammer 3 Mods that are too Slaanesh for Steam. Should also check out the main discord ; Join discord: https://discord.gg/W4qkrNwUMk
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    Mod works perfectly when playing as Azazel but crashes when i enable @@Compendium_Play_as_Azazel_Overwrite.pack. for some reason.
    Would prefer them not being mutually exclusive 'cause I've got other mods that modify the original landmarks which make them quite essential.Sob.Guess can always use older version though,right?Hope won't miss too much By the way, really great mod,thanks for the good work
  2. Goblin Slaver Empire still working on new patch somehow. Maybe ask him? However the mod has been taken down because... I dont know.
  3. I see, disappointing but definitely understandable, I have zero modding experience but I'm currently trying to take a look into what exactly broke the mod/what needs to be fixed.
  4. this is due to the recent update that CA pushed. Not only is my mod busted, so is Endos main goblin mod that mine relies on. I've moved on from modding warhammer, so it'll have to be someone else to fix it
  5. Apologies to bug you but the mod causes a CTD whenever I run it, I am unsure what would cause it as there is no error message that comes up, if you're willing to fix it that'd be great or if anyone who comes across it would know what I have to do to fix it that'd be great.
  6. i love this so much and am sadge i only found it when its busted apparently, but i also hope it gets updated for thrones, bc having it interact with the miao ying mods somehow would be incredibly cool
    This would be really cool if it gets finished.
  7. Hope that this will get updated for Thrones of Decay now that Gelt is going on a semester abroad in Cathay. This is a really creative and interesting mod.
    When I was a young boy, I was simply obsessed with balthasar gelt. I wanted to feel him, to touch him, to be made of gold just like him. I was relating to him on an emotional level. Thanks to this mod I can finally see out my sexual desires for Balthasar Gelt. iucum everywhere and my parents yell at me and hit me... my friends stopped talking to me because of my obsession with gelt.... fuck this mod it ruined my life....i have my cock in my hand as i write this balls bouncing up and down in my hand as i thrust my homemade balthasar gelt fleshlight on my cock.... this mod has rewriteen reality for me... thank you
  8. hmm am I the only one who has the problem that since the last mod update on Friday the game has always crashed when loading save games and after battles as a dark elf against Skaven? Ok Problem found. Had nothing to do with this mod.
  9. Someone just reported this happened because they forgot to download and enable MiaoYingCorruption_Compendium. SheA's will cause a crash if Compendium is missing. If you can confirm this is the case, please try with the version of SheA's pinned in the compendium discord channel, though they should be the same.
  10. Same problem partner. Crashes on game start if sheaModify is loaded. Load order is exactly the same as given😢
  11. 请问为什么我只能从 Steam 中找到第一个雪橇包? 我应该从 Discord 下载吗?
  12. I remove all additional mods, as long as I enable sheaModify, crashes on game start。
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