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SSE Mods compatibility question (ZAZ DD PAH)


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So real talk, does anyone know if the following mods are working for SSE? The mods in question are: Paradise Halls, Paradise Halls Enhanced, SexLab Sex Slaves 6.2, Zaz Animation Pack V7.0, Devious Devices - Assets, Devious Devices - Expansion, Devious Devices - Integration. Sorry for asking about so many mods, I just downloaded SSE today and I have no idea what is going on. Also, sorry for being so far behind, I'm just trying to get all caught up with the latest loverslab happenings and I figured starting a thread would be best. 

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Are you freaking kidding me?

No none of those mods work at all on SSE, and it'll be a while as in YEARS that's right IF that YEARS...Let that finally sink in ok.  Honestly let this sink in, IT MAY NEVER HAPPEN.

Your going to have to keep track of it,

Earlier had a guy trying to get trouble shooting support with on of those mods but he didn't make it clear he was on SSE well it doesn't matter the two games are not 100% interchangeable.


Bottom line, you want to use those mods your going to have to caugh up 15 more dollars on Steam for the old skyrim.

It could happen tonight though if you bought the old skyrim....Now that's something to think about.

Cause really there isn't anything on SSE that isn't on old skyrim already.


Here, is a short list of mods that ARE NOT TRUE CONVERSIONs, as in these are not even the same mods they just have the same or similar name and that's where the similarities end.

SexLab Light SE Development Thread


The main guy working on the framework apparrantly is Vinfammy the same dude working on Fo4 framework, just a guess but Im thinking he wants to do it simply cause he wants Fo4 to be more like Sexlab for Skyrim old edition.


Its a very short list, in fact the actual area containing the sex mods is only 2 pages...Its very easy to just scan through all the current listings.

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