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  1. Anyone working on anything with Baldur's Gate 3? Any lewd mods, I know lewd already exists base game, but LL can lewdify it to even greater lewditity.
  2. @franco49 Could I trouble ya for the mods required for this, and maybe the building blueprint? lol
  3. @Kashked Yeah, well I mean Missionary is a good position XD I'm just curious which animation packs feature all the group sex scenes like in the pics that @TamraBlue just posted x3 and well yours Kash
  4. Oh yeah, I meant can you get those animations here on LL. Sorry for the vagueness! lol. I just know some people use like some model/pose studio things where they pose characters for screenies to do some of the picture thingies, comics I guess?
  5. If you wanted someone to actually add in portraits of this race, find pictures and crop them out yourself. It's a lot of work just cropping out the pictures and a lot of people don't want to do it, but if you already have the cropped out pictures, someone might be more willing to create the technical stuff to get the race working.
  6. Thanks for the fixes, Bad Dog. Still having issues with Lykaios here and Skyrim Together. The trouble comes when attempting to connect to the server itself, getting into the game with lykaios works fine, just connecting causes a CTD even though all players including the server owner have the mod. I'd also like to note, the old version of Lykaios still works fine on the server. So you can play one of the older Lykaios with the lower polys and such just fine, but this version is a no go, just instant CTD on server connect.
  7. Are these incompatible. I tried to play with a friend and what we were left with was basically on clientside you'd perform solo animations while the other player jittered in place with clothes on. However, the other player was still able to roam about freely and do whatever, just the player that initiated the scene was stuck in place doing the animations. Furthermore, the 2nd player, could not see the animations taking place of the 1st player. They were just standing there naked. So are these incompatible? Is there a fix?
  8. Causes crash with Skyrim together even if all parties have the mod, however, if you use the older version of Lykaios it works just fine with Skyrim Together.
  9. Anyone got a sort of up to date mod with nipple piercings? I don't necessarily need physics with them, but it would be nice to have lol.
  10. Screws

    [mod] Anim Addons

    So how do you get say, the double penetration anims to play?
  11. Screws

    MP Rimworld?

    Anyone try running a stable version of RJW and other mods with multiplayer mods like https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1908437382&tscn=1601727809 Or the other multiplayer mod? Maybe start a group that tries to make a multiplayer compatible version or something?
  12. As an added note, the faces are quite a bit better than the ones from Facial Animations, if ya could make em across all pawns and add more hairstyles and such, woooo you'd be one of my favorite mod authors lol
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