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A young and mute girl was abandoned near a Temple where a cult of monks were living. One of them found her and decided to adopt her as his child. She was named Kamako.




When she was 16 years old, the monks let her train with them and when she reached 17 she had almost mastered the trainings. She was happy. She had a family who cared for her and everybody from the near village were also kind to her.




She finished her training at the age of 18. From that day she could wear the official uniform, although it was designed for men instead of women, so some parts of her torso were exposed. There were no problems inside the Temple, because the monks didn't pay attention to her, but some villagers began to have dirty thoughts about her now that she was a full grown woman.




The first day of the new season a group of villagers went to the Temple to offer their crops and show respect to the gods in exchange for a new and healthy harvest. When the men were leaving, one of them noticed Kamako going to the hotsprings up the mountain. He followed Kamako and sneaked through the bushes to spy her while she was bathing.



When she finished bathing, she picked up her clothes and dressed up. The man, who became obsessed with her beauty, followed her again, but this time to her bedroom. He had planned to ambush her in the middle of the night.




When the midnight came, the villager found her sleeping in the bedroom. Kamako didn't notice him until it was late. The man grabbed her and she fell into the ground. She was frightened and helpless. The man had a strong desire and lust for Kamako, so he couldn't resist his dirty thoughts and ripped off her clothes.




She struggled and tried to escape, but the villager was strong. She didn't want to harm that man because he was part of the village, so eventually she submitted to him.



After two long hours of raping her, the man ran away. Kamako was in shock and tried to go on like nothing had happened. Nobody saw her in the next months.




Almost 9 months after the incident, Kamako looked totally different. She let her hair grow and now she was wearing a long red kimono. Her breasts were a lot bigger than before and seemed full. The courier who connected the Temple with the village saw her and spread the word of her huge change. The villager who raped her heard the notice and that night went to visit her at the hotsprings to see it with his own eyes.



When Kamako began to unwrap her kimono, the villager understood everything: that night, 9 months ago, he left Kamako pregnant. The man got scared and started to think in a plan to get rid of that child. If people knew the existence of that child, or worse, if people discovered that he was the father and he forced Kamako, the villagers would surely chop his head off.




While he was thinking what to do, Kamako began to make strange sounds.




She crawled out the water and reached a rock. She was giving birth to her child. Just before Kamako could see her newborn baby, she fainted. When she woke up, the baby wasn't there. She tried to scream, but it was useless. She dragged through the ground, looking for her baby, but all she found was a piece of scroll and a message written by a "mysterious monk". The text said that it was forbidden for monks to have children, so the child should be left in an orphanage. The note was originally written by the villager, but Kamako didn't know that and accepted her fate.




A week after, the monks summoned Kamako in the Temple. They had noticed her pregnacy from some months ago but didn't say anything until now. Having children was indeed forbidden for monks, so now she had to be punished for her acts. They gave Kamako a vaginal plug and a chastity belt locked with an unique key keeped by the Master. She should wear it for the next week and it would be unlocked in the 8th day.


The first day wearing the chastity belt wasn't too bad. She got used to wear that plug, but everytime she sat, the plug pressed up more inside her and made her wet.




The second day an abrupt vibration from the plug woke her up and she had an orgasm. The rest of the day was like the day before.




The third day she woke up again with the plug's vibrations. This time they were faster and harder and also the plug was further inside her. She tried to release the pressure from the plug, but there was no use. She came almost instantly. That day the plug vibrated 7 times more. She was exhausted.




The fourth day, as usual but stronger, the plug vibrated to wake her up. She was almost all the time wet, even when she was bathing. That night she couldn't resist the urge and as silent as possible, she went to the Master's chambers to recover the key that unlocked the belt.




Kamako was already inside the bedroom when the plug began to vibrate again. Her legs were trembling and she was dripping wet, but there was nothing to do about it.




She fell over her knees onto the ground and the iron belt hit the floor. The Master suddenly woke up and the first thing he saw was Kamako flooding the floor with her horny fluids. She approached him crawling as she was able to and begged him for the key, but the old man didn't understand what she was trying to say.




Instead of helping her, he began to undress his robes and quickly thrusted his hard dick inside Kamako's mouth. The plug made her so horny that she accepted his Master's dick and began to blowjob him.




Finally after exploding inside her mouth, the Master pulled out his member between her lips. Kamako smiled and swallowed all the cum she was able to.




That night they didn't sleep. The next day she asked the Master for new devices to wear. She felt kinky and sexy at the same time. The Master gave her a few new devices and Kamako couldn't wait to attach them to her body.




Suddenly, the Master had an idea. If he blinded her eyes, Kamako could never see who was the person who was fucking her. He could let the villagers pay for fucking Kamako, at least until the temple had earned some money.








Will Kamako notice that she's being used like a cheap whore? Will she care? Will she enjoy it?


~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~


NAME: Samurai.

STATUS: Finished.


PLOT: An abandoned mute girl is adopted by Temple monks and trained to be a warrior, but her fate is different as she imagined.











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beautiful and gorgeous are just an understatement. It's simply stunning! Well done. You earned urself a sub. May not be much, but really, a thank you and a job well done is all that i can give

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19 hours ago, scootles_4 said:

beautiful and gorgeous are just an understatement. It's simply stunning! Well done. You earned urself a sub. May not be much, but really, a thank you and a job well done is all that i can give

It's enough for me that people can enjoy my little work, thank you! ?

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