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In this community you can share your screenshots, vote in polls, report bugs related to my mods, have access to useful resources and much more. This also facilitates communication between us. Feel free to join anytime! - Anuketh.
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  2. Here I will upload the body presets I've made for my characters. You may find sighly differences between these presets and the characters' bodies, but that's normal because I've tweaked them a little to fit my actual tastes. This is a dedicated page for these presets. I won't create any file in the download section of LoversLab, since they are simple presets and not really "mods". I may update this page with new presets from time to time. To use these two presets just extract the Data folder into your Skyrim directory and build them with BodySlide. Anuketh B
  3. . F O L L O W E R S . My Followers Pack #1 (Alana, Anuketh, Luna, Myrina & Yumiko) My Followers Pack #2 (Aqua, Bella, Kamako, Julie, Seranya & Ursula) My Followers Pack #3 (Chihako, Keyla, Sharon, Veris & Zeila) My Followers Pack #4 (Adasha, Iliss, Juliet, Miane & Vivi) My Followers Pack #5 (Helia, Isabella, Leah, Linn & Oasis) Christine Standalone Follower Thalyssa Standalone Follower Libra Standalone Follower Chloe
  4. I decided to make a list of the outfits I used on my screenshots. Many of you asked specific outfits from different screenshots, but here you'll find a full list of all of them. * Many screenshots are + one year old, I'll make an effort to try to remember the outfits' names. If not, I'll put similar outfits instead. Alana [The Young Queen] Anuketh [The Pointy Outlander] Luna [Disobedient Luna] Myrina [The Mighty Warrior] Yumiko [The Escort]
  5. Some people have asked about how I get the glossy body in some of my screenshots and here you'll find how to do it yourself. NifSkope Your current femalebody_0 and femalebody_1 (located in Data/Meshes/Actors/Character/Character Assets/) STEP 1 Open the first femalebody_0 with NifSkope and search for the main NiTriShape. I use UUNP but it doesn't matter whatever body you use, the process is always the same. STEP 2 Open the tab until you find the BSLightingShaderProperty and then look for the Glossiness and Specular Strenght
  6. Share below your Normal NSFW screenshots!
  7. Share below your Soft NSFW screenshots!
  8. If you find any bug, issue or similar, please report it to me using this guideline: · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · Name of the issue: This issue happened on Skyrim Legendary Edition (32 bit) or Skyrim Special Edition (64 bit)? Do you have the latest Skyrim version? Do you have the requirements (and of course, its requisites as well) installed correctly? Did you check if the esp plugin was active? Is the esp plugin on the bottom of the load order? Did you install the mod on a fresh installation? Do you
  9. This club aims to bring together people interested in the content I make in one place. It will also be used to report bugs and share screenshots and videos. I will try to divide and order as many sections as possible, enabling Soft NSFW and Normal NSFW zones available for everyone. - - - - - - - - . . . . . . . Soft NSWF . . . . . . . Sexy and skimpy screenshots are allowed. You want to share your character with some transparencies? Here's your place. Also some teasing screenshots are allowed. . . . . . . . Normal NSFW . . . . . . .

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