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  1. Hi! I would just like to ask how do you get these animations to work or start? Do they conflict with other sexlab animations?
  2. Found a simple fix for those who have missing dialogues or for those who get this one ("...") instead of actual texts. The legendary edition works fine with SE btw. I just removed the ones that have multiple languages and just left the ones with "English" with it. If you speak russian, then just leave the russian one, for chinese, chinese. So on and so forth. It doesn't appear because the game can't decide which language to use. Here, this is English only: SL_Drunk.rar Just drag it to your Mod Organizer or Vortex, install, enable, run FNIS a
  3. Hi guys! Good day. I don't know how many of you are still active but I would like to request some help in finding a certain mod. A while back (i can't even remember if it was weeks or even months ago) i saw a mod in one of mxr's videos where npc's comment on your outfit or how you look. or just horny old men showering you with compliments (if you have a female char) or aroused wahmen (if you're a male char) whenever you walk by. And there was once he interacted with the npc who comment on his char and could choose options whether to ignore or engage in sexual ways. I couldn't find the vid nor
  4. beautiful and gorgeous are just an understatement. It's simply stunning! Well done. You earned urself a sub. May not be much, but really, a thank you and a job well done is all that i can give
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