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  1. Found the mod that updates model resolution shortly after posting this >.<
  2. So anyone have any idea why the quality of the model is so low here? Its weird cause like, the animals are higher quality lol.
  3. *Shrugs* Xenophilia I think has Quarians
  4. Well what I mean is you could probably snag those models from that mod and make a mod that causes those models to over write the ideology Dryad models.
  5. Apparently someone's done something like that already?
  6. Well, 1.3 might've killed my desire to play Rimworld. Idk how so many mods can get busted by what seems like relatively small changes. I've got a complete 'compatible' mod list and its still throwing out errors that won't let me start a game, and old lists I had, when I load em up in the mod manager have jumbled up all the mods out of order. Its a very daunting task when you run 200+ mods and have to start from scratch to rebuild the mod list. I propose a suggestion, an idea, I don't know how to go about doing it, but I was thinking maybe some sort of Communal Mod Load Order List could be established based on the rules of the Mod Load Order List. I should probably elaborate more on this. So there is the Mod Order Guide https://rwom.fandom.com/wiki/Mod_Order_Guide I think there are others, maybe more up-to-date idk? But use one of these as the basis. So it separates things into the categories, but doesn't tell you what specific mods might fit into said categories. EX: Medical -Yes this includes those that add new bionic parts, medical bills (not the money kind), and new surgeries. No it does not include mods that ONLY add medical items. EPOE and Rah's and A Dog Said and Archotech are examples of medical mods. Do not run both EPOE and Rah's together, they conflict because they do basically the same thing. Pawnmorpher may want to go here. Apothecary may want to go here. Now there is part of the crux of the issue because at the very beginning it will tell you things like Unless stated otherwise, categories further down override categories further up. (e.g., If a mod is adding both map gen AND pawns, it goes in Races [races being the latter]; if it adds items but it's a faction mod, it goes in items [items being the latter category]; etc.). Ideally what I'm wanting to create is a huge list of basically all possible mods in as accurate of a load order as possible sorted by categories. So the list would already be sorted by categories like the Mod Load Order Guide, however under the categories would be all the mods that correspond to that category. It would essentially have to be a community project where everyone would have to figure out which mods go where in what category, but creating a list like this would make it easier to rebuild mod lists or create new ones without having to look at each individual mod and be like "Uhhhh does this go in medical or items category?" I'm basically suggesting a more comprehensive mod order guide, cause even in the mod order guide they have some specifics labelled out in what order they're supposed to go, but they don't as comprehensive coverage of other mods in other categories. Core Royalty (If available, 1.1 and up) HARMONY (1.1 and up) (also: I know Brrainz has said that he wants it above Core, afaik that's due to people likely deciding that another mod that also wants to be at the top takes precedent, which would break things more often than not. As long as Harmony is the highest MOD on your list, you should be fine. Generally better to put it above Core though.) SRTS (if you load after Hugslib then the ships will show up in a colonist's inventory) Hugslib Jecstools Humanoid Alien Races Prepare Carefully or Character Editor, not both unless you have a very good idea of what you are doing Libraries -Core file packets (If something says it has no content, just code for other mods to build from, that's a library). Examples include Misc Core, Turret Extensions, and a few others. Terra Core goes here. It's also an overhaul mod, so if you are using it with a large modlist you'll probably get a lot of red errors and things breaking. You have been warned. THEN immediately after libraries, What the Hack (this mod is a silly one that way) and then Giddy-up Core Giddy-up Addons Doors Expanded Third Age If running Combat Extended, it is theorized that it should go right above Third Age, patch to both goes right below both. Like that, however a more comprehensive list, maybe like a google doc or spread sheet or something where even the mods are alphabetically organized in the categories they belong in so its easy to find them, in side sections you can mark if the load order within the category different and needs to overwrite something within that category and have another section dedicated to describing what mods are incompatible with it. Something Like this ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CATEGORY NAME (Mods sorted A-Z within the category) Mod Name | Mod Link | Any Special order it needs with other mods in the Category so if it needs to overwrite (Go above or below) another mod in the same category | Incompatible Mods ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Btw the Mod Link section is literally a link to the mod's website whether its LL or Steam or Ludeon or wherever. Basically create an entire communal spread sheet that can be updated with all the mods and something the community can turn to whenever they want to create a new mod list without having to go through individual mods to try and figure out what goes where. I honestly, have no idea how to set something like this up though lol. I think its a neat idea to have a huge list to make it easy on people wanting to mod and sort mods and the more people are involved the more potentially accurate information can be gathered on where mod placement should be and what incompatibilities exist.
  7. @S16+ Would you be opposed to someone else taking over and keeping it up to date? I don't have the skills to do so, but if someone else did, would that be cool? lol
  8. Broken: My wrist, for... reasons!
  9. C0ffeeeee, the savior and god of our lewd rimworld has graced us with hopes of salvation! We should form a reli... WE CAN! Yes, Ideology. Prepare for the Coffee Religion to be formed, where we worship the almighty bean of sleepslaying! XD
  10. Hmmmm, considering putting up another link for another week... idk...
  11. Fair enough, but I can definitely see sex-based religions forming.
  12. Who else is excited at the ideology update and the potential it represents in the lewd modding scene? It looks like it would open the door for many different 'rituals' and such to be present and created. The ideology framework could basically mold a society to accept things as societal norms or taboos, its such a cool looking system, but I want to know what other people think of what we have seen so far in screenshots and what things you'd like to potentially see come out of it. Currently I see that there seems to be a base setup to where you could make harems, or just have ritualistic orgies and such already in place. (See Physical Love, Spouses, in some of the screenshots) They even talk about 'love clusters' which makes it definitely seem like polygamy is becoming a part of vanilla Rimworld which has me very interested indeed.
  13. @Abominus I remember you were on the server but you didn't respond to my purge notice lol. I'll toss ya an invite again, but I do expect a wee bit more activity sirrah! @SunTan Lotion What do you mean 'wut'? .3.
  14. I lost the discord myself lol. A new invite would be preesh
  15. As a fun little side thing, post a pic of your favorite custom made empire here!
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